Pre-order my fake relationship romance “Just for Show” now!

The long-awaited day is finally here: You can now get my latest lesbian romance novel Just for Show from the Ylva Publishing webstore or pre-order it on Amazon

When Claire, an overachieving psychologist with OCD tendencies, hires Lana, an impulsive, out-of-work actress for a fake relationship, she figures the worst she’ll have to endure are the messes Lana leaves around. It’s only for a few months anyway. And it’s not as if she’ll enjoy all those fake kisses and loving looks. Right?

If you’d like to know a bit more about the book, here’s an excerpt.

In this scene, Claire and Lana are attending an office party and are trying to convince Claire’s colleagues that they are a couple, even though they don’t always get along so well. 

“Listen.” Claire took a deep breath. “I wanted to…” Before she could say apologize, movement caught her attention out of the corner of her eye.

Her colleague Vanessa stood by the entrance, leaning against the metal gate, a cigarette dangling from her fingers. She was watching the smoke curl up, so she hadn’t seen Claire and Lana yet, but if she turned her head a bit or went back inside, she would discover them. The cigarette was smoked almost down to the filter, so it could happen any moment.

Shit. Claire’s gaze darted around, but the slender palm trees and ferns wouldn’t provide any cover.

Vanessa would catch sight of them any second, and she would know immediately that Claire and Lana were arguing. Their body language—facing each other with their arms stiffly by their sides and their shoulders up—screamed arguing couple. Besides, what other reason could they have for sneaking away from the party? At least Vanessa with her cigarette had a good excuse.

No doubt Vanessa would offer them relationship counseling or recommend a chapter from her book—unless Claire could convince her that she hadn’t dragged Lana here to argue.

Lana’s words echoed through her mind. You know they are totally thinking you’re dragging me to your office so you can have your way with me on your desk, right?

Vanessa threw her cigarette stump down and crushed it with a twist of her nine-hundred-dollar stilettos—the same way she would crush Claire’s reputation if Claire didn’t stop her.

Just as Vanessa turned around, Claire stepped forward, right into Lana’s personal space.

Lana’s hazel eyes widened. “Wh—?”

No time for long explanations. “Please don’t slap me,” was all Claire whispered before she dipped Lana back against a palm tree and kissed her.

Lana went rigid.

For a moment, Claire thought she’d get punched or at least pushed away, but then Lana parted her lips and kissed her back, and all thoughts stopped.

Lana’s lips were so incredibly soft and warm and pliant against hers.

A breathy gasp escaped Claire as Lana’s tongue stroked along her bottom lip then gently touched her own. Lana tasted of champagne and something fruity. Her body melted against Claire’s, all hints of resistance gone.

Lana slid her hands up Claire’s back. Her fingertips grazed Claire’s neck, sending shivers down Claire’s spine, and then her fingers tangled in Claire’s hair so she could deepen the kiss.

Several strands came loose from Claire’s pinned updo. Not that she cared at the moment. The warm glide of Lana’s tongue against hers sent spirals of sensation through her entire body. Her mind spun, and she gripped Lana’s hips with both hands to keep her balance. Oh holy

Someone cleared her throat next to them.

Reality washed over Claire like a bucket of ice-cold water. Vanessa. Right. That was why she’d kissed Lana.

She backed away from Lana, but it took several seconds before she could tear her gaze from her.

Lana stared back, her lips red and her cheeks flushed.

Was it a physical reaction to their kiss, or was part of it anger at being ambushed like that?

Claire didn’t have time to figure it out.

“Well, well,” Vanessa said. “Looks like you two made up.”

“Who says that we were arguing?” With trembling fingers, Claire tried to pin her hair back up. Her scalp still tingled where Lana had touched her.

Vanessa let out a huff. “Please. If you’d read my book, you’d know it was obvious.”

“And if you’d read Claire’s book, you’d know that the best part of arguing with your lover is the making up,” Lana said, her voice low and seductive. She stepped next to Claire and pressed against her side, her body hot and soft against Claire’s. “Right, honey?”

“Right.” Claire’s own voice was husky without her having to act.

They turned their heads and looked at each other, their gazes catching and not letting go. What was going on behind those hazel eyes? For once, even three degrees in psychology weren’t going to help Claire figure it out.

“Well, good for you,” Vanessa said stiffly. “As you probably know, our target audience doesn’t like self-help authors who don’t practice what they preach.”

Claire narrowed her eyes. What was that supposed to mean? It sounded almost like a threat. Did Vanessa suspect something?

But that was impossible. Their kiss had been entirely convincing. Claire’s libido had certainly bought it, hook, line, and sinker.

“You’ll have to excuse me now. I bet Daniel is already looking for me.” Vanessa strode past them, back toward the party, leaving them staring after her, hesitant to look at each other.


I hope you enjoyed that excerpt and will enjoy the book too!

You can now get it at the Ylva Publishing webstore or pre-order it on Amazon, where it will be published on March 7, along with several other bookstores such as Apple iBooks, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble.


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  1. I have been waiting patiently for this one and come next pay day I will be buying it with the plan to fill my bingo card square. Congratulations on the publication.


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