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Sapphic books – author’s pick (Sapphic Book Bingo #5)

sapphic books - author's pick

This week’s Sapphic Book Bingo post features a special category: author’s picks.

For this category, choose an author and have them suggest one of their books to you to read.

You can either email the author of your choice and ask for their pick, or you can choose a book from the list of 185 authors I asked for you. You’ll find the list below.


How to get started if you are new to Sapphic Book Bingo

If you have only just discovered the Sapphic Book Bingo, you can still join the reading challenge. Read up on the rulesdownload your book bingo card, and then start reading!


Make the Sapphic Book Bingo more interesting! 

If you’d like to get more book suggestions, talk about the books you are reading, and chat with other readers participating in the Sapphic Book Bingo, join either my Facebook group for readers or the Goodreads group for the Sapphic Book Bingo.


The big list of sapphic books authors picked for you:

I asked 185 authors of sapphic books which of their books they would pick for you to read. Here are their author’s picks (sorted alphabetically by first name):


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Readers: Leave a comment and let us know what book you’ll be reading for the “author’s pick” category!

Fellow authors: If you have written one or several books with sapphic main characters, and your author’s pick isn’t on my list, please leave a comment below to tell us which of your books you would pick for readers to read.


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12 thoughts on “Sapphic books – author’s pick (Sapphic Book Bingo #5)”

  1. What a fabulous list of receommendations. If I may I would like to add my novel, Warm Pearls and Paper Cranes. Thank you!

  2. If you’re looking for some sapphic sci-fi may I humbly recommend my book, The Blood We Spill. (There are hot women with swords. Just sayin’.)

  3. I would love to have new readers for the first novel in my The Controllers Series, “Priorities” and the new sequel “We Interrupt This Program.”

  4. Elizabeth Andrea had other books in her light reading series. For the Bingo, count each as one book or when it is in the bundle as one book?

  5. I know this is supposed to be author’s favourites but I haven’t seen this author on any of your lists and I just discovered her. I love all her books but this one is my favourite:

    Kat Jackson – The Roads Left Behind Us


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