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Sapphic Romance Week - Day 3
Age Gap Romances

Welcome to day three of Sapphic Romance Week!

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Today, we are celebrating age gap romances—love stories that explore the dynamic between characters with a significant age difference.

Most readers agree that the difference in age has to be at least ten years for it to be considered an age gap romance.

Often, the characters are in different stages of their lives—sometimes even bridging generational gaps—so they bring different life experiences and perspectives to the relationship.

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Book cover of Say Cheese by TB Markinson and Miranda MacLeod

Say Cheese by TB Markinson and Miranda MacLeod (Ebook)

Elle Robinson’s world is literally swept away when a raging flood sends her car careening toward certain doom, only to be rescued by Angela Lane – a spirited, self-reliant, and unexpected savior who pulls Elle back from the edge of calamity.

In the aftermath of their brush with mortality, passions ignite between the two women, mirroring the uncontrollable rise of the floodwaters. However, fate has a wicked sense of humor.


“Life’s too short to be careful or to waste time on regrets,” Elle whispered as she brought her lips closer to Angie’s, their breath mingling. “And I don’t want to regret not doing this.”

Book cover of Hungy for it by Fiona Zedde

Hungry For It by Fiona Zedde (Ebook)

Club owner and Miami socialite, Rémi Bouchard, is a woman’s woman. With her money, looks, and charm, she can have anyone she wants. But the one she lusts for is her best friend’s divorced mother. In Claudia, has Rémi finally come up against a challenge she can’t conquer?


At the reception in the hotel, Rémi tried to keep her distance from her best friend’s mother. Although the later the evening grew, the less certain she was as to why. She’d known Claudia for years, and had lusted for just as long. There was no reason why an event as simple as a wedding should test her control this much.

Book cover of Caught Up and Strapped Up by Aunt Georgia Lee

Caught Up and Strapped Up by Aunt Georgia Lee (Ebook or audiobook)

Meet Whitney James, a 34-year-old, out and proud lesbian and a talented contemporary Christian Jazz artist who knows her worth and loves being on top of her business and her bae.

When her closeted politician pussy wants Whitney to sing to a different tune and allow her lover to be on top, the games they will play will be deliciously dangerous but oh-so-sweet for pleasure!


The humming sound of the ceiling fan lulled the two lovers into a dream state where time was on their side. With few words, they both acknowledged it was time for Mikail to return to her obligations to her constituents and Whitney to the deadline of her next album.

Whitney closed her eyes tightly and wished the reality away, which merely confronted her as soon as she opened those expressive brown eyes.

Book cover of A Novel Beginning by Susan X Meagher

A Novel Beginning by Susan X Meagher (Ebook)

Jonesy and Kirsten start out as mentor and mentee but move from friends to lovers despite their age gap.

Loving women is important to both of them – they have different ideas of what they are looking for but eventually find it is each other.


“I love how receptive you are. I’ve had sex with a few people I could never figure out. But you?” She snapped her fingers. “Either I’m getting better at this, or you’re super responsive.”

Book cover of Shay's Gamble by Amber Perez

Shay's Gamble by Amber Perez (Ebook)

Sometimes you have to roll the dice and see how they land! Shay, questioning her entire life, crosses paths with Allie while partying with friends in Vegas.

Should she follow her heart and go all in? Or is the deck stacked against her?


The longer Shay stared, the more she thought mythical creatures were involved here because she felt as if she were in a fairy tale.

She imagined being under a spell as the magnetic pull between her and the woman in front of her grew even stronger. As if beyond her control, she leaned into Allie. All she could focus on were those eyes… those lips.

Book cover of All Things Beautiful by Alaina Erdell

All Things Beautiful by Alaina Erdell (Ebook)

Leighton Vaughn’s prestigious fine art atelier—and her life—appear to be settling down after a messy divorce.

She prioritizes her daughter, art, and, teaching—that is until gifted Casey Norford joins the close-knit New York academy.


“You wanted to kiss me?”

Of course, Casey hadn’t missed that part.

Leighton gave a feeble wave. “The tense is irrelevant.”

Book cover of What the Heart Sees by KC Luck

What the Heart Sees by KC Luck (Ebook)

Wall Street broker Julie Aspen has a perfect life until she is suddenly stripped of everything and risking indictment. With few options, Julie returns to the small town where she grew up. Things couldn’t be more miserable until she meets the daughter of a long-lost friend.

Suddenly, Julie has second thoughts about what may be important in life and if it is too late to change.


When Julie didn’t say anything, Sage started to pull back with a hint of color rising to her cheeks. Clearly, the young woman misinterpreted Julie’s silence, and she reached to take Sage’s hands.

“I do like you,” Julie whispered. “Much more than I should.”

Book cover of Beyond any Experience by Anne E. Terpstra

Beyond Any Experience by Anne E. Terpstra (Ebook)

After her wife is killed in an accident, Olivia struggles to raise their autistic son alone while grieving the loss that wrecked their lives.

But an unexpected encounter offers another chance at love, if only she can find the courage to share her heart—and her son—with another woman.


Ellie’s lips curled into a different smile, one Olivia hadn’t seen before, soft and tender, the kind that whispered secrets across pillows and flashed beneath a fluttering sheet.

Olivia’s heart surged against her ribs, desperate to embrace the promise in that smile.

Book cover of Of Light and Love by E.V.Bancroft

Of Light and Love by E. V. Bancroft (Ebook or audiobook)

Carolyn Trent-Parker, a famous artist who can no longer paint after her wife dies, needs to take in a lodger to cover costs.

Laura Kingston-Lopez is a student in animation looking for accommodation. Caro, is unwelcoming, grumpy, and completely fascinating.

Can Caro rediscover her creativity? And even if she does, can Laura let go of her past so they can paint a new future?


A ripple of possibility ran through Laura, which she quickly dammed. But an interrupted ripple comes back stronger. Could there be something there?

Book cover of Nights at the Majestic by Kit Eyre

Nights at the Majestic by Kit Eyre (Ebook)

Her weekly visits to watch classic films at the Majestic are the only bright spots in Eve Thomas’s life since the death of her wife. Meanwhile, Lizzie Carlyle is struggling to enjoy anything as work and a partner she doesn’t love grind her down.

A chance meeting during a robbery at the Majestic throws Eve and Lizzie together. They might be from different backgrounds with a twenty-year age gap but something clicks between them.


Having Lizzie in the house was akin to installing a disco ball and seeing where the sparkle found its way to. Eve was aware of its glimmer wherever she was, something that had evidently manoeuvred itself into her subconscious.

Book cover of Not Asking for More by Lindsey Pennington

Not Asking for More by Lindsey Pennington (Paperback)

When Lauren and Nissa meet by chance, they are drawn to each other despite their many differences. Ending up in bed wasn’t on either of their radars.

They both knew one night will have to be enough. And when morning comes, they go back to their real lives, happy with their moment in time. Until they run into each other again…


“Nobody in the entire world that can give me what I want because I want you. You think that by wanting you, I’m settling. Lauren, if I turned around right now, went back to the city and found someone else, dated them, married them. All because you wanted me to, mind you. It would only be then that I would be settling. You are what I want. Who I want.”

Book cover of Mending Bones by Merlina Garance

Mending Bones by Merlina Garance (Ebook)

Claire has known Estelle for nearly a decade. They’re work colleagues, and sometimes they flirt. Well, sometimes Estelle flirts.

Claire isn’t sure what to make of it until the fateful day she breaks her leg and Estelle invites her on a spontaneous holiday on the coast.

Surely a week in a seaside cottage isn’t enough to make Claire fall when she’s resisted for so long?


“Please don’t go back to being just a colleague,” Estelle asks in a whisper, burying her face against Claire’s collarbone.

She cards a hand through Estelle’s hair, untangling the locks and giving them some room to dry properly.

“All right. Just to be clear: I don’t want that either.



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