My new lesbian romance “Perfect Rhythm” is available now!

Perfect Rhythm_out now_kleinFinally, the long-awaited day is here! My latest lesbian romance novel, Perfect Rhythm, is now available on Amazon and all the other major online bookstores.

Perfect Rhythm is the story of burned-out popstar Leontyne “Leo” Blake, who reluctantly returns to her tiny hometown in Missouri when she finds out her father had a stroke. Once there, she meets Holly, her father’s nurse. At first, they don’t even like each other. Holly is convinced that Leo is a spoiled celebrity, while small-town girl Holly seems to represent everything Leo has wanted to leave behind.

The more time they spend together, the more they realize how wrong that first impression has been. Between trips to the local bakery store, late-night conversations up on the roof, and a date at the vet’s office, they start to fall in love with each other. 

But Holly is asexual. Leo isn’t even sure what that means, much less what it means for them. And Holly isn’t sure she should risk her heart again because her last relationship didn’t end too well. 

Will they find the perfect rhythm with each other, despite their differences?

Readers and reviewers alike seem to love it! Here’s what they are saying: 

reviewer quotes_Perfect Rhythm by Jae_lesbian book


Get your copy of Perfect Rhythm here:


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Ylva Publishing webstore

Enjoy and let me know what you think!


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4 thoughts on “My new lesbian romance “Perfect Rhythm” is available now!”

  1. Jae,

    Thank you for the wonderful story. Brought me to tears with Leo and her father.

    I will admit it threw me for a second when I saw the content warning until I remembered that your audience for this book will be more than your lesbian readers. I definitely learned things I didn’t know about asexuality.

    Thanks again for the beautiful story!!!!

    • Thanks for reading and commenting, Rachel.

      Yes, that’s exactly why I included the content warning in chapter 22. Some of my asexual readers don’t mind (or even like) reading love scenes, but others don’t, so I included the warning so that everyone can decide for themselves if they want to read the scene or skip ahead to the next one.

  2. Thanks for this great story that also taught me ALOT about ACE. I didnt realize how much I had ignored or pushed aside any coversation about asexuality.Thanks again

    • I’m very glad you liked the book and that it even taught you something about asexuality. It’s such an ignored sexual orientation, so I’m glad I could help to make it a little more visual.


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