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Sapphic book recommended by a friend (Sapphic Reading Challenge #23)

book recommended by a friend

This week’s category of the Sapphic Reading Challenge is a little different from the others. Instead of reading a book from a list I put together, I want you to read a WLW or lesbian book that was recommended to you by a friend. (And we’ll interpret the term “friend” very loosely here—any acquaintances you made on social media count as a friend as far as this category is concerned!)

So, if you have friends who are also avid readers of WLW & lesbian fiction, go ask one of them for a recommendation. If none of your friends (online or offline) read books about women-loving women, feel free to let us know what kind of books you enjoy and ask for a recommendation in the comments of this blog post or drop by my Facebook group for readers and ask for a book recommendation there.


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Leave a comment and let us know what book was recommended to you for this category. You can also ask for a recommendation in the comments.


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12 thoughts on “Sapphic book recommended by a friend (Sapphic Reading Challenge #23)”

  1. Thanks for the recommendations. I’ve read two of Rachel Spangler’s books and especially enjoyed Fire and Ice, probably because I live in a state where we have curling. Fiona Zedde is an author I plan to try for future challenges , but I’d love a good laugh today, so I’ll read Jericho. I appreciate the suggestions.

  2. A friend recommended Becky Bohan’s novel, A Light on Altered Ground to me. I liked it and will pass the recommendation forward.

  3. A few recommendations:
    “Thrust” by Rachel Spangler I just finished it tonight and WOW is it good.
    For something really different, “for the price of seven good cows” by coldmackerel is a wonderful Wynonna Earp fanfic (WaHaught) You should not have trouble finding it on archiveofourown.org
    And for a Xena Uber fanfic read “Lucifer Rising” by Susan Bowers http://www.ausxip.com/fanfiction/l/lucifer.html


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