How to set up an e-mail signature with your book covers

Adding a signature to your e-mails is a great, unobtrusive way to market your book, yet few writers make use of that simple strategy.

Here’s how to set up your signature if you’re using Yahoo! mail. If you’re using another e-mail provider, the process is similar. Just try it; it’s not that hard to figure out.

  • Log in to your author e-mail account.
  • Hover your mouse over the gear icon at the top right of your inbox.



  • Once the drop-down menu appears, choose “settings.”
  • Click on the “writing e-mail” tab.
  • Under “signature,” choose “show a rich text signature.”
  • Type in the text of your signature into the text box. You should mention a few of your latest books, your website, your Facebook page or profile, your publisher, and maybe a link to the sign-up form of your author newsletter.
  • Format the text. For example, put the titles of your books in italics. You do that the same way as in any word processor. Just select the titles and click on the italics icon.
  • Include the links: Select the text where your link should go and then click on the chain icon to insert the URL.
  • You can also add thumbnails of your book covers. For this to work, you have to upload the covers to the Internet, preferably to your own website. You can’t use an image that just sits on your computer. It works best if you resize the covers to 100×150 px before uploading them. Once you have uploaded your cover images, open the picture in your browser and right-click on it, then choose “copy image.” Now you can just paste it into the text box of your e-mail signature.


  • You can even add links to each cover, for example, links leading to the book’s description. To do that, click on the cover in the signature’s text box, then click on the chain icon and copy in the URL.
  • Once the picture shows up and is in the right position, click “save” on the left side. You’re done!
  • Send a test e-mail to yourself so you can see how the new signature looks. Try whether all of the links work.

I know it might sound complicated, but it’s really not; I promise.

Here’s what my own signature looks like:


If you have any questions, please leave a comment.

Good luck with setting up your signature!


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