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Hidden Truths by Jae

Hidden Truths

Love can get complicated if everyone is harboring secrets

Everyone on the Hamilton ranch seems to be harboring a secret: Luke has been living as a husband and father for the past seventeen years, telling no one but her wife that she’s not the man she appears to be. Nora hides her past as a prostitute, while their daughter Amy is trying to keep her attraction to women secret.

Into this tricky situation arrives Rika Aaldenberg, a mail-order bride who traveled to Oregon to marry the family’s foreman. She, too, has her own secret: she’s not the woman who wrote the letters.

At first, Amy isn’t happy about having to show the newcomer around, but soon, Rika earns her respect…and maybe even her heart.

When hidden truths are revealed, will their family fall apart, or will love keep them together?

Publication date: January 2014

Length: 157,000 words / 500 pages

Tropes & themes: Old West, mail-order bride, slow-burn romance, historical romance

Series: The Oregon Series (Book 3)


  • GCLS Literary Award 2012
  • Lesbian Fiction Readers Choice Award 2011
  • The Lesbian Review “Best of the Best” Books

In Bugs’ Own Words
“Jae’s done it again with her felicitous writing & storytelling, which makes Hidden Truth another must-read, memorable book.”

Curve Magazine

“A wonderful tale of the compromises women have been forced to make to live their lives and love who they wanted, set in the glorious surroundings of an Oregon horse ranch.”

Lesbian Fiction Reviews

“What amazes me more and more with each book I read of Jae is her ability to write characters so vivid and real so you can feel them as if they were beside you telling you their story.”

Lesbian Reading Room

“Jae’s books feel immaculately researched and authentic. The world she creates has an integrity that draws you in. Her characters are real, their actions and dialogue feel genuine.”

Terry’s Lesfic Reviews

“A gripping blockbuster of a western saga. Well written and the story well told. A page turner from start to finish.”

The Rainbow Reader

“Jae is a strong writer, with a special talent for telling an epic tale. Her characters exhibit depth, personality, and individuality. … Her story telling is sound and well conceived, and her books are hard to put down. In Hidden Truths, she has excelled at telling a complicated story of interwoven secrets…”

I Read What I Want To

“I’m really glad that I found Jae and her wonderful books, because I feel that I’ve finally found an author who understands everything I want from a romance story!”

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