Sapphic Reading Challenge schedule

Sapphic Reading Challenge schedule

I’ll post a list of 15 book recommendations for each of the main categories of the Sapphic Reading Challenge. A new category will be posted once a week, on Thursdays.

There’ll also be one Book Unicorn post with book recommendations once a month, usually on Fridays.

For an explanation of each category, please take a list of the rules & categories post.


Here’s the posting schedule of the Sapphic Reading Challenge

 CATEGORYDate book recommendations will be posted
Rules postAlready posted
1Enemies-to-lovers romanceAlready posted
U1Book Unicorn #1 – Butch/butch pairingAlready posted
2Character with an everyday jobAlready posted
3Return to hometownAlready posted
4Character is a journalist or reporterAlready posted
5From TLR’s “Best of the Best” listThursday, February 11
6Only one bedThursday, February 18
U2Book Unicorn #2 – Time travelFriday, February 19
7Character with a disability or mental illnessThursday, February 25
8Character is a book loverThursday, March 4
9One-night stand to foreverThursday, March 11
10Speculative fictionThursday, March 18
U3Book Unicorn #3 – Character over 40Friday, March 19
11Ice queen characterThursday, March 25
12Neurodiverse characterThursday, April 1
13Longer bookThursday, April 8
14Character is a medical professionalThursday, April 15
U4Book Unicorn #4 – High fantasyFriday, April 16
15Genre you don’t usually readThursday, April 22
16Grumpy & sunshineThursday, April 29
17Character is a teacher or professorThursday, May 6
18Coming out later in lifeThursday, May 13
U5Book Unicorn #5 – Polyamorous relationshipFriday, May 14
19Historical fiction / historical romanceThursday, May 20
20Nerdy/geeky characterThursday, May 27
21Age gap romanceThursday, June 3
22Character of a different ethnicity, culture, or race than youThursday, June 10
U6Book Unicorn #6 – ThrillerFriday, June 11
23Recommended by a friendThursday, June 17
24Character is a musicianThursday, June 24
25Your favorite author’s favorite bookThursday, July 1
26Character was adopted/in foster careThursday, July 8
27Shy or socially awkward characterThursday, July 15
U7Book Unicorn #7 – Nonbinary characterFriday, July 16
28Character rocks a power suitThursday, July 22
29Book starts with the first day of a new jobThursday, July 29
30MysteryThursday, August 5
31Friends-to-lovers romanceThursday, August 12
U8Book Unicorn #8 – Steampunk or gaslamp fantasyFriday, August 13
32Body-positive bookThursday, August 19
33Disguised or living as a manThursday, August 26
34Character works in the food industryThursday, September 2
35Re-read a favoriteThursday, September 9
36Road tripThursday, September 16
U9Book Unicorn #9 – Jewish characterFriday, September 17
37Bisexual or pansexual characterThursday, September 23
38Animal on the coverThursday, September 30
39Girl-next-door characterThursday, October 7
40Adventure in natureThursday, October 14
U10Book Unicorn #10 – HorrorFriday, October 15
41Mistaken identityThursday, October 21
42Set in a country you don’t live inThursday, October 28
43Part of a seriesThursday, November 4
44Character is a business ownerThursday, November 11
45New-to-you authorThursday, November 18
U11Book Unicorn #11 – Trans characterFriday, November 19
46Set in the 20th centuryThursday, November 25
47Character who isn’t “Hollywood beautiful”Thursday, December 2
48Character works in STEMThursday, December 9
49Forced proximityThursday, December 16
U12Book Unicorn #12 – Dystopian & (post-)apocalyptic fictionFriday, December 17
50Anthology, short story collection, novellaThursday, December 23
Wrap-up and drawing of winnersFriday, December 31


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