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WLW & lesbian books from Desert Palm Press (F/F Fiction Crossword Challenge #24)

Desert Palm Press

After Ylva Publishing, Bold Strokes Books, Bella Books & Bywater Books got puzzles of their own, it’s time for another publisher’s edition. Today’s F/F Fiction Crossword Puzzle features another publisher of WLW & lesbian fiction: Desert Palm Press.

Desert Palm Press was founded in 2014 and publishes popular authors such as AJ Adaire, Rae D. Magdon, CJ Murphy, Ellen Hoil, Jazzy Mitchell, BJ Phillips, and many more.


Read up on the rules

If you are discovering the F/F Fiction Crossword Challenge only now, read up on the rules and prizes, then come back here and try to solve the Desert Palm Press puzzle. You can also still send in the solutions for the previous puzzles.


So, here’s the Desert Palm Press crossword puzzle:

You can either download the crossword grid by right-clicking on the picture below or download the PDF with the crossword grid and the clues. You don’t necessarily need a printer to play. You don’t need to send in the filled-out puzzle; all you need to do is email me the solution phrase.

Desert Palm Press


Here are the clues for the Desert Palm Press puzzle:

  1. Safe Haven by Ellen Hoil: What disorder is Samantha diagnosed with?
  2. Something Tragic by Jessica Yeh: What is Crisa’s favorite fruit?
  3. Snowbird Season by BJ Phillips: What is Kelly’s dog’s name?
  4. Gold Star Chance by CJ Murphy: What does Chance put on her eggs?
  5. The Second Sister by Rae D. Magdon: Who is the talking cat Ellie befriends?
  6. Jobyna’s Blues by Jane Alden: Where was Lily, a main character in Jobyna’s Blues, born?
  7. A Quantum Convergence by CA Farlow: Where do Alex and Lauren sit out a blizzard in Book One of the Nexus Trilogy?
  8. Match Me by AJ Adaire: What was it that Grams said she hadn’t dropped for any man she wasn’t married to?
  9. Sunkissed Feathers & Severed Ties by Kellie Doherty: What is the name of Misti’s companion animal?
  10. Dark Horizons by Rae D. Magdon & Michelle Magly: Which poisonous, aquatic alien species are Earth’s humans fighting in Dark Horizons?
  11. Flight to Paradise by Gail Newman: What type of clothing does Sara tell Claire she doesn’t have?
  12. Kiss Your Elbowby Susan Stocker: What is the name of Mrs. Bixler’s monkey?
  13. You Matter by Jazzy Mitchell: How old is Chrissy’s son, Ben?
  14. The Long Way Home by Roslyn Bane: Where is Sam taken to recover in Germany?
  15. The Rustle of Leaves by Nat Burns: What’s the first name of the youngest Detter daughter?

Check back for hints

If you are struggling to solve the puzzle, check back this weekend. I’ll invite the authors to post hints in the comments section of this blog that will help you solve the puzzle. Some authors will also drop by my Facebook Reader Group to give you some hints.


Send me the solution to be entered into the drawing for the Desert Palm Press puzzle

Once you solved the Desert Palm Press crossword puzzle, send me the solution phrase, and you’ll be entered into the drawing for an ebook copy of:

To be entered into the drawing, send me the solution by September 20, 10 a.m. CET. I’ll draw the winners using a random numbers generator.

You’ll also be entered into the drawing for the grand prize at the end of the year, with a chance to win a book package, plus an autograph book full of autographs of popular WLW & lesbian fiction authors.

You’ll find my email address on my contact page.


Happy reading and crossword-puzzling!


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