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Lessons in Love and Life by Jae

Lessons in Love and Life

Dressing up as a man can have unexpected consequences

Amy Hamilton finally has everything she ever wanted when Rika, the woman she loves, moves to the ranch. But years of having to hide her feelings leave her insecure, and her fears get the better of her. Convinced that Rika is growing bored with ranch life, Amy comes up with a daring plan. With her “father” as inspiration, Amy decides to dress up as a man so she can take Rika to Salem for a night of dancing.

Nothing goes as planned, and Amy learns some valuable lessons in love and life.

Genre: Historical romance

Series: Oregon Series (Book 4)

Publication date: February 2014

Length: Short story

Terry’s Lesfic Reviews

“As always with any book I’ve read by Jae, the story is well written and edited. The characters are fresh and fully developed. Even if you haven’t read the two books preceding this short story, this stands alone and will give you a sample taste of Jae’s wonderful writing.”

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