Women in uniform (Lesbian Book Bingo #1)

I’m very excited to share the first post of the long-awaited Lesbian Book Bingo with you.

In case you missed the rules post and don’t know what Lesbian Book Bingo is all about, read up on the rules and then come back to this post for your first bingo square.

I picked “women in uniform” as the theme for the first reading list since they are such popular heroines. Whether they are in the military or part of the police force or other first responders, there’s something about a woman in uniform that makes us swoon. Maybe it’s their integrity or the fact that they’re putting themselves in danger for the greater good. Plus it probably doesn’t hurt that they are physically fit and easy on the eyes.


I’ve put together a list of 15 books with military or police officer heroines that I hope you’ll enjoy.

Fragmentary Blue_Erica Abbott_klein

Fragmentary Blue (Alex/CJ series, book 1) by Erica Abbott

C.J. St. Clair’s success as a police officer has brought her a new job and a fresh start with Internal Affairs in Colfax, Colorado. Captain Ryan loves her department, her detectives, and her family. Loving another woman isn’t in the game plan, but C.J.’s southern charms are difficult to ignore.

Available at:
Bella Books
Apple iTunes

The Long Way Home_Roslyn Bane_klein

The Long Way Home by Roslyn Bane

Major Sam Davies is a warrior, helicopter pilot, and Marine. Lt Cdr Kris Matthews is a highly skilled, combat experienced Navy Surgeon. One fateful afternoon their paths cross and their lives change forever. In a world where independence and strength are as valued as teamwork, and they struggle through rehab, will they heal enough to live again and find happiness or be destroyed?

Available at:
Desert Palm Press
Apple iTunes

Close Enough to Touch_Cade Brogan_klein

Close Enough to Touch (Rylee Hayes Thriller, book 1) by Cade Brogan

Homicide detective Rylee Hayes has just about given up on the idea of a relationship until an investigation causes her to cross paths with her old college sweetheart, Kenzie Bigham. As they discover that the passage of time may have offered them a second chance at love, serial killer Joanna Grey sets her sights on her next target. Will Rylee have what it takes to meet the challenge of a serial killer who’s proven herself to be a more than worthy opponent in time to save Kenzie’s life?

Available at:

Strong_Natalie Debrabandere_klein

Strong by Natalie Debrabandere

Life is a challenge and IEDs a constant threat for the soldiers working at Cobel, an American checkpoint in Afghanistan. British Army medic Kate Sanderson’s mission there is crystal clear: to look after the injured and save as many lives as she can. She is assigned to a platoon led by USMC Captain Tyler Jackson, a talented young officer who uses her career as an excuse to avoid personal relationships. The handsome captain has learnt the hard way that love can hurt beyond life itself, but Kate’s presence in camp is making it difficult for her to keep her distance.

Available at:

Officer Down_Erin Dutton_klein

Officer Down by Erin Dutton

Veteran emergency dispatcher Hillary O’Neal can handle any crisis, until she gets the call that destroys her confidence. Now she spends every shift dreading what could happen and doubting whether she’ll be able to handle another tragedy. Olivia Dennis joined the sheriff’s department for the action and to fulfill the family legacy. But she could lose both when she’s caught up in an internal investigation and assigned to a security desk at the communications center.

Available at:
Bold Strokes Books
Apple iTunes

Relic_Anne Hagan_klein

Relic (The Morelville Mysteries series, book 1) by Anne Hagan

Cases collide for two star-crossed ladies of law enforcement! Customs Special Agent Dana Rossi and semi-rural Ohio county Sheriff Melissa “Mel” Crane are each working critical cases that seem to be related. Can they get along together long enough to solve them both, and will their undeniable feelings for each other be allowed to grow, or will the two ladies fight each other every step of the way?

Available at:


Whatever Gods May Be_Sophia Kell Hagin_klein

Whatever Gods May Be by Sophia Kell Hagin

Jamie Gwynmorgan doesn’t believe in prayer. She doesn’t believe in anything much. Except that people can’t be trusted—certainly not anyone she’s ever met. But Jamie knows some things. From experience. She knows if she died, nobody would give a damn. Nobody would even notice. She knows the better she can fight, the safer she’ll be.

Available at:
Bold Strokes Books
Apple iTunes


Intersection (Alex and Cassidy series, book 1) by Nancy Ann Healy

FBI agent Alexis Toles is dispatched to New Rochelle, New York, to investigate threatening letters sent to Congressman O’Brien and to protect his ex-wife Cassidy and six-year-old son, Dylan. But when she gets to New Rochelle, Alex discovers that there is more to the situation than simple stalking or political agendas; she finds that she has growing romantic feelings for Cassidy—and that the feelings are mutual. While Alex and Cassidy explore their budding romance, the investigation continues, and the complicated web surrounding the threats begins to unravel, placing their lives in grave danger.

Available at:

Sawmill Springs_Gerri Hill_klein

Sawmill Springs by Gerri Hill

After a botched drug bust left a friend dead, homicide detective Mandi Murphy left Houston for peaceful Sawmill Springs. When things soured between FBI agent Kayla Dixon and her lover, she was ready for a change from the fast paced life she was living. Her father, the Police Chief in Sawmill Springs, offered her a job. Mere hours after she starts her first shift, a prominent citizen is gunned down. While the two women are trying to solve the murder, their attraction grows.

Available at:
Bella Books
Apple iTunes

Conflict of Interest_Jae_klein

Conflict of Interest (Portland Police Bureau series, book 1) by Jae

Detective Aiden Carlisle isn’t looking for love, especially not at a law enforcement seminar, but the first lecturer isn’t what she expected. After a failed relationship, psychologist Dawn Kinsley swore to never get involved with another cop, but she immediately feels a connection to Aiden. Can Aiden keep from crossing the line when Dawn becomes the victim of a brutal crime?

Available at:
Ylva Publishing
Apple iTunes

Don't Call Me Hero_Eliza Lentski_klein

Don’t Call Me Hero (Don’t Call Me Hero series, book 1) by Eliza Lentzski

It’s been over a year since Cassidy Miller retired from the United States Marine Corps, but transitioning back to civilian life isn’t easy after eight years in a war zone. Looking for a fresh start, she’s left Minneapolis to be a police officer in northern Minnesota. It’s in the tiny town of Embarrass where she learns more about Julia Desjardin. The city prosecutor is cool, professional, and untouchable. But she and Cassidy have history, and Cassidy isn’t going to let her forget that.

Available at:

Moment Weakness_KG MacGregor_klein

Moment of Weakness by KG MacGregor

Zann Redeker returns to Vermont a wounded war hero. Valiant, dashing—she’s the shining warrior Marleigh Anderhall always dreamed would sweep her off her feet. They have all they could ever want…a home they’ve built together and a love that grows stronger every day. It’s an idyllic life, until Zann discovers something that calls into question her very identity.

Available at:
Bella Books
Apple iTunes

Ask, Tell_E.J. Noyes_klein

Ask, Tell by E.J. Noyes

An innocent crush on your boss shouldn’t be an issue. Unless you’re an Army surgeon serving under ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ where it could get you fired, or worse. Captain Sabine Fleischer knows policy is only one of the reasons Colonel Rebecca Keane is off-limits, so she’s content with her private fantasies. When Sabine’s life is turned on its head, she’s surprised to find the Colonel by her side and wonders if fantasy might actually be reality.

Available at:
Bella Books
Apple iTunes

Show of Force_AJ Quinn_klein

Show of Force by AJ Quinn

When correspondent Tate McKenna broke her own rules and took navy pilot Lieutenant Commander Evan Kane home from an embassy dinner in Bahrain, she knew all the reasons why it wouldn’t work. Long, unpredictable work hours. Extended absences. The dangers inherent in their jobs. Yet after being with Evan once, it was inconceivable she wouldn’t be with her again.

Available at:
Bold Strokes Books
Apple iTunes

Rescue Me_Michelle Teichman_klein

Rescue Me by Michelle L. Teichman

Kristen Bailey of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police has it all figured out, until she meets Ashleigh Paige. Beautiful, naïve, and trusting, Ashleigh is the perfect lead for her case. Only she’s a paramedic, and in Toronto, EMTs and cops don’t mix, and the closer she gets to Ashleigh, the more the line between informant and intimate gets blurred.

Available at:
Ylva Publishing
Apple iTunes

If you haven’t done so already, download your bingo card, pick the book you want to read for the “women in uniform” square, and start reading! Remember that you can either read one of the 15 books listed above or pick another lesbian book with a woman in uniform as a main character.

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To be entered into the drawing, leave a comment and let us know which book you’re going to read for the “women in uniform” square or if you can think of other lesbian books that fit this category.

I’ll announce the winner of the audiobook on Thursday, January 11.

The reading list for the next bingo square will be posted on January 18. There’ll be another giveaway too!

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Happy reading!

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160 thoughts on “Women in uniform (Lesbian Book Bingo #1)”

  1. It is so hard to narrow this down to 15 books! So many didn’t make the list. Lucky fit, there’s a few I haven’t read yet! Keen to look at these books :-)

    • Initially, I started out wanting to choose 10 books per list, but it was heart-breaking to have to exclude so many great books, so I upped it to 15 books. Even though, we’re in the lucky situation that there are so many lesbian books now that I couldn’t include them all. This should be a great start, though!

  2. Made a lucky guess and picked WIU and chose Relic as I had not read it. On page 103 now. Saw the list today and out the 15 titles I have only read ‘Conflict of Interest’ (which was a fantastic read of course) I confess I haven’t heard of most of the books, so very glad I signed up to discover these books.

  3. Thank you so much Jae for including my book, ‘Relic’, in this amazing list. I’m not trying to enter to win anything here…count me out of that part. Just checking out the books and seeing a few I haven’t read. Thanks again!

  4. I’ve read most on this list. I need to read Cade’s and Michelle’s. Though I did already slot a Radclyffe for the women in uniform slot.

  5. I did not read any of these books but I sure will some day. For this Bingo panel I have to choose between “Conflict of interest” (which is patientely waiting on my kindle since 2016) or “Ask, tell” (which I need to buy). Not sure yet what will make it on the bingo card. :-)

  6. I can attest that this is a great lineup :) of books. Only three I haven’t read and will put them on my list. Great contest and looking forward to the rest of your suggested reading lists.

  7. POSTING FOR SHARON ROOTS: Just tried to leave a comment on the blog and it keeps coming back error. I was trying to add Silver Wings by HP Munro for this square. It’s set mostly in WW2 and has made me cry. A great read. Just finished it. I’m now going to try some of those on the list. Thank you for setting this up.

  8. I love Erica Abbott, so since her book is the first one listed and somehow it’s one I haven’t read, it’s the one! Though all the others will be added to my exhaustively long to read list. This is gonna be fun. Great idea!

  9. Ask, Tell if fantastic!! Can’t wait for book 2 to come out. Also, Hagin’s 3 books series is tough to read at times but really well done.

  10. Being a former military member, this is one of my favorite catogories. There are so many great books out there. Have already read many of those listed. I will start this off with Strong by Natalie Debrabandere. Will work my way through the list. Thanks for great suggestions and for a really fun way to read through a year.

  11. I happen to be reading Conflict of Interest at the moment, so I’m on my way! It’s a great read so far. And I can see several others in the list I’ll want to read in the future.

  12. I’ve read a couple in this list. There are a couple I haven’t heard of before so now I have more to add to my growing list of ‘to read’. :) I am going to go with Strong by Natalie Debrabandere. A new to me author

  13. I’ve read a few of the books on the list but I need to add the ones that I haven’t to my to read list. The first two books I’ve read since the new year started could fall into this category-A More Perfect Union by Carson Taite and Captain’s Choice by VK Powell.

  14. I think I’m gonna reread Blue Skies by Ali Vali, it has been a couple years since I’ve read it so it will fun and enjoyable to do so.

  15. Great list, thank you for the recommendations. I haven’t read any of these! I would also like to suggest Wendy of the Wollops for the Women in Uniform category. As I am currently reading this it fits in nicely. Happy Reading All!

  16. What a great first list. I have read about 5 books on the list but am glad to find some suggestions I have not heard of. For my first bingo card I will read ‘Ask, tell’ and ‘Relic’ will be my choice for my second bingo card. this bingo is so much fun, I am really looking forward to all the suggestions you do. Thanks, Jae!

  17. I recently got a haul of Radclyffe books so I will chose one of those.

    Not sure if she would be considered a “main character” for the sake of this bingo challenge but one of my favorite lesbians in uniform is Lucy Farinelli, a character in Patricia Cornwell’s Scarlett’s series. Not to spoil anything but she has worked for a few federal agencies over the years including the FBI. I started reading this series a few years ago and am about halfway through now, but she still publishes 1-2 a year so I might never catch up!

  18. I usually gravitate towards military stories, but I think I am going to try law enforcement for this one. Trying to decide between Sawmill Springs and Hunter’s Way by Gerri Hill.

  19. That’s a great books list of books, I’ve read a few already and I have at least 4 on my kindle, so now is the time to read them.

  20. Honestly, I love reading so much I have to remind myself to do something else from time to time. Otherwise I’d by stuck with my nose in a book not doing anything useful. That’s why I set my reading challenge to 60 books this year. Not with the goal of reaching this number but with the goal of not exceeding it instead. However, my New Year’s resolution is very close to being forgotten because in addition to the 120 or so books waitng in my to-read list, I get 375 more from these lists. My school and job be damned and count me in :D for this one I’ll be probably going with Don’t Call Me a Hero since my eyes were set on that book for a while now. Can’t wait for the next list :)

  21. So many new titles to check out! (I’ve only read “Conflict of Interest” and “Don’t call me a hero” on that list). I think I’m going to re-read “Taking Fire” by Radclyffe for this square because that’s what I feel like. :)

  22. I will be reading Sawmill Springs by Gerri Hill. Thanks for the great suggestions. I am going to keep a list of all of your suggestions throughout the year for future use. Very excited about all of this! Thank you again, Jae, for all of your time and energy to put the bingo game together for us!

  23. First I’m going to start with Fragmentally Blue, then Long Way Home and Rescue Me.
    I have already read Conflict of Interest, Officer Down and Intersection and can highly recommend all 3 of them.
    I think I have read Ask, Tell but obviously if I have I need to read it again because I’m not sure

  24. I have so many books waiting on my kindle I’m sure I already have one for each category! Lol . For this square I’m going with “Officer Down” by Erin Dutton. Thanks again Jae for putting this together and also thanks to the authors and publishers who are participating.

  25. Greetings!
    Read Morelville, now reading the whole series lol. I have Conflict of Interest to read after. This bingo is great.

  26. I’ve read 6 of the books and I have 4 of the books on iPad to read. One is on my list to get and it looks like 4 more on going on my list to get! Thank you for putting the books alphabetically by author’s surname.

  27. The Rainey Bell series by R.E. Bradshaw; Sizzle by Kat Evans; The Killing Ground by Syd Parker; and The Chronicles of Alsea series by Fletcher DeLancey are just a few I’d suggest. Tried to pick out authors that hadn’t been named yet!

  28. I think that I’ll probably be reading Sawmill Springs by Hill, I’ve read a ton of the others on that list and they are all really good.

    Gerri Hill also has what I think is a really good series that starts with Hunter’s Way and then In the Name of the Father. Great books!!

    (Now to make a new folder on Instapaper and save this for future reference on there too :D)

    • You should read Gerri Hill’s Partners too it includes Tori and Sam from Hunter’s Way and In the Name of the Father as well as a few new characters and then Angel Fire which has all of them again! I love Gerri Hill! P.S. Keeper’s of the Cave is great too!

  29. Great selection, I’ve read a few but will try pick a new one from each selection, this time it will be Sawmill Springs by Gerri Hill.

  30. That is a great list. I got The Long Way Home. Looking forward to reading some of these great books over again and finding some new ones.

  31. Fantastic list ,read almost all of these. Off to buy Gerri Hill.
    Other suggestions – one of my favourites from last year was Julie Tizard- the road to wings and really enjoyed the We go series by Sherryl d. Hancock so many uniforms ;). Dear Taylor by Eija Jimenez. Mounted series by Karis Walsh too.

  32. I couldn’t find any of the books on the list at my local library today and I don’t have time to wait for the ones currently checked out, so for this square I’m going to read The Caphenon by Fletcher DeLancey! It could also count as sci-fi, but I already know another book I want to read that would fit there and this one looks like it’ll have some awesome women in uniform. I’m super excited to read it!!

  33. As an Air Force veteran, I was hoping to pick a military story, but I ended up narrowing it down to two police stories. I am going to read Fragmentary Blue by Erica Abbott or Sawmill Springs by Gerri Hill.

    I also have a couple of recommendations that did not make the list:

    Calm Before the Storm by Peggy J. Herring
    In the Company of Women by Kate Christie

    It’s not fiction, but Serving in Silence by Margarethe Cammermeyer is also worth reading even if you have scene the movie.

  34. Jae, thanks for putting this together. I’ll read Ask,Tell as soon as I finish Her Hometown Girl. I enjoyed Love At First Write on a train going to visit the family for Christmas.

  35. I just downloaded Strong by Natalie Debrabandere on your recommendation so thank you. But for this challenge I am going to read Strictly Need to Know – A Maji Rios Novel by MB Austin

  36. I had planned to read a Radclyffe book for this square, her being my “go to” for women in uniform. But I actually just got Rescue Me by Michelle L. Teichman so I think that is going to be my book of choice. Thanks for this interesting twist on the reading challenge. Such a fun way to read books and find new authors to enjoy.

  37. No Strings by Gerri Hill is a great read and fits this category. I think I will read your suggestion of Sawmill Springs by Hill.

  38. I’m also going to try Anne Hagan’s Relic. I’ve heard good things about the whole Morelleville series. I’d also add an older book, Thin Fire by Nanci Little to the list. Really accurate picture of military life for women in the 1990’s and an excellent story.

  39. I’ve got a bunch of Women in Uniform books on my to-read list, including E.J. Noyes’ Ask, Tell and KG MacGregor’s Moment of Weakness. Also planning to read the second sequel to Don’t Call Me a Hero (Cold-Blooded Lover), In the Company of Women, by Kate Christie, and the Mounting books by Karis Walsh. Not sure which one will claim the bingo square for this category, but I’ll end up reading all of them sometime this year so it doesn’t matter much ^_^

  40. Loved “Flowers from Iraq” by Sunny Alexander and an oldie but one I do re-read is Evelyn Kennedy’s “Of Love & Glory”. This time I will read Strong by Natalie Debrabandere.

  41. I have finished 3 books since the new year. For this category I have chosen a book called captains choice by VK Powell. Awesome

  42. One of my favourite categories! I have only read a handful of these so looking forward to reading the rest! Not to suck up but I think I’m going to read Jae’s for this square (because I love her others)…!

  43. Thanks for creating this Jae. I love Eliza Lentzski’s Don’t Call Me A Hero series, Gerri Hill’s Sawmill Springs and EJ Noyes’ Ask, Tell. How can I forget your Portland series too!

  44. I finished fragmentary blue for the bingo, but I will definitely read some others from the list that I haven’t read yet. But first I’m going to find books in the other categories to fill my card.

  45. Thank you for Lesbian Bingo saving “us” in the U.S. from Trumpism idioms. I am reading Relic by Anne Hagan I have the ebook(s).

  46. I think I will be reading “ Ask, tell“. Finished “Turbulence“ from the same author yesterday and it was a fantastic read. Come to think of it, one of the main characters there was a pilot, who also wore a uniform while flying her boss (the other main character) around for workmeetings :-).

  47. Oh this is such a great idea, also love the fact that I will be introduced to so many lesbian book authors – I tend to stick to the tried and tested authors and find the list a great help in choosing new authors to read. Think I am going to have to borrow this book bingo idea to get the kids to read more books. Thanks. Difficult choice but I am going with either Moment of weakness or Rescue me – maybe both!

  48. I have two of these on my bookshelf upstairs. Moment of Weakness was fine. Conflict of Interest is one I’ve re-read many times (I had even read it 2 or 3 times back when it was unpublished in its fanfic form). Love it and its sequel!

    I decided to download Intersection – it’s on Kindle Unlimited, which was a good discovery.

    The P-Town books by Radclyffe would be perfect. Just read Safe Harbor again, book 1, and Reese Conlon in her uniform is 12/10. It could also go in the Doctors/Vets square.

    Thanks Jae; this bingo is a fun idea!

  49. So many titles to choose from and more to add to my ever growing pile of reading.
    I wonder if the book I just finished would count for this category (Secrets and Shadows by LT Marie); one of the main characters was military but is no longer in active service and works as a bodyguard. Does that count Jae or do the women need to be actively in military service/uniform in the story? If not it can be my choice for the free choice on the bingo card.
    Thanks for running this too and you can leave my name out for the audiobook draw for this round.

    • I’m pretty generous in what counts as a “woman in uniform,” so sure, you can use that book for this square. I heard someone suggest “Battlescars” by Meghan O’Brien too, which is also about a woman who’s no longer in the military.

  50. Oh I’ve been holding on to Relic for awhile. Guess it’s time to bring it out!

    This is going to give me so many ideas for books. Thank you so much!

  51. Ok, let’s get this started!
    Fragmentary Blue (Alex/CJ series, book 1) by Erica Abbott will be the first book of the challenge for me.

  52. I’m not sure which book I’ll end up putting in the square but I do have a few additions for the list and a couple are my favorite lesfic books! The first is T Novan and Taylor Rickard’s Words Heard in Silence, (a historical romance during the civil war but definitely includes military personnel, since one of the main characters is a Northern Colonel), the second is Roselle Graskey’s Life’s Little Edge (somewhat of a military mystery with romance and some eroticism thrown in) and my last recommendation is for the first lesfic I found and read years ago but still holds a place in my heart, Radclyffe’s Honor Series. (this primarily involves the secret service and their protection of the First Daughter and how the interaction between the lead officer and the FD plays out. It includes some pretty hot sex scenes and nice romance along with some drama and mystery thrown in.) I can think of so many more but I guess I’ll stop there unless anyone wants more suggestions.
    Take care all and thanks so much Jae for doing this! Big hugs, k

  53. Right, I’ve decided to try the Erin Dutton one – I love the fact that the two main characters aren’t in the regular police role of detective, so I’m intrigued by the idea of the story being told from the backroom staff point of view. Great list overall, too, Jae – nice start!

  54. I’ll be reading Fragmentary Blue, which I downloaded two weeks ago. Good thing I didn’t read it yet. I have already read 9 of the others on your list. This “Bingo” is definitely going to get me to read other genres that I haven’t wanted to read. Looking forward to the challenges. As you stated in a post, I just might fill 2-4 of those bingo cards…I love to read!

  55. I read Ask, Tell by E.J.Noyles. It is wonderfull, has a nice pace and a rich story.
    Recommand also the Provencetown tales by Radclyffe.

  56. I was right in the middle of listening to Karis Walsh’s Mounted Police series, but the last book, Amounting to Nothing was the only one I wholly listened to after the New Year, so that’s my square’s title. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

  57. I own 2 of these. Ask Tell and Moment of Weakness. I’ll definitely be reading one of those. Or both by the end of the year! I have such a surplus of books I need to catch up on. Love this Lesbian Book Bingo! It’s right up my alley!

  58. This is going to be great fun. Not sure what I’ll pick for this category yet but I read Carsten Taite – A Perfect Union and VK Powell- Captain’s Choice this week. A couple more good ones for this category are: Lynette Mae – Faithful Service, Silent Hearts; Andrea Bramhall – Collide-a-Scope; S M Harding – I Will Meet You There; Lori L Lake’s Gun Series.

  59. POSTING FOR DEBBY: Anne Marie Mammaro and Debby Ladiges are reading Relic by Anne Hagan for book bingo. Taking down the walls between publisher’s and lifting up each other’s works is the best unifying state of grace and a terrific way to begin the New Year! Thank You for for coming up with a stunning creative idea and sharing!

  60. I love reading about Women in uniform. I am a big Gerri Hill fan, but Ask, Tell by E.J. Noyes pulled my strings with its’ Synopsis so that’s what i’ll be reading for this category.

  61. I’m reading Amounting to Nothing by Karis Walsh. Ot’s one of a series of books about a mounted police unit. What’s not to love women in jodhpurs, horses and a mystery to solve.

  62. I emailed my Bingo card to Jae. There is way to many Books to choose from. One of my Favorite was Long way Home. However it did come with some triggers.
    I am looking forward to filling up the rest of my card.

  63. Under “Women In Uniform,” just read “Ask, Tell” by E.J. Noyes. BRILLIANT BOOK!!! Defo a re-read for me! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
    Other books under this bingo category that I’d recommend is Jae’s Portland Bureau Series (especially “Next Of Kin!”), KD Williamson’s Cops & Docs Series (especially “Blurred Lines” & “Crossing Lines”!) Radclyffe’s Justice Series (ALL of them!) & Honor Series (ALL), Meghan O’Brien’s “Battle Scars,” & Gerri Hill’s Hunter Series.
    I promise you, these books won’t disappoint! :) Thrills, romance, humour, erotica & most of all….FUN to read & re-read!! :)

  64. Don’t know how to fill out the bingo card, and if I never figure out, I want you to know I read Sawmill Springs by Gerri Hill and thank you for introducing me to another great author. Thinking, I’ll be reading more of her

  65. I read Strong by Natalie Debrabandere. I was shocked at how many things it brought up for me that I didn’t realize I was still holding onto from my short time in the Marine Corps. I’m actually really hesitant to read any other active duty military related books for now because of it. I will come back to them though. It was just really intense.

    So thank you for this challenge, for introducing new books to me, and I’m looking forward to new lists soon. I have 9 squares filled already but no bingos. Science fiction is really holding me up, which is funny since I have read sci fi in the past. Why can’t there be a good queer star wars book? Then I’d be set! :-D

    • Have you read Fletcher DeLancey’s Chronicles of Alsea series? By the way, dystopian/post-apocalyptic also counts as sci-fi, if you are more in the mood for a book like that.

  66. First of all – thanks for the list. I cannot narrow it down to one, so I will be reading both Ask Tel by E.J.Noyes and Don’t call me hero by Eliza Lentzski

  67. I just re-read Relic by Anne Hagan in December, so I read Don’t Call Me Hero by Eliza Lentzski for Women in Uniform.

    As stated in a tweet earlier, I re-read Betrayal by Nancy Ann Healy for Romantic Suspense and Mystery

    Thanks for this…looking forward to branching out into unusual categories!

  68. So my first comment was a little garbled, I blame autocorrect. I am reading my first book in the Woman In Uniform cat and happens to be yours and geez it’s intense, a real page turner.

  69. I think I’m going to go with Sawmill Springs or Relic when I’m done with the current book I’m reading. Would a chef be considered a woman in uniform? I’m currently reading Touch by Kris Bryant.

    • Well, it’s kind of a uniform, but it doesn’t really fit the category. But “Touch” would fit the sports romance square, wouldn’t it?

  70. Wow!! So many choices!!! I’m going to go with one I haven’t read yet Strong – but this does remind me to go back and read so many others!! Leaving for Europe in 2 days! Need to stock up for the flights! 😊

  71. I read Ask, Tell by EJ Noyes and wound up finding a new favorite author. The book was great! I’m really excited about this lesbian book bingo. Thanks again for doing this. Such a great idea.

  72. I just finished reading another book and was searching for a new one to start. This list gave me some ideas of what to read next. Some are already waiting on my ereader.

  73. I’ll definitely be adding some of these to my tbr pile but I’ll start with sawmill springs by Gerri Hill as it’s been in the pile for a while.

  74. This is such a fun idea! I just finished Officer Down by Erin Dutton. I love all the suggestion but I think the wait between lists will be excruciating, lol.

  75. That is a such a great idea…. Many of the suggestions look great I can’t wait to try them and others I already read. I put Hearts like hers but Melissa Brayden in the square for now – it’s about a firefighter… would that count? I’m not quite sure…

  76. I picked Whatever Gods May Be by Sophia Kell Hagin from the list and finished it yesterday. This book is fantastic with such a strong main character (Jamie). Have already bought book 2 and may have finished that today😉…..turns out there is also a third book in the series 😀.
    Thank you Jae for putting these lists together – would have missed this authors books otherwise.

  77. I re-read :
    -Ask Tell by E.J.Noyes
    -Don’t call me..Eliza Lentzskii
    -Fragmentary… Erica Abbottt
    – Conflict… by Jae
    – Force…by AJ Quinn

    -Captains Choice by VK Powell
    – Trauma Alert…Radclyffe
    – Actual Stop…Kara Mcleod
    -Blurred Lines..KD Williamson
    – Perfect Union..Carsen Taite

    ….lots more 😁😁

  78. Thanks for the tip-off about “Close Enough to Touch” by Cade Brogan being available as an audiobook (I just downloaded it and it will be my book for this square). Is there any chance you can make a note of those that are available as audiobooks for future categories? Thanks for all of the great book ideas!

  79. I already read Ask, Tell by E.J.Noyes, Hero by Ronni Meyrick and both of your Portland Police Bureau Series novels. I also loved Souls’ Rescue by Pat Cronin, Beyond Instinct by Lynn Ames and After the Fire by Emily Smith. There are so many fantastic books out there, I don’t where to start.
    Thank you for this magnificent bingo game, that is starting to become an addiction. I love it :)

  80. Definitely a list of good options some I have already read and others I will have to come back to. I recently bought Dear Taylor by Eija Jimenez so I think I’ll go with that.

  81. Relic has been in my to-read queue for quite some time, so I’ll read that. I think I’ll read Strong too, since it’s on Kindle Unlimited

  82. This looks fun! I started Sawmill Springs today. It’s been one that keeps coming up in the recommended list in Amazon. So far so good! Happy reading everyone :)

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