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Sapphic Romance Week - Day 7
Sapphic Friends-to-Lovers Romances

Welcome to the seventh and last day of Sapphic Romance Week!

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We are wrapping up our week-long event with sapphic friends-to-lovers romances.

In a friends-to-lovers romance, the two main characters are already friends at the beginning of the story. If the plot takes them from strangers to friends to lovers, I wouldn’t classify it as a friends-to-lovers romance; it’s more of a slow-burn romance.

In some friends-to-lovers romances, the characters might even be childhood friends, sharing a lot of history.

Sometimes, one—or both—had a crush on the other all along, while in other friends-to-lovers romances, the characters’ feelings for each other changes throughout the course of the story.

Usually, the big obstacle is their fear of harming their friendship if they give in to their feelings.

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Book cover of Meeting Millie by Clare Ashton

Meeting Millie by Clare Ashton (Paperback)

Meeting Millie is a sapphic romance about the nature of friendship, how two people change over the years, and how they see themselves and each other.


No, Millie was never the same twice, because she was in love this time, with the friend she’d loved forever.

Book cover of This Is the Season to Make You Mine by Johana Gavez

This Is the Season to Make You Mine by Johana Gavez (Ebook)

When best friends Morgan and Angie decided to spend the holidays together in Apfelville, they didn’t count on their friends and family stopping at nothing to bring them together.

Hiding romantic feelings for your best friend is already hard enough without everyone meddling, but maybe their meddling is exactly what they need for one of them to take a chance.


Love is always a risk, but you take it anyway. Time and time again. Because it’s worth it.

Book cover of On the Same Page by Haley Cass

On the Same Page by Haley Cass (Paperback)

Riley Beckett met Gianna Makinen their freshmen year of college, and in the twelve years since, they’ve been inseparable.

Gianna is her emotional rock, she’s the person who makes her laugh, she’s the safe space she turns to through the good and the bad.

But what happens when Riley realizes that Gianna might just be even more than that?


“What am I supposed to say to her, now? That I know she already ended things and I know she isn’t interested in relationships, but that being with her feels as normal as breathing? That totally blurring the lines between platonic and more shouldn’t have made me feel like I’m seeing everything more clearly, but that’s exactly what happened.”

Book cover of All the Wrong Places by Karin Kallmaker

All the Wrong Places by Karin Kallmaker (Ebook)

A steamy look at sex and the single girl as Brandy weighs her free-for-all life against her growing feelings for her best friend.


“It doesn’t make any sense, but I’ve never felt like this before and I’ve never thought about how if you don’t start a marathon you’ll never know if you can finish. But a race has a finish line and forever doesn’t, and how will you ever know if you get there? You can’t know, not for certain. All you can do is run the race.”

Chemistry Lessons by Jae

Chemistry Lessons by Jae (Ebook, paperback, or audiobook)

If science teacher Regan knows one thing, it’s chemistry, and she’s sure there’s none between her and best friend Kylie, no matter what everyone else thinks.

To prove it, they agree to go on three dates. When a good night kiss turns passionate, will they risk losing their friendship for a chance at love?


“At first, when you never brought anyone home, I thought you were holding out for the perfect man,” her mother said. “Then I realized maybe it would be the perfect woman. And finally, it dawned on me that maybe the person who’s perfect for you has been right there, by your side, all this time.”

Book cover of Closer Than Ever by Lisa Elliot

Closer than Ever by Lisa Elliot (Ebook)

Loyal to her small town in the Scottish Highlands, Anna wants to settle down and start a family.

Hayley returns to Scotland after having quit her corporate job in New York to find her life’s purpose and have a fun holiday travelling around in a campervan.

Can Anna find the courage to open her heart to the first woman she ever loved? Or will she choose the safety of what she already knows?


Being this close to Hayley for so long was disarming. She wished she could just be a normal friend to Hayley, not a friend who was harbouring hidden feelings. Whether they were real feelings based on seeing her again or just a hangover from the past, it was impossible to deny that they were there.

Book cover of Girlfriend Material by Katia Rose

Girlfriend Material by Katia Rose (Ebook)

Allison Farley has one goal: get a girlfriend before graduating college. That would be a lot easier if she could work up the nerve to actually talk to girls. With one year left in her program, she’s ready to try just about anything, including flirting lessons from her best friend Kate, AKA the campus heartbreaker. After all, there’s absolutely no chance Allison is going to be stupid enough to fall for her own best friend. Absolutely no chance whatsoever.


She smells like candy. For the first time in my life, I wonder if she tastes like it too.

Book cover of Truly Wanted by JJ. Hale

Truly Wanted by J.J. Hale (Ebook)

After a night of unexpected passion when Brooke and Sam cross the line of friendship, Sam must decide if she’s willing to risk losing her found family to find her happily ever after.


I look at you, and I imagine kissing you. I imagine my hands on your body, my lips on you, you wrapped in my arms. I don’t know how I could stop thinking those things. I opened a door that I can’t close again.

Book cover of Swipe Right by Tagan Shepard

Swipe Right by Tagan Shepard (Paperback)

Kieran Hall has never been lucky in love, but when her best friend Penelope helps her dive into the intimidating world of online dating, she starts to wonder if love had been right in front of her the whole time.


When I was sad, I wanted to be around Pen because she made me feel better. When I was happy, I wanted to be around Pen because she was the only one I wanted to share it with. Then there was how I felt recently when she hugged me. If it hadn’t been Pen, I would have said that feeling was desire.

Book cover of Girl Crush by TL Travis

Girl Crush by TL Travis (Ebook)


the emotions or conduct of friends; the state of being friends.

a relationship between friends.

“she formed close friendships with women”

What happens when the definitions of said friendship are tested? When one feels something…more for the other? What if the feelings aren’t reciprocated?

Girl Crush is the story of that one time…

How easily this woman reduced me to mush. Her words still warmed me even though she proclaimed her love for me daily. Gemma had become my world, and I hers.

Book cover of Violet Moon by Mel E. Lemon

Violet Moon by Mel E. Lemon (Ebook)

Seraphine’s days are filled with fresh coffee, fruit tarts, and doing her best to be the Beta her pack needs. But when Sera discovers she has feelings for Parisa, her best friend and pack Alpha, she decides to bury those feelings for the sake of the pack. Strong feelings can’t stay buried forever, though. When they cause her to act rashly, Sera risks losing everything, but could gain so much more.

Sera opened her eyes and Parisa was inches away from her, her face scrunched up in frustration.

“Why is this so hard? I already kissed you once,” Parisa whined.

“Because now it means something.”

Parisa’s features softened. “Everything with you means a great deal to me.”

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