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The Ultimate List of Sapphic Holiday Romances

Sapphic Holiday Romance

For many of us, this is the perfect time of year to cuddle up with a good book, especially a holiday romance that puts you in a festive mood.

So I compiled the ultimate list of sapphic holiday romances—and when I say “holiday,” I’m talking about romance novels that revolve around the winter holidays (or, if you live in the southern hemisphere, the holidays in December).

I found a total of 344 sapphic holiday romances! Most of them are Christmas romances, but there are also a few sapphic stories revolving around Hanukkah or New Year’s. I couldn’t find any sapphic stories featuring Kwanza or Diwali—if you know of any, please let me know!


340+ sapphic holiday romances

The first 10 books in this list of sapphic holiday romances are free ebooks. The rest of the books are listed in alphabetical order by the authors’ last names.

If there’s an audiobook, I have linked to Audible. For the ebook versions, I have linked to Amazon, Apple Books, and the publisher’s or author’s website (if applicable).



Is there a sapphic holiday romance missing from this list?

If you know of a sapphic holiday romance that’s not on my list, let me know, and I’ll add it!

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14 thoughts on “The Ultimate List of Sapphic Holiday Romances”

  1. awesome list, may I contribute two more by Alex Washoe? Unbroken Star and The Comeback found at Amazon and free on Kindle Unlimited. I’m not including links because that may not be accepted.

    • Can you confirm that these two books are holiday romances–meaning they revolve around the winter holidays? From their blurbs, I really can’t tell.

  2. Thank you so much for all you do for us sapphic writers and readers. This is just wonderful, Jae! Hope you have a wonderful holidays.

  3. Thanks so much for this wonderful list, Jae. Where do you find the time!! I wish you all the best for the Holiday Season and a Happy, Healthy New Year.

  4. Hi, Jae, thank you so much for compiling this awesome list! Will you please include my newest release (December 2022), A Spark In The Air, and one of my previous book, Friends Without Benefits (2018)? These are both timed around the holidays. One in Vermont and one in Chicago.


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