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Sapphic Romance Week - Day 5
Sapphic Awakening Romances

Welcome to day five of Sapphic Romance Week!

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Today, our focus is on toaster oven romances, also known as “sapphic awakening.”

In these stories, one of the main characters has always assumed herself to be straight, but during the course of the book falls in love with another woman and explores that attraction for the first time.

The central theme is self-discovery and often also involves coming out.

The term “toaster oven” is an inside joke that is used tongue-in-cheek. It originated when Ellen DeGeneres’s character in the ’90s sitcom Ellen came out as gay and Lesbian Headquarters rewarded her love interest with a toaster oven for “turning her gay.” The term pokes fun at the stereotype that suggests queer women are trying to “recruit” straight women.

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Book cover of Enthralled by Her by Chelsea M. Cameron

Enthralled by Her by Chelsea M. Cameron (Ebook)

Leighton isn’t quite sure what to make of Shae when she comes to take care of tree that feel in her driveway, but she does know one thing: her life will never be the same.


Shae stared at me and then pressed her forehead to mine as she let out a long breath.

“What am I going to do with you, Leighton?”

“Anything. Everything,” I said. My entire body shook with revelations about this kiss.

Book cover of Lyrical Symphony by Regina Annn Faith

Lyrical Symphony by Regina Ann Faith (Ebook)

A dancer with a secret crush; a violinist with a secret of her own.


You fought for us even though you knew it would cost you everything you’ve ever known. But in reality, even though you lost, you also gained. You gained me, your girlfriend and forever love.

Book cover of Broken not Shattered by Rita Potter

Broken Not Shattered by Rita Potter (Ebook or paperback)

Even when it seems hopeless, there can always be a better tomorrow.

Jill Bishop has one goal in life – to survive. Jill is trapped in an abusive marriage, while raising two young girls. Her husband has isolated her from the world and filled her days with fear. The last thing on her mind is love, but she sure could use a friend.


It was as if my heart hadn’t beat for years; then all of a sudden, a faint little beat happens then another and another. And I have to tell you, it felt good.

Book cover of What Now by Jamey Moody

What Now by Jamey Moody (Ebook or audiobook)

Addison Henry is the new bank president in small-town Brazos Falls, but she’s headed to the CEO’s office.

Then she meets Lissa Morgan.

She’s never been with a woman. She has no time for love. She’s on her way to the top. But her heart has another plan. What now?


 “I can’t help it if I love the way your body feels under my hands and lips.” Addison grabbed the front of Lissa’s shirt and pulled her close. “Do you have any idea what it does to me when you gasp as I touch you? When you look at me and let me see into your soul I come undone,” Addison said, her voice lowering to a whisper.

Book cover of Flowing Like Water by Jutta Swietlinski

Flowing like Water by Jutta Swietlinski (Ebook)

Chocolate shop owner Laura is 57 years old and has been married to the same man for decades. She never would have expected to end up falling in love with another woman. But when she meets 53-year-old single mother Carina, her whole world is turned upside down …

A sapphic late bloomer romance novel about attraction, desire and the miracles (and difficulties) of a new love.


At that moment, my urge to kiss her hits me so hard that I gasp. Without consciously noticing, I cross the distance to her with two quick steps. “Do you mean this?” I whisper, close to her mouth, and then our lips touch. She tastes of wine and salt, and I notice that she’s trembling. Or is it me?

Book cover of Second Chances by Eliza Lentzki

Second Chances by Eliza Lentzski (Ebook)

The future looks limitless for Reagan Murphy, now in her junior year at NYU. But when she runs into the one person responsible for her high school misery, will she keep running or will she stick around for a second chance?

College can change a person—it can be an opportunity for reinvention. So when Allison Hoge runs into the one person for whom she made high school especially miserable, will history repeat itself or has she changed enough to be given a second chance?


“I don’t see it,” Reagan said.

“Don’t see what?” Allison asked, teeth practically chattering.

“The ugly parts.” The water moved around Allison’s knees as Reagan shifted closer. “All I see is a beautiful woman.”

Book cover of Does Love Always Win by Diane Billas

Does Love Always Win? by Diane Billas (Ebook)

Shorty Daniels has a plan for her senior year, but her romantic life being a hot mess was not on the agenda, including not being attracted to her boyfriend Zack.

When Shorty’s asked to show the new girl Kristy around high school, they quickly become inseparable, and Shorty realizes why none of her other relationships worked out. As Shorty is about to break up with Zack, her bitter ex-boyfriend threatens to out her.

Can Shorty overcome the blackmail scheme and get her dream girl?


“Nothing about you and I makes sense to me on paper, but you know what, that doesn’t matter anymore. It’s about how I feel when I’m with you, and I can’t even describe it without feeling cheesy and cliché.”

Book cover of Changing Gears by LA Wright

Changing Gears by L A Wright (Ebook)

Jen’s life takes an unexpected turn on a cycling tour in France when free-spirited Abi steals her heart and leaves her questioning herself, and her life.

But back home in Sydney, homophobia and family pressures demand some difficult choices.

Will Jen risk everything for love?


“So I’m a homophobic flirt?” Jen was aware she sounded confrontational, but her emotions were taking on a life of their own.

“That’s not too uncommon when people are questioning.”

Jen’s mouth fell open.

Abi took a deep breath and offered a half-hearted smile. “Sorry. It’s just that last night you were pretty forward. But,” and she gave her a look that suggested she was open to being contradicted. “If you want me to leave things alone and put last night down to wine and foreign lands, that’s what I’ll do.”

Book cover of Red Bush and Lemon by Alysia D. Evans

Red Bush and Lemon: The Life of Lucy - Book 1 by Alysia D Evans (Ebook)

Approaching fifty, Lucy’s life is unsettled and disturbing. Venturing to Botswana, she determinedly immerses herself in the country’s inspirational culture.

Bumping into an irresistible young woman, Lucy discovers a new side to herself, her holiday becoming life-changing.


Lucy caught her breath, surprised at the urge she had to turn and kiss Jaz. “Your clothes are on the cupboard. I’ll see you outside.” Lucy rushed out of the bathroom to the shaded patio, and drank a glass of water. Desperately trying to cool the hot flush burning her cheeks.

Book cover of Valentines by Artemis Glass

Valentines by Artemis Glass (Paperback)

Polyamorous romance with an FF and an FM relationship

Audrina wants to celebrate her first polyamorous Valentine’s Day in a special way, but she doesn’t know how that will look.

Her girlfriend, Gayane doesn’t care about the holiday, but Audrina does – plus she already has plans with Sol, her husband of twenty years. Who will she choose to spend the day with – her loving and sexy life partner years or her new super hot girlfriend?

How can Audrina even choose? Better yet, will she have to?


“I love this so much.” Gayane says when Audrina finishes. “May I?”

Audrina nods and hands the list over. “Really? It’s not stupid?”

Gayane looks shocked. “Why would your fantasies be stupid?”

“I don’t know–I just–it’s all so new to me. This world of acceptance and freedom. I don’t know the rules.”

“Audrina, my love,” Gayane says. “Acceptance and freedom are the rules.”

Book cover of Forgetting With Your by Robin Clairvaux

Forgetting with You by Robin Clairvaux (Ebook or paperback)

Camryn is shy, cautious, and still burned from losing her heart to the wrong woman years ago. Jackie is a poised, predictable politician’s daughter with no business questioning her sexuality.

Their chance meeting at a bar turns into a reckless night of passion neither of them can move on from. But each moment they spend together pushes them closer to an agonizing choice: Will they cling to security or reach for love?


She made Jackie laugh, made her think, made her feel…so many things. Safe and warm one minute then breathless and on fire the next.

But above all else, Cam had made Jackie feel cared for and wanted simply because she was Jackie.

Book cover of Underwater Vibes by MIckey Brent

Underwater Vibes by Mickey Brent (Ebook)

Hélène Dupont, a French-speaking translator in Brussels, writes bad poetry to help her survive her painful marriage—until she meets her sexy new swim coach, Sylvie Routard.

During their private lessons, unsettling feelings hijack Hélène’s world. How to survive that pivotal moment when admiration turns to attraction? While the two athletes navigate powerful underwater vibes, Hélène questions her current relationship, her sexuality, and more.


“Tiens, let me help you,” Sylvie cooed, inching closer to Hélène. She extended her index finger and painted Hélène’s lips with retsina. “Just pretend it’s a new shade of lipstick.” Sylvie’s finger traced the contours of Hélène’s lips, moistening them, lingering.

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