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Sapphic Romance Week - Day 6
Sapphic Celebrity Romances

Welcome to day six of Sapphic Romance Week!

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Today, we turn the spotlight on celebrity romances.

Many celebrity romances are tales of love between a famous and an “ordinary” person, but some take a different approach, instead featuring a relationship between two stars. These novels are often set in the glamorous world of Hollywood, with the protagonist being an actress, but there are also main characters who are pop/rock stars, social media influencers, or famous athletes.

Within the pages of celebrity romances, the plot revolves around the challenges of navigating a relationship when one or both individuals are in the public eye.

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Book cover of Reality in Check by Emily Banting

Reality In Check (A Sapphic Celebrity Ice Queen Romance) by Emily Banting (Ebook)

Icy celebrity hotelier, Charlotte, clashes with Arte, an artsy dreamer, during the filming of an episode of her television show, Hotel S.O.S.

The confrontation leads them on a journey of self-discovery, where they question their ambitions and realize dreams and reality rarely entwine.


“I’ve never felt like this before, and it scares the crap out of me at the same time that it excites the hell out of me. It’s like you’ve lit a fire within my soul, but I’m afraid of it burning me.”

Book cover of Coming Home by KJ

Coming Home by KJ (Ebook or audiobook)

Coming Home is an Australian romance featuring a famous American actress who comes down to Melbourne to film a new movie.

She brings her 9 year old daughter and hires a teacher for her daughter for the duration of the filming.


“Do you find me attractive, Sam?” Abby whispered.

Sam looked at her incredulously. “You’re Abigail Taylor. Of course you’re attractive.”

Abby breathed out quietly. “That’s not what I asked. Do you find me attractive?”

Sam swallowed. “Oh yes,” she whispered.

Abby shifted slightly, so that they were basically sharing oxygen. “Good, because I think you’re beautiful, and I want to kiss you.”

Book cover of Like They Do in the Movies by Nan Campbell

Like They Do in the Movies by Nan Campbell (Ebook or paperback)

Celebrity gossip writer Fran Underhill becomes Chelsea Cartwright’s personal assistant with the aim of taking the popular actress down, but neither of them anticipates the clash of their attraction.


She was staring at Fran, her eyes stormy. Before she knew what was happening, Chelsea invaded her personal space and kissed her on the lips—fast and hard and urgent, and then withdrew just as quickly.

“Thank you for seeing so much in me.” Her voice betrayed an intense emotion Fran couldn’t identify. All she knew was that kiss had only been a sip, and she wanted the whole bottle of wine.

Book cover of Falls From Grace by Ruby Landers

Falls From Grace by Ruby Landers (Ebook)

One secluded winter home in the snowy woods of Vermont. Two best friends pretending to be married.

One gorgeous country star trying to break free from the world’s expectations.

One hit album to write. What could possibly go wrong? A secret crush, forced proximity, friends to lovers, slow burn romance.


A hundred tiny moments rushed over her. Savannah, blushing and staring at her in a blanket fort, lit up by fairy lights. Savannah teasing her with a coy glance over her shoulder on her way out of the bedroom in the early morning light. Savannah dumped in a snowdrift, her laughing accusatory eyes looking like she couldn’t pick between yelling at Brynn and kissing her.

Book cover of A Kind Deception by Skye von Triessen

A Kind Deception by Skye Von Triessen (Ebook)

Two sapphic romance authors? They are brilliant at crafting the greatest feeling of all. But the question is, can they manipulate the game of love in real life the same as they do with the characters they create? They should know how to handle drama, solve conflicts and ensure a happily ever after since they write beautiful stories that warm the hearts of so many people.

So how hard can it be for them to live the romance that they write about?


What if I don’t have to think about it? What if I already know that I’d rather risk loving you than not love at all? Experience everything that you make me feel, knowing that you have the power to destroy me, but I’d rather give you that power than exist in this world without you?

Book cover of Love Interest by Edie Marr

Love Interest by Edie Marr (Ebook)

She’s my love interest.

She’s my biggest crush.

Just don’t fall in love for real.

A wild and super-steamy celesbian romance, with searing-hot kinky love scenes and power games


The first time she touches me, placing a hand on my waist, I feel the hairs on her neck stand on end. As Lil reads her lines, running her hands over my body and talking of her desperate desire for me, her breathing becomes ragged and shallow. Either she’s an excellent actor, or she’s very turned on.

Book cover of Heartlines by Simonetta Pastorini

Heartlines by Simonetta Pastorini (Ebook)

Dianna Laydon and Vivien Reese are actresses who work in the same tv series, but they couldn’t be more different, both on the job and in their private life, yet they’re terribly drawn to each other.

A slow-burn, opposite-attract romance about love finding you even when you try your best to push it away.


“I know it sounds crazy, but Viv, I AM going crazy here. I feel like you’re stuck in my head all the damn time! Since that night at LAX… no, to be honest, it’s been longer than that… I can’t tell you exactly when I started thinking about you so often, but now it seems this is all I can do – thinking about you.”

Book cover of Because You Can by Leigh Landry

Because You Can by Leigh Landry (Ebook)

Animal rescuer Molly’s revenge plan for her cheating boyfriend goes sideways when she falls hard for the other woman.

Famous country singer Josephine would do anything for her bandmates, even hide her identity to appease their fans.

But she can’t hide her feelings for Molly or resist the woman’s vengeful crusade.


Who was she kidding? She’d already opened the door in her brain to wanting to kiss this woman. There was no going back.

Book cover of Curtain Call by CH Clepitt

Curtain Call by C H Clepitt (Ebook or paperback)

When an assistant to the director role turns into P.A. to her favourite film star, Jen can’t believe her luck. Eleanor Francis is charming, kind and funny, but she has a secret, and when tragedy strikes, things threaten to unravel at an uncontrollable pace.

Despite being out of her depth Jen has to adapt to her new role quickly, to protect Eleanor, with whom she is rapidly falling in love.


Impulsively Jen kissed her on the cheek, then immediately regretted it seeing the look of shock on Eleanor’s face. Then, her eyes began to sparkle with mirth as a smile spread across her face. She pulled Jen slightly closer as they continued to walk in silence the short distance to the Royal Hotel.

Book cover of Undertow by Jazzy Mitchell

Undertow by Jazzy Mitchell (Ebook or paperback)

Maggie Ambrose is a fifty-six-year-old career politician who plans to run for president. To kick off her presidential bid and introduce herself to the masses, she’s writing a revealing memoir that includes details of her challenging childhood, complex familial relationships, or her failed first marriage.

Will the nation embrace a female lesbian candidate after she opens the door to a painful past?

She turned her head to share a kiss and pulled away when her lips met teeth. She scowled. “Smile with your heart and not your lips so I can kiss you.” She swallowed Helen’s laughter.

Book cover of Love in Action by Frankie Duncan

Love In Action by Frankie Duncan (Ebook)

When Hollywood comes to Scotland, for the filming of a new epic tale of highland romance, the boundaries between reality and fairytale become blurred.

Kat is a force of nature; a free spirited woman who knows how to have fun and never wants to be tied down.
Jennifer Michaels is an oscar winning American actress. At 53, she had led a full career but little is known about her personal life although that has never stopped the rumour factory.

When Jen arrives in the small village, Kat is handed an opportunity, to which she cannot say no. A simple “yes” sets in motion a series of events with an outcome, neither expected.


“So tell me, how did you end up getting roped in to be my tour guide for the duration of this assignment?” The way in which Jen asked made it clear she knew she was deliberately changing the subject.

“I know Kirsty, and she asked me if I’d do her a favour. Although it’s not really a favour as I’m getting paid for it and you don’t seem like hard work—yet.” Her response caused Jen to laugh again. God, she had a beautiful laugh. If I could just make her laugh all day, this could be the most rewarding job I’ve ever had.

Book cover of Where the Heart Leads by Ally McGuire

Where the Heart Leads by Ally McGuire (Ebook)

Against her better judgement, Finn allows herself to be drawn to the promise of something real with Angie, but when the celebrity spotlight threatens to derail her safe existence and expose her secrets, it isn’t only their hearts in danger. Is love worth the risk?


“Is that what it is to date a writer? Everything I say will sound flat and uninspired in comparison?”

“Dating should never be about comparison.” Finn sipped her wine, her eyes dark with promise. “It should be about complimenting each other. Like the perfect wine with your dinner, or that perfect bit of cloud sliding over a full moon, or the right sheets to fall into at night while holding each other.”

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