WLW & lesbian books with ice queen characters – (F/F Fiction Crossword Challenge #1)

WLW & Lesbian Books with Ice Queen Characters

I’m very excited to share the first post of the long-awaited F/F Fiction Crossword Challenge with you. For our first crossword puzzle, I picked WLW & lesbian books with ice queen characters because that kind of heroine is quite popular with readers.

If you are unfamiliar with the term, an ice queen is a character who starts out as cold and prickly but usually thaws during the course of the book, often because they’re falling in love with the other main character.

If you missed yesterday’s post explaining the rules of the F/F Fiction Crossword Challenge, read up on it here and then come back to solve the first puzzle.

So, without further ado, here’s the ice queen crossword puzzle.

You can either download the crossword grid by right-clicking on the picture below or download the PDF with the crossword grid and the clues.

F/F Fiction Crossword Challenge ice queen characters


Here are the clues for the ice queen crossword puzzle:

  1. Going Up by A.E. Radley: What causes assistant Gemma’s productivity to take a nosedive?
  2. Being Hers by Anna Stone: What’s Vanessa’s drink of choice?
  3. Ice on Wheels by Aurora Rey: The New Orleans roller derby team is called the Big Easy ___.
  4. The Shark: ShudderCon Las Vegas 5 by Cara Malone: Evelyn Green is known in Hollywood as a shark in a ___.
  5. Sunsets and Shades by Erica Lee: What type of animal does Kinsley own?
  6. Blend by Georgia Beers: What is the name of the wine bar?
  7. Under a Falling Star by Jae: What nickname does Austen give Dee?
  8. Lost Treasures by Jazzy Mitchell: At what event does Evelyn Allbright meet Victoria “Torry” Hansen for the first time?
  9. Courting the Countess by Jenny Frame: What is Harry’s actual first name?
  10. Blurred Lines by KD Williamson: What kind of pet does Nora own?
  11. The Brutal Truth by Lee Winter: How does Elena Bartell’s signature line end? “We’re___”
  12. Forbidden Melody by Magnolia Robbins: What is the name of the Chopin song that Juliet and Emma play during private lessons?
  13. Someone Like You by Marian Snowe: What is Maggie’s sister’s name?
  14. Tropical Storm by Melissa Good: What is Dar Robert’s first name short for?
  15. Close to Home by Rachel Spangler: What’s the name of the town where the book is set?


Check back for hints

If you are struggling to solve the puzzle, check back this weekend. I’ll invite some of the authors to post hints in the comments section of this blog that will help you solve the puzzle. Some authors will also drop by my Facebook Reader Group to give you some hints.


Send me the solution to win a book

Once you solved the ice queen crossword puzzle, send me the solution word and you’ll get a free ebook! You don’t even need to be the first person to send me the solution since everyone wins a book for the first crossword puzzle they solve. You’ll find my email address on my contact page.

One person who sends in the correct solution word will also win a signed paperback copy of Blend by Georgia Beers, and one person will win an ebook copy of The Brutal Truth by Lee Winter. To be entered into the drawing, send me the solution word by February 2, 10 a.m. CET. I’ll draw the winners using a random numbers generator.


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Happy reading and crossword-puzzling!

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12 thoughts on “WLW & lesbian books with ice queen characters – (F/F Fiction Crossword Challenge #1)”

  1. Here is a Google sheets version that you can use to collaborate. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fdocs.google.com%2Fspreadsheets%2Fd%2F13BVgkMSNrLGStHQ5t7_Lvef6Dzo3JJ4BF1TNiq4HjqU%2Fedit%3Fusp%3Dsharing%26fbclid%3DIwAR0Fv_Ysxv2iNyI_vrG4z8yw-db6upuejBnZSVBhygYPkNtxDJMS0L_zWLE&h=AT2gE9yogQ77m6zJRu2k8iSLM7Ybj_brYZ8ME1_Q4hzWFwC-ksO9uHaCoAkA9s7meb1wB0ayTq3klXWn4wH9UL61gQdyksmid5IUjYquxHFukcmpTI6a0fXvtoK1CduM2Sx3

    It’s view only so you need to make your own copy to use and share it. Clicking on the picture doesn’t seem to work but you can use the arrow keys to navigate around the puzzle and type over the image.

  2. Here’s a hint for my book “Under a Falling Star”–and that tip is true for many of the clues in all of the puzzles:

    If you check out the sample you can read for free, either on Amazon or on my publisher’s website, the answer is contained within that excerpt.

  3. I am still confused with #1 I read this book and I think I know but still having issue, and #5,12! (I mean Seriously this one got me)…and 14? Re read few times and still empty. I’m sure it’s right there hitting me and I’m blind😂

    • A lot of people struggle with #14. If you need some help, feel free to look for a buddy or a team and solve the rest of the clues together. I’m sure you will find other people looking for a little help in my Facebook group.

  4. Hi all! For those who need a hint for #12, about “Forbidden Melody,” don’t forget about the playlist at the beginning of the book! The song you’re looking for is the same one that is etched in the locket that Emma gifts Juliet for Christmas.


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