Sapphic audiobook giveaway for Audiobook Appreciation Month

Sapphic Audiobook giveaway

June is not only Pride Month; it’s also Audiobook Appreciation Month, so 23 authors of sapphic fiction put together an audiobook giveaway for you!

You can win one of 65 sapphic audiobooks. Important: To enter, fill out this very short form! Don’t just leave a comment! I repeat: Just leaving a comment on this blog will NOT enter you into the drawing! 


What sapphic audiobooks can you win?

There are a total of 65 audiobook prizes from 23 different authors. Here’s the list of audiobooks you can win, sorted by the authors’ last names:


46 by Lynn Ames

Narrated by Abby Craden

The first lesbian president of the United States kicks butt!


Chain Reactions by Lynn Ames

Narrated by Emily Beresford

Women in STEM rock and one hundred year old women in STEM with mysterious pasts REALLY rock!


Secrets Well Kept by Lynn Ames

Narrated by Emily Beresford

The (mostly) true story of the women who made the feud for the atomic bomb that ended World War II.


Princess of Dorsa by Eliza Andrews

Narrated by Elizabeth Saydah

Spoiled Princess Natasia must rise to the occasion to defeat a threat to the Empire in this first of three epic fantasy novels.


Soldier of Dorsa by Eliza Andrews

Narrated by Elizabeth Saydah

Princess Natasia fights to regain her crown while Joslyn of Terinto fights back an encroaching darkness in this second of three epic fantasy novels.


Crash Dance by Elle Armstrong

Narrated by Ashleigh Binder

What happens when the worst day of your life also becomes the best.


The Number 94 Project by Cheyenne Blue

Narrated by Cat Gould

Renovation takes a sexy turn when a cute country girl rocks up with a tool belt and plans that throw the whole gay neighbourhood into disarray in this light-hearted lesbian romance.


A Heart to Trust by A.L. Brooks

Narrated by Anastasia Watley

What happens when you find out your stuck-up, blissfully straight colleague may be none of those things?


Dare to Love by A.L. Brooks

Narrated by Sienna Frances

A slow-burn lesbian romance about leaving the past behind and opening your heart to new possibilities.


Never Too Late for Heroes by A.L. Brooks

Narrated by Abby Craden

This cracking adventure with a side of romance is for lovers of tough, jaded, lesbian cops, superheroes and villains, and feisty retirees who don’t take retirement lying down.


Up on the Roof by A.L. Brooks

Narrated by Justine Eyre

A quirky romance, laced with classic British humor, about the power of opposites attracting.


The Island Between Us by Wendy Hudson

Narrated by Ruth Urquhart

A survival exercise turns real in this adventure romance.


Chemistry Lessons by Jae

Narrated by Abby Craden

Chemistry teacher Regan and her best friend, Kylie, set out to prove that there’s no chemistry between them.


Wrong Number, Right Woman by Jae

Narrated by Angela Dawe

Shy butch Denny receives a wrong-number text from Eliza, who assumes herself to be straight.


In the Shadow of the Past by J.E. Leak

Narrated by Abby Craden

Romance, secrets, and intrigue swirl around two women navigating duty and love amidst the backdrop of New York City during World War II.


The Flowers of Time by A. L. Lester

Narrated by Zoe Brookes

A determined lady botanist; a non-binary explorer; mystery, suspense, monsters and romance; England and the Himalayas in 1780.


What the Heart Sees by KC Luck

Narrated by Rose Raddatz

“What the Heart Sees” is a novel exploring the relationship between a visually-impaired ranch owner and a wall street broker on the run who come together in the small town where they both grew up.


A London Love Story by TB Markinson & Miranda MacLeod

Narrated by Lori Prince & Marisa Calin

Four young American women form an unlikely bond as they search for sapphic love and the meaning of life in London.


Back in Your Arms by Monica McCallan

Narrated by Lori Prince

Seventeen years is a long time for a second chance at first love.


Where Secrets Are Safe by Jamey Moody

Narrated by Amanda Wrege

Beloved actress Krista creates a secret sapphic Hollywood hideaway, but an icy journalist dares to expose all.

FREE EBOOK (limited time only!): The ebook version of Where Secrets Are Safe is free on Amazon this weekend! (June 3-7, 2022)


No More Secrets by Jamey Moody       

Narrated by Amanda Wrege

When Krista Kyle’s world is turned upside down, there’s only one person that can save her.


And the Truth Is… by Jamey Moody

Narrated by Amanda Wrege

When the love you’ve been searching for magically appears in the most unexpected person.


Aurora’s Angel by Emily Noon

Narrated by Abby Craden

Two extraordinary women, a dangerous journey and the start of an epic love story.


Go Around by E. J. Noyes

Narrated by Abby Craden

Federal Air Marshal Avery has an unexpected meeting with her famous actress ex-girlfriend Elise.


If I Don’t Ask by E. J. Noyes

Narrated by Abby Craden

US Army surgeon Lieutenant Colonel Rebecca Keane finds herself struggling with her rigid control over her feelings when Captain Sabine Fleischer joins her unit.


Broken Not Shattered by Rita Potter

Narrated by Heidi Bindhammer

Even when things seem hopeless, there can always be a better tomorrow.


Darcy Comes Home by Jen Silver

Narrated by Nicola Victoria Vincent

Second chance romance set in Sycamore Haven, a village in North Yorkshire, England.


The X Ingredient by Roslyn Sinclair

Narrated by Anastasia Watley

A powerful ice queen lawyer and her young personal assistant find themselves drawn into a high heat game of seduction.


Admissible Affair by Adrian J. Smith

Narrated by Lois Ridge

Neither are prepared for what lies ahead or just how much they will have to risk to protect the ones they love.


Guarded Desires by Anna Stone

Narrated by Lexy Rebe

A headstrong bodyguard and a commanding heiress clash in this dangerously sexy romance.


Uncharted by Alli Temple

Narrated by Emily Woo Zeller

A swashbuckling sapphic fantasy adventure.


The Amnesia Project by Barbara Winkes

Narrated by TJ Richards

Dani will leave no stone unturned until she finds Paige, but is she prepared for the truth?


Killer Instinct by Barbara Winkes

Narrated by TJ Richards

On the hunt for a predator, Joanna can’t use any distractions, but she can’t help falling for Rue.


Who can participate in the sapphic audiobook giveaway?

Anyone can enter, no matter where you live.

Entries close on July 1, 2022, at 10 am Central European Time, when I’ll draw the winners using a random number generator. Winners will be notified via email, so please don’t forget to enter your email.


How to enter the giveaway?

The enter the giveaway, all you have to do is to fill out this short form. Don’t forget to provide your email because that’s how I’ll notify winners!


Upcoming giveaways

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The Romance Bet by Jae

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49 thoughts on “Sapphic audiobook giveaway for Audiobook Appreciation Month”

  1. Audio books often add that extra dimension to a book you have read as you don’t tend to’ skip’ parts of the written work when spoken.

  2. Thank you for doing this! I enjoy listening during my monster commute and while doing mindless house chores. Thank you again, authors and narrators.

  3. I listen to audiobooks while doing almost everything. I like to get the kindle too though so I can read the book at night and it’s right where I left off while listening.

  4. A good gay drama/ romance becomes your friend. You fall in love with the strong characters, keep them coming xx

  5. Audiobooks are awesome. I can’t tell you how many times I purchased and read an ebook and then purchased the book a second time when the audio version was published. Don’t get me started on the sex voices of some narrators who cement the characters in my brain 💕

  6. I own 357 audio books and I listen every night I suffer with insomnia so rather than pills I plug my headphones in and listen to a book and fall to sleep that way.No reflection on the books or authors by the way

  7. I love listening tp Audio books, I like when Abby Craden is the Narrator for the book and Lori Price as well…

  8. I listen to audio books while I walk, work, drive. They’re really great, and I actually didn’t do audio for the longest time. I really enjoy them now.

  9. Love audiobooks. However who/how it’s read makes a difference. How do you pick the right narrator to do your book justice?


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