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Sapphic Book Trivia

Sapphic Book Trivia

Do you read a lot of sapphic books? Test your knowledge of sapphic romance novels by taking the Sapphic Book Trivia Quiz and see how you stack up (pun intended).

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Which Lee Winter novel features characters who work in the same profession Lee Winter used to work in?


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Which type of character is Melissa Brayden best known for?


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Which of these three authors has published more than 30 novels with Bella Books?


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What’s the best-selling genre in sapphic fiction?


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In which chapter of Mistakes Were Made by Meryl Wilsner do Cassie and Erin first have sex?


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Which Bywater Books author also designed many of the covers of books published by this publisher?


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Which popular author is the founder of Bold Strokes Books?


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How many new ebooks were published in the lesbian fiction category on Amazon last month?


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What's the name of one of the main characters in One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston?


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What kind of romance novels is Jae best known for?


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Which beverage will you find most often on a book cover by Georgia Beers?


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In which year did the Golden Crown Literary Society add an audiobook narrator award to their awards program?


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What job does Olivia from Count Your Lucky Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur work in?


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Which of the following authors has written a mafia romance series?


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Where are most of author Clare Lydon’s novels set?


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Which country is Ylva Publishing based in?


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Which EJ Noyes novel features the sister of Sabine from Ask, Tell?


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Which of these popular series was written by Harper Bliss?


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What's the name of the fictional town in which Delilah Green Doesn't Care by Ashley Herring Blake is set?


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Which of these authors has co-authored a book with TB Markinson?


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In which year did Karin Kallmaker publish her first lesbian romance novel, In Every Port?


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Which of these authors is known for her steamy books?


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Which author wrote a romance novel about a curling star?


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What heat level is Meghan O’Brien best known for?


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In which city is Meeting Millie by Clare Ashton set?


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What publisher does Rachel Lacey publish with?


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How many red articles of clothing can you find on the covers of Roslyn Sinclair’s contemporary romances?


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Which novel by Milena McKay does NOT feature an ice queen main character?


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Which of these authors is known for writing mostly long novels?


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Which animal is featured on one of the covers of Cara Malone’s Fur-ever Veterinary Romance series?

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