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Rainbow Romance Award

Seems this is the month of awards for L-Book authors.

First, Fran Heckrotte was awarded the Alice B. Medal, an award that is given to writers who “have careers distinguished by consistently well-written stories about lesbians.”

Today I found out that Conflict of Interest won a Rainbow Romance Award for Excellence in the romantic suspense category.  Next of Kin placed third in the same category, and Second Nature holds the third place in the Science Fiction/Fantasy category.

Congratulations to all winners and runners-up!


The Romance Bet by Jae

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2 thoughts on “Rainbow Romance Award”

  1. This is so awesome!!! These awards are a testament to all the hard work and passion you put into your writing.

    Plus it helps me figure out the next set of books to read. :-)

    Congratulations to you and your fellow writers!

    • Thank you! It was a really nice surprise to find the e-mails congratulating me in my inbox this morning. Of course, I needed to click through a few mails to find out what they were congratulating me for :-)

      I’ve read three of the other first-placed novels, and they’re good, so you can’t go wrong by adding them to your reading list.


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