Interview & giveaway with award-winning lesbian romance author Radclyffe

Interview with lesbian romance author Radclyffe


Are you ready for another interview with a fellow lesbian romance author? This week’s guest doesn’t really need an introduction because I think most of you are already familiar with her work. Radclyffe is not only one of the most popular authors of lesbian romance novels, but also one of the most prolific. Radclyffe will publish her 63rd novel, Cost of Honor, next month!

She is giving away an ebook copy of one of her novels—winner’s choice—so don’t miss the giveaway at the end of this post!


Welcome, Radclyffe. Please tell us a little about your upcoming release, Cost of Honor.

Cost of Honor is the 11th book in the Honor series, which begins with Above All, Honor. The series began as a romance between the first daughter of the United President of the United States, Blair Powell, and the chief of her security detail, Secret Service Agent Cameron Roberts. Over the years, each of the ensuing novels has featured a new romance as well as an intrigue arc and appearances from the growing cast of characters. The series arc loosely follows the development of Cam and Blair’s relationship in parallel with the progression of the issues that face the country and the president. Blair and Cam are personally involved in each crisis/conflict/threat because of their central role in the national affairs. Each novel also presents a new romance as well as following the lives of the central characters. In that way, each new novek can be read individually as a standalone romantic intrigue without having read the previous ones. There’s a little backstory at the beginning of each one to help orient readers who have forgotten previous books or have never read them. Cost of Honor is set just prior to Blair’s father’s re-election nominating convention and involves a potential threat to key characters. Anything more than that would be spoilers :-). The major story arcs involve political intrigue, terrorist plots, and a new romance between a Secret Service agent and a member of the president’s inner circle.


I heard Cost of Honor includes crossovers with your Justice series and possibly another one of your popular series. With so many different series, how do you keep your characters straight (no pun intended) and keep track of little details such as eye color or backstory facts that have been established in earlier books?

Because much of the story in Cost of Honor is set in Philadelphia where I have also set a number of other ongoing series, particularly the Justice series which features an interesting cast of characters who are law enforcement agents of one type or another, it occurred to me to cross the two series over because in real life, these characters in this situation might actually have been working together. Like most people who write series, I have a big Excel sheet with character names, attributes, and other identifying characteristics to remind me of some of the specifics when I add a new book to the series. I don’t actually have any trouble keeping the character voices or personalities straight in my mind, as they all are individuals to me, but I do sometimes forget hair or eye coloring 😊.


In your spring release, Love to the Rescue, aside from the romance between Brody and Val, you pick up the story of Blake, Abby’s son, who has been introduced in book 2 of the Rivers Family series and has been very popular with readers. How did you approach writing a trans teen character?

Blake Remy first appeared, as you noted, in Prescription for Love, the second book in the Rivers Community small town/medical romance series, and has appeared in each of the subsequent three books. When I decided to write his character, what I really wanted to write about was the impact on him and his family dealing with the complex physical, emotional, psychological, and social aspects of the gender affirmation process. I was familiar with many of the medical aspects and procedures because of my background in surgery, and as I thought that would be interesting to readers I have included a fair amount of detail about Blake’s decisions regarding hormones and surgery, but what I felt was even more important was to try to fairly represent the other aspects with which I was less familiar. We talk all the time about authenticity in character development and how to go about achieving that. I chose to use YouTube videos posted by transgender teens who documented their experience. There’s a wealth of first-hand, first-person information with some very honest and graphic depictions of what it means to go through this process–to make the choice, to endure the waiting, to celebrate the claiming of self/identity and deal with the social bias and often familial censure that results. I think the bottom line when approaching authenticity in fiction is to get as close to those who have actually experienced what we’re writing about as possible, however that is achievable for the author—either through first-hand conversation, biographies, memoirs, or personal revelations like those I’ve mentioned.


For the very unlikely case that some of our readers haven’t read any of your work before, what would be a good book to start with?

Readers always recommend Fated Love when I ask them this question. This is a romance between two doctors, one of whom is a widow with a child, and is one of my firs “extended family” novels featuring a network of friends and family who appear in later books as well. While it is certainly is one of my favorites, although I don’t know that it’s absolutely exemplary, as I’ve written character-driven romances, medical romances, romantic intrigue, romantic police procedurals, erotic romances, and paranormal romance. Considering those areas, I would recommend Fated Love; Against Doctor’s Orders; Above All, Honor; Shield of Justice; Shadowland; and The Midnight Hunt as introductions to those various sub-genres,


If I counted correctly, you have written and published a total of 63 novels (including 7 paranormal romances that you published as LL Raand). From your first novel, Safe Harbor, which was published in 2001, to the latest, Cost of Honor, how has your writing process changed and what has stayed the same?

When I first  began writing I wrote longhand and my manuscripts were typed by some of my close friends. I’m not much of a typist, and it takes me forever to do it myself. As you may know, the first eight original novels that I wrote, including Safe Harbor, were written quite a number of years before they were actually published because I hadn’t anticipated publishing anything. Once I did begin writing more consistently, just before Safe Harbor was published, I began using voice-to-text dictation software which I still now use. I write a little bit more slowly now than I did at the very beginning, and I think part of that is because I’ve gotten better at self-editing and end up with cleaner, more solid second drafts by the time it goes to an editor. The process itself, in terms of how I decide what to write, hasn’t changed very much at all. I always start with characters and conflict in a situation that interests me. What begins as a few sentences in my mind evolves into the story as I put the characters together and explore the conflict. I pretty consistently write 7500 words a week and start at page one and write until it’s finished. I never write out of sequence, I don’t write more than one book at a time (although I will write short stories while writing a novel), and I don’t think about the next book until I’m done with the one I’m working on. A novel grows organically whether we plot or not, and part of that growth occurs as we immerse ourselves consciously or unconsciously in the world we are creating.


I heard you dictate your first drafts instead of using a keyboard or pen. How do you think that influences your writing?

I think dictation, which comes very naturally to me after years of dictating everything in my medical career, produces a much more fluid work more quickly. People often ask me about dictating and whether they should try it, and my answer has always been that if dictation is not something you’re familiar with, it will take quite a while to make the switch from mind-to-hand, as in writing or typing what one envisions, to speaking what one envisions into a microphone or recorder. The process, the way I do it, includes dictating paragraphs, punctuation, and formatting, so that when the file is transcribed, it looks exactly like a typed manuscript.


Could you name one thing that is on your personal bucket list?

From a personal point of view, the one big thing on my bucket list is to travel to the Galapagos to see the great turtles.


I know readers on Facebook are always eager for an update on the chickens on your farm. If hens could talk, what would be the first thing they say to you?

LOL. They would say that I worry too  much :-).  Chickens are very funny and very pretty and very interesting to watch, but they’re fragile creatures, and they get hurt easily. They also have a strict hierarchy and tend to injure each other physically, so they need close watching. I make “bird rounds” morning and night, and I often have one receiving some kind of medical care. We actually have a space set out as an infirmary in the tack room for injured birds (and cats on occasion).


Since you are both an author and a publisher, I imagine your schedule must be pretty busy. Do you have time to read? If you do, what are your favorite books with lesbian or women-loving main characters?

I do have time to read, but never enough. My personal favorites are paranormals, because I find the freedom in world building, sexual and gender identities, and relationships when we write outside strictly “human” boundaries to be very exciting. I also like romantic intrigues with women in positions of command, which pretty much covers most military and law enforcement sub-genres.


When’s your next book coming out, and what are you working on right now?

The next edition in the River series, Love on the Night Shift, will be out late spring 2020. As of this writing, I may be doing a novella in between, but haven’t made a final decision on that.


Where can readers find out more about you and your books?

Readers can find information about my books on my personal website, (which includes chronological lists of my various series), blurbs and sample excerpts of all of my titles on our publisher’s website, and updates and info about my travels, events, and new books on

Thanks for the opportunity to participate in your blog posts!


Book giveaway

Radclyffe is graciously giving away an e-book copy of one of her novels—winner’s choice! You can pick any of Radclyffe’s novels.

Anyone can enter. To be entered into the drawing, leave a comment on this blog post.

Entries close on Thursday, October 31, 2019, 9 a.m. CET, when I’ll draw the winners using a random numbers generator. I’ll notify winners via email. Your email address won’t be used for any other purpose.

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128 thoughts on “Interview & giveaway with award-winning lesbian romance author Radclyffe”

  1. Hi Ladies

    Thanks for sharing this interesting interview with us.

    OK … 63 novels in 18 years (add to them all the short stories which have been released), that’s impressive !!!
    My 2 favorite Rad novels are still, nowadays, “Tomorrow’s Promise” & “Love’s Melody Lost”

    About the giveaway : Good luck everyone !!

    • I have read several of Radclyffe’s books and loved them all, can’t wait to read all of them and the new ones that keep coming out!

  2. I love the LL Rand series. I did not know Radcliffe had written so many books in the Honor series or the Justice series past the books that I have already read. Will look up the series. Wonderful reading the interview.

  3. I’ve read most of Rad’s books and have loved every one I’ve read. My all time favorite is Fated Love. I’ve recommended it so many times when I start to type the name my auto pop finishes it for me. 😊 And Radclyffe is very sweet in person. I had the honor of meeting her at the convention in New Orleans in 2018. Keep on writing and I’ll keep on devouring your books! I can’t wait for the next River Series book to come out also! My intro to Rad’s books was the awesome Honor Series. Chomping at the bit to read that one too!

  4. I have yet to read a Radclyffe or L.L. Rand novel.
    She was well spoken in the interview so I am interested in checking out one of her books now. Thanks.

  5. Radclyffe was the first author I read in the lesbian romance genre. Love all her books and can’t wait for the new honor series book.

  6. I just love Radclyffe’s books. The first one I read was Fated Love and I was hooked. My favorites are the Honor series, Love’s Melody Lost, and Passion’s Bright Fury

  7. I CANT WAIT!!! All of Radcliffe’s books are good. I really cant give you a favorite series.. or stand alone… I just know I have to own them all. :)
    If i win i would love the new Honor book. I cant wait to find out what’s been going on with Cam and Blair.

  8. 63rd novel, wow I think I’ve read half of them. That’s shows how big my to be read list is. Still honor series is one of my rereads, it’s just fantastic. Thank you for what you do.

  9. Radclyffe is one of the authors that when something is announced, I’m excited about it and don’t care what the books about and I already love it lol

  10. I just wanted to say thank you to Radclyffe. I had no idea lesfic was a thing until I stumbled across Oath of Honor. My life completely changed!! It opened up a whole new world and since then I have read and left reviews for more than 500 books! I have made dozens of new friends, joined a book group and my life is so much less lonely and I am less isolated. So, Thank you for giving me a new lease on life! If you ever doubt you make a difference, KNOW that you do!!!

  11. Fated Love is still among my most fav romances – I own a reading copy, a signed by Radclyffe copy and a copy on my ereader (just to make sure I have my comfort reading always close by) :::)))) And the Provincetown and Honour-series as well as the paranormal series are other favourites ….. so keep them coming ::))

  12. Fantastic interview, as always. I love everything Radclyffe has done so far and still have a lot down on my to read list. Can’t wait for more!

  13. Yeah, Fated Love *sigh*. One of the first books with lesbian characters I found – via my library’s ebook system. Great book!!

  14. I’m actually really motivated right now to pick up the River series to see the details for the Blake character. That was really intriguing to add in your personal medical knowledge to what appears to be a debated topic in our community. Thanks for taking on that challenge and sharing it with your readers.

  15. Rad was the first lesbian fiction author I discovered (online via fan fic back in college!), and has stayed a favorite author of mine. I love her series, and yay! another cross-over!! I love revisiting old friends. A spreadsheet to keep details straight sounds like something I would do, as well. :) Thanks, Rad and Jae for the interview!

  16. I have enjoyed rad’s writing since the early 2000s when i had to travel to Vancouver BC from Cold Lake AB and three sisters bookstore to find her books. Fast forward a few years and through the internet have found the BSB website (having first found Bella Books) and now i try to get all my books from author sites or publishers to ensure our great writers get the best piece of my book buying money. Thank you Rad for both your books and the work you do to bring us more lgbt writers!

  17. I haven’t read any of Radclyffe’s novels yet, but I’m very tempted now to start doing so! I am particularly curious about the Justice series, as I love Justice movies as well.
    Many greetings to Radclyffe from Joan in Munich.

  18. I have read a good many of Radclyffe’s books and can rate her on my top 3 favorite authors.
    I particularly like the First Responder series and my fave out of the 63 is Love’s Masquerade but The Rivers series and Night Call are a very, very, close second.

  19. Awesome interview. I love the idea of dictating a novel and having it come out “all done” ( so to speak….I know that’s not exactly what was said!).

    If I win, I’d love a copy of Fated Love!

  20. What a wonderful peek into an author’s writing process that includes speech to text technology. Great interview between two prolific and accomplished writers. Kudos to you both.

  21. I’m so excited for the new books coming out! I love Radclyffe! I’m kinda wondering what her favorites are in the paranormal genre…

    • Rad is such an amazing writer. My favorite series is Providence Town. I would love to see a new book from that series as well. Thanks for Continuing to put out great books.

  22. I saw both of you at the GCLS conference in Pittsburgh, but I was too star struck to introduce myself! Maybe next year? I enjoy all of your stories & I would love to add another to my elibrary! ♥️ Thanks for sharing with us!

  23. Radclyffe is one of my top all time favorite authors. I rarely buy physical books because of space and money limitations but her’s are ones I make exceptions for :)

  24. It’s always exciting to read about an author whose work you’ve read…and enjoyed. I’m a huge fan of Radclyffe’s Honor series and can’t wait for the new book to come out!

  25. Her books were the first ones that I read that were lgbt related , after that I saved as much as I can to keep on buying them cause I love them ! The first reponders series and fated are on the top of my favorites , I hope I can continue reading all of your books !

  26. Radclyffe is one of my favorite authors. Her Provincetown series is my favorite and most read. I’m so excited for her next book. Great interview!

  27. I didn’t realise I’d read that many Radclyffe books. Loved Safe Harbour when I first read it and have loved everyone that has followed

  28. 63 books, very impressive! I’m not sure if I could write 63 sentences, never mind a complete book! I have read quite a few of those 63, and have some waiting in my tbr pile. I love Radclyffe’s writing, and I definitely appreciate her continuing to do so! Thank you for providing an ebook giveaway!! My fingers are crossed.

  29. Both of you are great writers and i love to read your books. I like the rivers family books. hopefully there are more medical romances coming out. :) Enjoyed reading this interview. Great thing! Keep on writing you both.

  30. Thanks for all the great reads. My wife lent me my first Radclyffe 15 years ago and we’ve read or listened to every one of them 🙂

  31. Great interview. Thank you both. And wow that’s a huge number of published books, impressive 😃👍🏻. Will take me a while to read them all, but I’ll try happily 😉.

    I absolutely love what I’ve read so far. The Honor series is one of my very fav, and I’m very glad to know the next in the sites is very close to release. I got some others in my TBR list already and looks like that list will grow a lot more soon 😁.

    Congratulations and thank you.

  32. As usual, another great interview! I love all of Radclyffe’s books! Though I have to say Catherine from the justice series is my favourite character so far.

  33. I definitely have most of Radclyffe’s books. I agree that Fated Love is a favorite. Many are one that I’ve re-read often, such as Safe Harbor. Can’t wait to get the next Honor book in the mail!

  34. Rad signed my (hard cover!!) copy of Fated Love at GCLS – so cool. One of my all time faves. Thanks for the interview, Jae & Radclyffe. :)

  35. 63, yikes. That’s a lot. And 18 years. Your publishing career can vote. :)

    Others have said this, and I agree, I’ve read so many of your books it’s hard to choose a couple that are my favorite. But, Safe Harbor (which I most definitely didn’t read first) is one of my very favorites. As is Fated Love. But, they’re all so good.

    Thank you for sharing your talent and time with us, in all the different parts of publishing books!

  36. I have been listening to the Honor series and love it. I also like the First Responder series. Her main characters are strong,intelligent and careing. She can really write a love scene too.

  37. Great interview! I’m lucky to have discovered my Library carries nearly all of Radclyffe’s books. I found my first book of the Justice series there, then went to BSB and have them all now. I would love to see Sloan again…I love her character!

  38. As always, I appreciate your interviews with other authors. Specially this one, as Radclyffe is one of my favourites. Thank you so much! It’s a great read.

  39. Great interview! I love all of Radclyfe’s work that I’ve read, except, the Rivers Community series, which I’ve just now learned about. Looking forward to your newest Honor series book.

  40. I have been a massive fan of Radclyffe’s works right from the start and have read and collected all of them. Despite the variety of stories I have never met one I didn’t devour feverishly and absolutely love. I can’t think of a better ambassador for the lesbian fiction world we have created.

  41. I am a huge fan of Radclyffe having started back when she was writing xena fanfic. I have also read 1 of her shapeshifter novels and totally hooked. I had no idea there had gotten to be so many of her novels but I know all are winners. I havent read near as many as I would have liked as I cant afford the cost. I have in the past picked up used copies of print books. But most ebooks being 10 each is more than I can do. But I encourage those that can to read her books. I know they are all as thrilling as her older works. And definitely dont miss her shapeshifter novels written under her other name.

  42. I was hooked on your books after the first one I read!
    I thought I had most of them, but after reading that you’ve written 63 books, I think not!
    Guess my credit card is going to get another workout, besides the $1,000 I’ve already spent, looking for the rest of your books. Being disabled & a retired Battalion Chief from the fire dept, I have a lot of time to read.
    I worked for the fire dept during a time where women were not welcome & we had to fight the men. Top that with me being the 1st female to sit for the Battalion Chiefs’ promotional exam, scoring #1, & being promoted to that position. As you can imagine, I went through 30 years of hell!
    I usually read them in 2 days if I have time. The stories flow, the characters fit well together & are believable & the plots are great!
    I’m going to start looking for the other books I missed, as well as your new ones! TY

  43. One of the first lesfic writers that I searched out in the independent books stores. Partial to some of the earlier standalones like Turn Back Time and but also the paranormals too.

  44. Thank you for the interview. I was really absorbed in reading Safe Harbor series and Fated Love.

    Ps. Please, share with Radclyffe this suggestion to read the book: “The Thing With Feathers: The Surprising Lives of Birds and What they Reveal about Being Human” by Noah Strycker.
    There is a chapter on chickens and the problem she mentions. The whole book is a great source of information about birds and about us – people.

  45. I have read quite a few of Radclyffe’s books and will continue until ALL of them are read!
    Thank You for being such a great author!

  46. I love and really enjoy reading Radclyffe’s novels especially the ” doctor theme ” one…🏥🚑🔬💉💊📚😍❤💙💚💛💜

  47. Thank you both for another interesting interview. I love Jae’s shapeshifter series and I’ve been thinking I should give Radclyffe’s a try. I like the approach of a completely different species from human instead of the usual ‘bitten and changed’.

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