Review — “Firestorm” by Radclyffe

Bold Strokes Books
July 2011
288 pages

“Firestorm” is the second book in Radyclyffe’s First Responder series.

Firestorm by Radclyffe30-year-old Mallory “Ice” James is the captain of a smokejumper crew and about to train a new group of rookies. A year ago, she lost two of her people in a fire and she’s determined to keep control this year. Under no circumstances does she want to have even friendly feelings for another firefighter.

Her well-ordered life is interrupted when a new rookie is transferred without her knowledge.

Jac Russo is the daughter of a senator and determined to prove herself.

When they meet, there’s an instant attraction, but not necessarily an instant liking of each other.

Technically, the book is well-written – good editing and the head hopping is so controlled that it’s not annoying. But I didn’t feel close to any of the characters. The ending felt rushed, for example, the situation with Jac’s father was never resolved.

I also expected to have them fight a fire and Mallory overcoming her self-doubts after losing two of her men – but it didn’t happen.

If you have never read one of Radclyffe’s books before, I suggest you read “Safe Harbor” or “Turn Back Time,” not “Firestorm.”

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