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Review — “Jericho” by Ann McMan

Syd Murphy, a librarian, relocates to the little town Jericho in Virginia after her almost-ex-husband cheats on her. A flat tire stops her before she even reaches Jericho, and she’s rescued by Maddie Stevenson, Jericho’s doctor.

Maddie has returned to Jericho after her father, the local physician, died two years ago and she took over his medical practice.

Syd and Maddie become fast friends, and Syd, who has only planned on staying for eighteen months to set up a library in Jericho, becomes more and more involved in the community.

“Jericho,” Ann McMan’s debut novel, is a satisfyingly long read with likable, three-dimensional main characters and a quirky cast of supporting characters. The romance is developed at a slow pace, so readers can witness the love between them growing instead of the characters just hopping into bed on page two.

The dialogue is witty and laugh-out-loud funny at times.

I read the online version, but I’ll buy the book once it’s published too.

I just had one tiny issue with this novel: The characters drink a LOT of wine.

Otherwise, it’s a captivating romance that I highly recommend.

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5 thoughts on “Review — “Jericho” by Ann McMan”

  1. I really enjoyed this story too. I noticed they drank a lot of apparently expensive wine which originally made me think oh no, here we are with the typical rich uber couple but the amount wasn’t that shocking. When compared to way too many people in my family who drank beer and hard liquor all day and night, the amount of wine these two drank seemed really minor.

    • Yeah, as Maddie mentioned in the beginning, she’s a bit of a “snob” (expensive coffee, expensive wine…).

      Maybe I made it sound as if they are hard-drinking alcoholics, and it wasn’t like that. But wine is mentioned a lot.

      • I agree with your review of “Jericho” and on your observation concerning the mentioning of wine …. it’s everywhere, but I do forgive the reference to Bacchus as “Jericho” has a great dialog!

        Did you notice the new stories by Ann Mcman ?

        “Jericho” is still the most enjoyable read from Mcman, but “Dust” is very well written too.

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  3. I have read Ann McMan’s Dust. It’s a well-written story too, even though Jericho is still my favorite. There are also two short stories that go with Jericho:

    I hadn’t discovered Falling from Grace yet, so thanks for pointing it out, UK!


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