A list of lesbian romances by Jae


It seems a lot of readers are discovering my books these days. I have received e-mails from several readers this week, asking for a complete list of my books so they won’t miss one.

By now, I have so many novels, novellas, and short stories out that it’s easy to lose track. The latest novel, Damage Control, a contemporary lesbian romance, has just been published not even a week ago.

So, for anyone who wants an overview of my works at a glance, you can either download it as a pdf file here or just click on “books” in the menu of my website.

The stories are listed in the order in which they should be read, but most often, you should be able to read them in any order you want, since each book can stand on its own.

Happy reading!


The Romance Bet by Jae

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3 thoughts on “A list of lesbian romances by Jae”

  1. Wow….that shelf does look impressive…. Interrupted my reading of the non fiction writing book to read Damage Control and now back to Goal Setting for Writers… Maybe if I stick at it I can have a few on a shelf one day!

    Thank you for keeping us entertained…

  2. I stumbled across Jae’s books when I was doing research on LGBTQ culture as part of my curriculum course design for our Med School. I became addicted to Jae’s writings (risks of the job I guess.)

    Jae is insightful, penetrating to the core of her characters, molding them in flesh and blood making them sometimes painfully realistic.

    Jae makes them resonate in our hearts beyond the echo after putting the book down.

    I wish Jae’s writings crosses over beyond the Lesbian readership circle

  3. Hi i love reading Jae’s online novel. Damage control is the first novel i read on free online books and i was so interested in Lauren and Grace, how i wish jae will make it a series after the dress strip because i want to see them get married especially Lauren! I love you jae! please can post some more books online please please please


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