Now available: Love Beneath the Christmas Tree

love-beneath-the-christmas-treeJust two and a half weeks until Christmas. Are you getting into the Christmas mood yet?

Well, Rachel Lewis, the main character in my series of short stories, sure isn’t. She’s the proverbial Christmas grump, and this year, it’s even worse. It’s the first year she’ll have to celebrate Christmas without her mother, and her girlfriend left her and took their fake Christmas tree with her. No wonder Rachel thinks Christmas is humbug.

But meeting Lillian Coleman and her seven-year-old son starts to change that.

Soon, Rachel finds herself dressing up as Ms. Santa Claus and even playing a Christmas elf with bells on her toes.

Join Rachel and Lillian for three Christmas celebrations, each set one year after the other. Two of these short stories have been published in Ylva Publishing’s anthology Gingerbread Hearts, while the third one, “The Christmas Elf” is a brand-new short story.

You can buy Love Beneath the Christmas Tree at Amazon and Smashwords, and it will soon be available at Barnes & Noble too.

I hope these short stories will put you in the Christmas mood!


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