Sapphic Paperback Day Giveaway

Sapphic Paperback Day Giveaway

July 30 is National Paperback Day, so I got together 35 authors of sapphic books for a big paperback giveaway!

You can win one of 41 paperback prizes.

If you would rather have an ebook instead of a paperback, feel free to enter the giveaway anyway. I’m sure many of the participating authors would be willing to send you an ebook instead of a paperback.

Most of the books in the giveaway are sapphic romances, but there are also a few sapphic fantasy novels, thrillers, romantic suspense, and mystery novels.


How to enter the giveaway

Anyone can enter, no matter where you live. To participate, all you have to do is to fill out this form. Before you fill it out, take a look at the book prizes below. If you have a preference for the book or a genre you’d like to win, you can let me know on the form.

Entries close on Monday, August 1, 2022, at 10 a.m. Central European Time, when I’ll draw the winners using a random number generator. Winners will be notified via email.


Get some free books while you wait

If you would like to download some free ebooks while you wait for the winners to be announced, check out the free sapphic books our participating authors are offering to their newsletter subscribers!


Another book giveaway for German-speaking readers

If you also read books in German, head over to my German website for a giveaway of sapphic books in German!


Books to win for National Paperback Day

You can win one of the following book prizes:

Just for Show by Jae – Lesbian fake relationship romance

Paper Love by Jae – Sapphic enemies-to-lovers romance set in my hometown

A Heart This Big by Cheyenne Blue – An opposites-attract romance with a single mom and an ice-queen-ish lawyer

Two of a Kind by TB Markinson & Miranda MacLeod – Sapphic one-night-to-forever romance

Can’t Fight Love by KC Luck – Sapphic enemies-to-lovers romance

Love in the Stacks by Cara Malone – Sapphic office romance

Carmilla & Laura by S D Simper – Lesbian vampire romance

Match to Love by Johana Gavez – Sapphic sports romance

Tell Me What You Want by Johana Gavez – Sapphic erotic romance novella

One Little Yes by Jamey Moody – Heart-warming contemporary lesbian romance

Finding Love by Abigail Taylor – Lesbian contemporary romance

V.A.M.P.: Book One—Serena & Katerina by Kimberly A. Todd – Sapphic erotic romance

Thundering Pines by Rita Potter – Lesbian slow-burn romance

Lost in Love by Emily Banting – Lesbian age gap romance

If I Don’t Ask by EJ Noyes *or any other book by EJ, winner’s choice – Lesbian military/medical romance

Darcy Comes Home by Jen Silver – Lesbian second-chance romance

Chain Reactions by Lynn Ames – Lesbian romance/dramatic general fiction

Final Cut by Lynn Ames – Lesbian romantic suspense

Secrets Well Kept by Lynn Ames – Lesbian historical romance

Undercover (Crossing Lines Series Book 1) by Barbara Winkes – Lesbian romantic suspense

The Flaw in Our Design by Monica McCallan – Sapphic small-town romance

The Case Of The Puppy Academy by Arizona Tape – Sapphic mystery novella

A Call to Justice by S.W. Andersen – Lesbian western romance

Love by Design by S.W. Andersen – A contemporary romance of self-discovery

Matzo Match by Roz Alexander – A steamy lesbian age gap romance

The Visitor by Angela McKenna – Lesbian fiction

From Fan to Forever by Tiana Warner – Sapphic age gap/celebrity romance

The Child Riddler by Angela Greenman –  Lesbian thriller

Can I Trust Her? by Frances Lucas – Young adult mystery

Unexpected Departure by Shannon O’Connor – A lesbian return-to-hometown romance

Pirates of Aletharia by Britney Jackson – Sapphic fantasy romance

Long-Distance Loving by Dorothy Rice Bennett – Lesbian romance

Change of Plans by KJ – Lesbian slow-burn romance

Love in Action by Frankie Duncan – Lesbian slow-burn, age-gap romance

Truth and Measure by Roslyn Sinclair – Sapphic age gap/ice queen romance

Healing of the Heart by Ruby Scott – Lesbian medical age gap romance

The Feel of Forever by Lyn Denison – Lesbian return-to-hometown romance

Dream Lover by Lyn Denison – Sapphic romance about a woman coming to terms with her sexual orientation

Past Remembering by Lyn Denison – A lesbian romance set in Australia

Ransom to Love by Chloe Keto – A steamy sapphic romance about a hacker with a soft spot for cats

If It’s Meant to Be by Skye Von Triessen – A medical romance with a cliffhanger


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