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Interview with lesbian romance author KD Williamson

Today, I have the pleasure of interviewing fellow Ylva author KD Williamson. KD and I go way back, since we both started our publishing career at L-Book ePublisher. Her two first novels with Ylva Publishing, Blurred Lines and Crossing Lines, have been bestsellers, so read on to find out more about the series!


Welcome, KD. Please tell us about your journey in becoming a published writer. How did you come to publish with Ylva Publishing?

I was published before a few years back and won a Goldie for my book Forever Mine. After that, I got wrapped up into the world of fanfic for a few years. I finished a novel-length work and was taking a well-earned break when Astrid from Ylva messaged me on Facebook about Blurred Lines. I thought it was a joke, and I almost didn’t respond to her. I’m glad I did. It’s been a wild ride ever since.


Can you tell us a little about your newest book, Crossing Lines?

It is a direct continuation of Blurred Lines. Kelli and Nora are still in the honeymoon stage of their relationship. They are tentative around each other one minute, and the next everything works perfectly. Nora continues her journey of personal growth by letting other people in. Kelli is blindsided by continuing family drama that completely pulls her under and away from everyone important in her life.


Do you have a favorite line (or paragraph) from Crossing Lines that you’d like to share with us?

Kelli deepened her caress. They had been at this since sunrise, each touch seamless, leading directly to the next. Kelli didn’t want this…these moments…to end. This need for Nora wasn’t a product of avoidance or loss. It was a celebration of everything Kelli had gained—a woman who understood her and loved her, regardless.


What do you think makes novels about doctors and detectives so irresistible? Is it just the women-in-uniform phenomena?  

I think it’s the fact that women in those professions are educated, strong-willed, take-charge, and independent. They’ve learned to work hard and sometimes play hard too. So, when they clash, sparks usually fly in some way. Also, yeah the uniforms don’t hurt at all whether its scrubs and a lab coat, a pant suit, or a typical police officer uniform.


What attracts you to writing a series?

Honestly, I fell into it and started loving the idea of exploring the cop/doctor dynamic in different stories. I wanted to challenge myself with different characters with vastly different personalities.


Did you even plan to make it a series when you started Blurred Lines, the first book in your “Cops and Docs” series? 

No…not really. The original work was about 600 pages long and had two separate stories in it so Blurred Lines concentrated more on Nora while Crossing Lines was more about Kelli.

How long did it take you to write Crossing Lines?

Nowhere near as long as it did Blurred Lines. That one took tremendous rewrites since it was originally fanfic. I had a chance to go beyond the fanfic and make the characters my own.  I finished Crossing Lines in a couple of months because I had pretty much perfected Kelli’s and Nora’s individual voices and knew where I wanted the story to go.


Let’s say Kelli and Nora, the main characters in your series, would decide to pay Starbucks a visit. What sort of coffee (or other beverage) would each order?

Kelli would want some bite to her coffee, so she’d want it extra hot and definitely a French Roast with just a smidge of cream and real sugar. She’d hate iced coffee. Nora likes things a little more decadent. I’d say she would order an espresso macchiato if she was getting something hot.  If she was in the mood for something cold, it would be a caramel espresso granita.


Do you have time to read? If yes, what were the top three lesbian fiction novels you have read this year?  

No, I don’t have very much time to read, but I will one day. I have a very long list that includes novels by KL Hughes, Lee Winters, Jae, Fletcher DeLancey, and a whole bunch of others.


What projects are you working on right now? Any upcoming releases?

I am currently working on Book 3 in the Cops and Docs Series. It’s called Between the Lines and will contain all new characters. I think, after everything Kelli and Nora have been through, they need a break. The new book will be out in December.

The Romance Bet by Jae

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    • Thank you so much. I’m glad you enjoyed them. They were my babies for a time and I’m glad you and so many others appreciated them even if they were a lil off color lol

    • I’m looking forward to finishing this one and making the characters something everyone can relate to. It took me a while to get Nora and Kelli out of my head to let these two in, and I’m so glad I did! Thanks so much!

  1. I love the storyline between Kelli and Nora. I’m super excited to hear you are writing book 3. Will they make an appearance or is it. New storyline?

    • The next book will be out in March. I am giving Kelli and Nora a much needed rest. This book, Between The Lines, will be all new characters.


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