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Second Nature by Jae

Glossary of shape-shifter terms

  • Alai: “wanderer.” Slightly disparaging term for a Kasari (lion shifter) or Syak (wolf shifter) who lives alone and is not part of a pride or pack.
  • Antapi: “both.” Hybrid shifter whose parents belong to different shifter subspecies.
  • Arin: “heart.” Pet name, the Wrasa equivalent of “sweetheart.”
  • Kasari: “saffron-colored.” Lion shape-shifters.
  • Maharsi: “great seer.” Dream seer.
  • Maki: “large.” Bear shape-shifters.
  • Manark: “noble one.” Title of a councilor of the High Council.
  • Natak: “lord” or “master.” Title of a pride regent.
  • Nederi: “under.” A subordinate, lower-ranking member of a pack or pride. Humans call it “omega.”
  • Parwese: “first.” Title of the high king of the Allied Prides, regent of the Kasari.
  • Puwar: “fire.” Tiger shape-shifters.
  • Rtar: “red.” Fox shape-shifters.
  • Saru: “hunter.” A shape-shifter law enforcement unit that guards their secret existence. Saru is also the rank of simple Saru soldiers.
  • Sleme: “flame.” The name for the funeral rite (cremation) of the Wrasa.
  • Syak: “together.” Wolf shape-shifters.
  • Tas: “commander.” Rank of a Saru officer.
  • Wrasa: “living being” or “creature.” The species of shape-shifters.

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