Jae, killer of computer mice

dead mouseMy computer mouse went to the Eternal Hunting Grounds yesterday, joining half a dozen other mice that I killed over the last two years. Or is it “mouses” when speaking about devices for computers?

Anyway, I used my laptop mouse for the rest of the day, but it’s too small for my liking and my wrist started to hurt within a few minutes.

I prefer a big mouse that I can rest my hand on—like the Logitech Performance Mouse MX or the Logitech G500. These were perfect for my hand, but sadly, they never last very long.

vertical mouseSo I went hunting for a new mouse, but all the reviews for mice that looked as if they might work for me didn’t sound very convincing.

Finally, I decided to try out a vertical mouse. I never had one of those before, but I thought now that I write full time and spend even more time on a computer, it’s worth a try.

I’ll let you know how we get along.

Does this mouse-killing thing happen to anyone else who works on the computer a lot? And what kind of mouse do you use? Does anyone have a recommendation? Has anyone ever used a vertical one–and if you did, how did it work for you?

Thanks and have a nice weekend, everyone!

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4 thoughts on “Jae, killer of computer mice”

  1. I’ve got a Logitech G5 that I’ve beat up for years and it still won’t die. It has adjustable weight to it, ie, you can add weight to have it give a more solid feel, or take it away and lighten the load. It’s a gaming mouse and dang near indestructable.

    • Sounds good. I used the G500 (the G5’s successor, I think) for about a year, but now had to retire it because the left mouse button didn’t work anymore. I hear a lot of people had the same problem. I will look into the G5, though. Does Logitech still make it?

  2. Jae, I use a mac and the apple Magic Mouse works fine for me but would not be suitable for what you want. I do love my mac mouse though.

  3. My wife and I like the G500 and never had a problem with the buttons. We got lucky with ours, I suppose. I have been a Razer customer for many years and got their Naga two years ago for using with gaming and as a side tool while drawing. Aside from sometimes needing to reconnect the USB plug from time to time when booting Windows 7 — a problem which only happens with older Nagas like mine if the Razer message boards are to be believed — it is a very reliable and versatile mouse. It features a ten-key setup (12 buttons, total) for your thumb. three for your index finger, and two for your middle finger. All buttons are fully (seriously!) customizable, so any command, such as ‘cut’ and ‘paste’, operations, like ‘play the next song’ and ‘open/close an application’ can all be done from your mouse. It is as tall as the G500 and just as long, too. This curvy mouse slopes away in the front much quicker, though, and is contoured nicely to fit a relaxed hand.

    I think the best best is to head out to Saturn and see if they have a stretch of mice on display for you to handle. After all, the darn thing needs to suit your unique hand and usage needs – not some anonymous stranger’s opinion that is around 9200 kilometers away. I don’t recall Saturn having a selection of mice on display to play with like Fry’s Electronics does here in the US, but that may have changed, since the last time I was in München was fourteen and a half years ago. 8^}

    Happy mouse hunting!


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