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Solve the Jae crossword puzzle and win an ebook of your choice

Jae crossword puzzle


Sharpen your pencils and your minds: It’s International Crossword Puzzle Day—a great opportunity to prepare for the upcoming F/F Fiction Crossword Challenge, which will start on January 1.

To help you prepare, I came up with a “Jae” crossword puzzle. Some of the clues are a bit challenging, but I’m confident that most of you will be able to solve it.

Pro tip: You’ll find the answers to most clues on various pages of my website, including the FAQs.


Win an ebook of your choice!

To make it even more interesting, I’ll turn the crossword puzzle into a contest:

The first three people to send me the solution word will get one of my books in ebook format, winner’s choice. Once you solve the puzzle, please send me the solution via email.


The clues

Here are the clues for the crossword puzzle:

  1. In what city does Jae live?
  2. How many novels in English has Jae published so far?
  3. What was Jae’s previous day job?
  4. What is Jae’s native language?
  5. How old was Jae when she started writing?
  6. What was the first book Jae published?
  7. What is Jae’s birthday month?
  8. Which publishing house does Jae publish with?
  9. What’s the title of the first contemporary romance (not romantic suspense) Jae published?
  10. Which of Jae’s novels has a character that is named after her twin sister?
  11. Which supporting character from the shape-shifter series will get her own book in the future?
  12. In which Jae novel does Christine from “The Midnight Couch” make an appearance?
  13. With what publishing house did Jae publish her first book?
  14. Which of Jae’s books won a GCLS Literary Award, an IPPY Award, an eLit Award, and a Rainbow Award?
  15. What geeky items does Jae collect?
  16. What’s the most difficult part of each book for Jae?
  17. What genre would Jae like to try in the future?
  18. What short story is available for free on Jae’s website?
  19. What is Jae’s favorite ice cream flavor?
  20. Which of Jae’s novels is also available in Italian?


The crossword puzzle

And here’s the crossword puzzle. If you’d like to print it out, you can download the PDF here.

Jae Crossword Puzzle

For each clue, you fill in the white squares with letters, forming words or phrases either horizontally or vertically.  The black squares separate words from each other. The gray squares give you the letters for the solution word, which you’ll find below the crossword grid.

I hope you’ll have fun solving it!


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