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Just Physical coverMy latest lesbian romance, Just Physical, has already been available via the Ylva Publishing website for two weeks, but starting today, you can get it from all major online bookstores. Just Physical is the third book in my Hollywood series, but it has different main characters than the previous books, so it can stand on its own and you’ll be able to enjoy it even if you haven’t read Damage Control and Departure from the Script.

I have to say that I’m particularly proud of Just Physical. It has an unusual main character. Jill Corrigan is an actress who’s been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. While she’s still able to hide her occasional MS symptoms, she doesn’t know what the future will bring for her, so she decided to live her life alone and stay away from relationships. When she meets Kristine “Crash” Patterson, the stuntwoman doubling for her in a disaster movie, the attraction is immediate, but Jill can’t afford to fall in love. They agree on an affair that is just physical and will last only until filming ends…or so they think.

Just Physical is now available via:

Amazon (Kindle)

Barnes and Noble (Nook)




Ylva Publishing

I hope you enjoy it!

As always, comments, feedback, and reviews are highly appreciated!


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2 thoughts on “Now available: Just Physical”

  1. Really enjoyed this story.Especially coming from the viewpoint of someone with a life changing illness.
    I enjoy the style of your writing and the hot love scenes.

    • Thanks so much for reading “Just Physical,” Judy, and thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog. Wishing you happy holidays!


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