Giving away a signed copy of “Natural Family Disasters”

Natural Family DisastersYesterday, I got my author copies of the paperback of Natural Family Disaster.

Natural Family Disasters has one of my favorite covers, so it was wonderful to finally hold it in my hands. I thought I would let you participate in my little celebration by giving away a signed copy.

Here’s a description of the short story collection:

Five short stories that give us glimpses into the lives of Griffin, Jorie, and the other characters from Second Nature.

Bonding Time: Griffin has been looking forward to a little feline bonding time with a special lady. Leave it to her sister Leigh to interrupt.

Coming to Dinner: Jorie and Griffin are having second thoughts about their decision to invite Griffin’s shape-shifter relatives and Jorie’s mother for dinner on Christmas Day. What could be more nerve-racking than eight cat-shifters who don’t believe in Christmas celebrating with a human woman, allergic to cats, who doesn’t believe in the existence of shape-shifters? Will it end with peace on earth, or will fur fly?

Babysitter Material: It’s Rufus and Kylin’s anniversary—and no babysitter for the triplets in sight. Kylin has a desperate idea, but is her gruff father Brian, ruler of the pride, really babysitter material?

When the Cat’s Away: When a mouse takes up residence in Griffin and Jorie’s house, Griffin calls her fathers over. With three cat-shifters on the hunt, the house will be a rodent-free zone in no time. Or so she thinks.

Plus One: Griffin accepts Jorie’s invitation to be her “plus one” at Jorie’s high school reunion, eager to find out more about her lover’s past. But the food at the buffet has an unexpected effect on Griffin.

To enter the drawing, just leave a comment on this blog. I will announce the winner on Thursday, since that’s a national holiday here in Germany.

And please remember to check back in October when True Nature, the next book in my shape-shifter series, will come out.

Have a nice Sunday.


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35 thoughts on “Giving away a signed copy of “Natural Family Disasters””

  1. Hola, Jae ! I would like to participate in your book giveaway. I love to read, and to be honest, holding an actual book and reading it is better than the electronic ones. I guess I am old fashioned!

  2. Thanks for sharing the worlds you create with your writing! I just loved Second Nature and look forward to reading these stories with the great characters.

  3. I really liked Second Nature and Natural Family Disasters, which I have in
    e-book form. I would love a hard copy to give to a friend. I’m looking forward to the next book.

  4. I loved Something in the Wine and Back to Oregon and now i’m showing my poor memory, the other Oregon book. That’s the first place I found your short stories and loved them. I am excited about reading this book, even though I haven’t read the other parts of the story. You are such an excellent storyteller, I am sure it will be just fine and i’ll be caught up immediately with the info I need! Thanks again!

    • Thanks for participating. The title of the sequel to Backwards to Oregon is “Hidden Truths.” Or maybe you mean the short story collection that goes with it? (That one is titled “Beyond the Trail”)

  5. I can’t wait to read this book, but a signed copy *swoon* I would be doing a happy dance for the month yay. Love the cover art. Fingers crossed!!

  6. I would love to win a copy of Natural Family Disaster’s. I have heard a lot of people talking about it and haven’t had he chance to read it yet. You are a very good author and I absolutely love the books I’ve read by you so far. I can’t wait for True Nature to come out, sounds like it will be a fun read.

  7. I would be SO psyched to get a signed copy! I was fortunate enough to get a signed copy of Second Nature, so this would be an amazing addition to the set! Thanks for the opportunity!

  8. I think this is the best cover yet, Jae. I downloaded each of your short stories from L-Books as they came out and it would be wonderful to have a paperback copy. It’s great that you’ve found a new home for your work. I’m thrilled for you that you’re following your dream and becoming a full time writer.

  9. Hi Jae, I would love to win a copy of natural Family Disasters, and looking forward to the next instalment True Nature. Keep up the great writing

  10. Wow, another book giveaway! Please enter in the drawing. I have the downloads of the short stories from L-Books, but would love a paperback copy with this great cover & the extra story. Can’t wait for True Nature.

  11. Jae – Love to be entered in your drawing! Can’t wait for True Nature. I got the Kindle edition and read it but would love an autographed book. The cover is outstanding! I can see why you love it.

  12. Jae, so far everything that you have written has been exceptional, so even if I don’t win a signed copy, I will be looking forward to reading it!



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