New lesbian romance: Under a Falling Star is available!

UAFSHave you ever wished on a falling star?

Austen, the main character in my new romance novel, Under a Falling Star, has just one wish: to prove herself to her new boss. That’s why she volunteers to decorate the Christmas tree in the company’s lobby on her first day in the new job.

Dee, the company’s COO, is a control freak who leaves nothing to chance when it comes to work, not even the positioning of the lights on the Christmas tree. When she tries to rearrange them, the star-shaped tree topper falls off and hits her on the head. Even though she blames Austen for her mishap, she is instantly attracted to her.

The problem is just that she’s practically Austen’s boss…and Austen doesn’t know it.

The novel takes them on a roller coaster ride that includes amusement parks, Secret Santas, paper snowflakes, piña coladas, and a potty-mouthed cockatoo. There’ll also be a reunion with Aiden and Dawn from Conflict of Interest.

Under a Falling Star is a contemporary lesbian romance of 91,000 words (369 pages). You can buy it or read an excerpt here.

I hope you enjoy my latest novel!


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