My new lesbian romance novel, Damage Control, is out!

cover_Damage-Control_500x800You would think that after publishing ten books (not counting the novellas and short story collections), having a new novel out would get old. Well, it doesn’t.

My tenth novel, Damage Control, has just been published, and I’ve been grinning like a fool ever since Astrid, my publisher, told me she had just uploaded it to the major bookstores.

For some reason, this book feels special. Not that my other books aren’t near and dear to my heart—they are. But this one is extra special. Maybe because at 140,000 words it’s one of my longer works after I wrote a couple of slightly shorter ones (well, shorter for me, not necessarily for the writing community in general).

Or maybe it feels like such a special book because it was so easy for me to like my main characters and to empathize with them. Even though the lives of Lauren and Grace, a celebrity publicist and a world-famous actress, are very different from my own, they are going through some struggles that anyone can relate to:

Trying to be good at their chosen profession while at the same time not losing themselves in the expectations of others, overcoming preconceived notions of yourself and others, getting up the courage to step outside of your comfort zone and going after what you really want.

It just occurred to me that this was exactly what I did when I gave up my day job to become a full-time writer and editor. So maybe I did write a little bit of my own experience into the book, without even realizing.

So, give Damage Control a try. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it!

For now, it’s available as an e-book from Amazon, Apple, and Kobo. It will soon also be available at all the other major online bookstores and as a paperback.

Have a nice Easter weekend, everyone.


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13 thoughts on “My new lesbian romance novel, Damage Control, is out!”

  1. Jae,
    I am sure your new book will be a success. I really love the 2 books I have read so far and plan on ordering more soon.
    Happy Easter to you, too..:)

  2. Just bought it and looking forward to getting started as soon as I finish the book I’m currently reading. Congratulations on completing another novel.

  3. Hi Jae
    Wow! This is the first lesbian novel I have read even though am straight its interesting that i wrote the name on my wall. It requires an encore!
    I like Lauren and Grace because they’re perfect together!


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