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Review of my 2016 goals and my writing goals for 2017

2016 was a year that was challenging and stressful, but at the same time also very rewarding.


Review of my goals for 2016


A year ago, I posted my writing goals for 2016, which were:


1. Write and publish two English novels, Shaken to the Core, (historical romance) and one that is tentatively titled Connected (contemporary romance).

I did achieve that goal. Shaken to the Core was published in June, and Heart Trouble (which got a new title during the writing process) came out in October.

Both received great reviews, so readers seem to be as happy with how these novels turned out as I am.

Another highlights of the year that I hadn’t planned for was the publication of Under a Falling Star in audiobook format.


2. Translate and publish two German novels, Im Scheinwerferlicht, (translation of Damage Control) and Affäre bis Drehschluss, (translation of Just Physical).

I actually met and surpassed that goal by translating and publishing not two but three German novels this year: Im Scheinwerferlicht, Affäre bis Drehschluss and Herzklopfen und Granatäpfel (the translation of Heart Trouble).

It’s great to be able to reach readers in two languages!


3. Write a novella and/or a couple of short stories.

I didn’t write a novella (and maybe it’s a good thing that I didn’t try, because I probably would have ended up with a novel, wreaking havoc with my writing schedule). But I did write a short story for Ylva Publishing’s anthology Finding Ms. Write. The title is “Sex Sells.”

Despite the title, it’s not erotica, but it sure was fun to write!


4. Write and publish one nonfiction book for writers, Writing a Series.

This is another goal that I met and surpassed—well, kind of. I did write and publish two nonfiction books for writers, but I didn’t tackle the topic of how to write a series. Instead, I focused on the two most important craft aspects of writing: Point of View and Show, Don’t Tell.


5. Attend the GCLS conference, which will be in the Washington D.C./Alexandria area in July 2016.

I did attend the conference, which is always a highlight of my year. We spend a couple of days sightseeing in Washington D.C. and Alexandria, met up with old (and new) friends, and I ended up taking several Goldie Awards home with me, among them one for my paranormal romance Good Enough to Eat, which I co-wrote with Alison Grey.


6. Attend the lesbian book vacation on Lesbos in June 2016.

This was one of the best weeks in 2016. A week of beach, books, wonderful food, and great people. I also held two workshops for writers, which were well received.


7. Find more time to read in 2016

Okay, I admit it. I totally failed with this goal. I didn’t read nearly as much as I wanted. Although the year ended with a great beach vacation, where I read at least half a dozen novels that have been piling up on my Kindle.


My creative goals for 2017

After meeting most of my goals for 2016, here’s what I’m planning to do in 2017: 

  • Write and publish two English novels. The first novel I publish in 2017 will be a contemporary/medical romance titled Falling Hard. The second one will be a romance novel with an asexual main character.
  • Translate and publish two German novels. I’m already in the process of translating Falling Hard. The second German book for 2017 will be either the translation of the still untitled novel about the asexual main character or a translation of Shaken to the Core.
  • Write two short stories. I would love to contribute to an anthology for which the profits will go to the GCLS to help educate, promote, and recognize lesbian fiction. I’d also like to write a short story and make it available for free to my readers.
  • Attend the book fair in Leipzig in March and the book fair in Frankfurt in October. I’ve attended the largest book fair in the world—the one in Frankfurt—every year for at least four or five years now, but I’ve only been to the one in Leipzig once, so it’ll be great to attend again.
  • Attend the GCLS conference, which will be in Chicago this July. I’m looking forward to catching up with fellow writers and readers of lesbian fiction.
  • Continue to mentor new writers and give back to the community of LGBT writers. That includes being a mentor in the GCLS’s Cate Culpepper Mentoring Program.
  • Become a more healthy writer. Since writing is such a sedentary activity, I’m trying to stay fit by exercising more and eating healthy.
  • Last but not least: Finally do what I didn’t achieve in 2016 and read more books for fun. I’ll get started on that one tonight since I’m in the middle of reading Captain of Industry, Karin Kallmaker’s newest lesbian romance.


What are your goals and big hopes for 2017? Please leave a comment and let us know.

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10 thoughts on “Review of my 2016 goals and my writing goals for 2017”

  1. Nice goals, Jae! And well done for completing last year’s goal!
    My goals are: finish the PhD successfully, move with my girlfriend, complete GoodReads challenge (40 books), beta read at least 1 novel per month, learn more about editing fiction, find a job as editor of scientific manuscripts/thesis.
    Have a great year!

  2. I hope to read more lesfic, interact more with authors and fans and spend more quality time with friends who work too much.
    Happy New Year Jae and all the best with your 2017 list, I look forward to reading your books and hearing about your adventures.

  3. Happy New Year Jae. I hope you had a great vacation time.
    My goals for this year are: finding a new job, have my puppy checked out so we know why she limps so often and writing 360.000 words.
    And of course read at least one book per month.

  4. Jae,

    Good luck with your goals!!! I can’t wait to read your novels when they come out.

    Those book fairs sound amazing!!! I wish my area of the US had a bigger literary culture.

    Hmmm….goals for the new year. Get my weight down and be healthy, try not to get overwhelmed by work, and plan a trip to Japan instead of waiting until the last minute to plan everything! Lol


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