Pre-release book giveaway “If I Loved You Less” by Tamsen Parker

I have a wonderful surprise for you today. Fellow author Tamsen Parker offered to do a pre-release giveaway of her upcoming book If I Loved You Less for my blog readers.

If I Loved You Less is a re-telling of Emma. It will be published on September 20, so you are getting a chance to win and read it before it’s even out!

Here’s a description:

Matchmaking? Check. Surfing? Check. Falling in love? As if.

Sunny, striking, and satisfied with her life in paradise, Theodosia Sullivan sees no need for marriage. She does, however, relish serving as matchmaker for everyone who crosses her path. As the manager of her family’s surf shop in Hanalei Bay, that includes locals and tourists alike.

One person she won’t be playing Cupid for is the equally happy bachelorette down the street. Baker Kini ʻŌpūnui has been the owner of Queen’s Sweet Shop since her parents passed away and her younger brother married Theo’s older sister and moved to Oahu. Kini’s ready smile, haupia shortbread, and lilikoi malasadas are staples of Hanalei’s main street.

However, Theo’s matchmaking machinations and social scheming soon become less charming—even hazardous—to everyone involved. And when she fails to heed Kini’s warnings about her meddling, she may be more successful than she ever intended. Theo has to face the prospect of Kini ending up with someone else, just as she realizes she’s loved Kini all along.

You can pre-order If I Loved You Less from the shops listed below:


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For a chance to win an ebook copy of If I Loved You Less by Tamsen Parker, please leave a comment below.

Anyone can enter the drawing. Entries close on Wednesday, September 19, 8 p.m. EST, when I’ll draw the winners using a random numbers generator. I’ll notify winners via email. Your email address won’t be used for any other purpose.

Best of luck, and stay tuned for the next book bingo post & giveaway on Thursday!

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109 thoughts on “Pre-release book giveaway “If I Loved You Less” by Tamsen Parker”

  1. “If I Loved You Less” by Tamsen Parker sounds like da kine bomb! Mahalo nui loa for writing a novel that is basically my ultimate book crack.

    It’s truly kismet because:

    1) “Emma” is my favorite Jane Austen novel. Yes, I like it bit more than “Pride & Prejudice” (what can I say, I’m goofy like that). I even love the 1990s movie retelling “Clueless,” which my kids will advise you, gets played too much in the summertime at our house.

    2) I’ve lived on two Hawai’ian islands and for sure miss everything (well, not Spam maki, not in the slightest), but mostly that truth, haupia malasadas. But, alas, at home, we’ve settled for making basic malasadas (still hella ‘ono) or just rocking Krispy Kreme glazed donuts (because, glazed). You really can’t go wrong with sugary fried dough. So, cue nostalgia heart eyes…. I’ll be looking for all that lilikoʻi malasadas love in Tamsen’s novel—one of the leads owns a sweet shop, hella fricking yes!!!!

    3) I adore retellings, especially F/F ones. Fairytales or classics, whatever genre, no matter. I’m there. Can’t wait to read Tamsen’s spin on the age gap love story, plot-line situations, characters and setting (Hanalei Bay, Kaua’i!!!).

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway contest. If I don’t win the giveaway, then I’ll purchase the Amazon Kindle or Google Play version.

    • *this comment is not an entry*

      My youngest kiddo wanted me to add that she’s seen more than one picture of me where I was eating Spam maki (Spam Musubi), some purchased at gas stations no less, so I **must come clean** about not actually hating them. But, in my defense… those pictures were taken on my first visit during a vacay, so way before relocating, therefore I was enamored with trying All The Foods, as one does.

      I want to read “If I Loved You Less” for all of the story, but I know that I’m going to have this impossibly large smile every time food is mentioned or described, lol.

  2. As much as I read a free ebook would be ideal!
    Sounds like this book has a little of everything. Very intriguing!
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  3. I’m in for it. Sounds great. I haven’t read any of Tamsen Parkers books so far, but I definitely will give it a try. Looking forward to it.

  4. i love reading a book with a good story line. This book sounds like one I could read in one night, captivated by the story line.
    Can’t wait for it to come out if I don’t win a copy.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  5. This sounds like an excellent read. I’ll wait a few days to see if I won, then I’ll order it for myself. I usually read 3 or 4 books a week, so it won’t be long.

  6. This is exciting! I love Hawaii but have not seen any lesfic books set in Hawaii, with Hawaiian characters or…most importantly, as another commenter has mentioned…Hawaiian food :-)

  7. Tamsen Parker, your book topics are often thought provoking. I always love a f/f contemporary re-imagining of a truly great classic. So many reasons to want to read this book! Congratulations on your new release!


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