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Giveaway of several lesbian romance novels by Gerri Hill

If you follow my blog, you know I’m doing a series of author interviews, each one with a giveaway or a free book for readers to enjoy.

This week’s interviewee is veteran lesbian fiction author Gerri Hill, who just published her 35th lesbian novel, Moonlight Avenue.

Gerri is giving away several e-book and audiobook copies of her lesbian romances, so don’t miss the giveaway at the end of this post!


Please tell us a little about your newest release, Moonlight Avenue.

It’s about an ex-cop turned private investigator (Finley Knight) who gets mixed up in a murder investigation. There’s chaos, crime, corruption and cover-ups! And yes, there is romance brewing too!


It sounds as if Moonlight Avenue has not just two, but three strong female main characters. How did you make sure you gave each of them enough bonding time with the reader—and with each other? And which of these characters did you bond with the most?

Yes, three strong women in this one. Finn is the main character and she drives the book but her relationship with the other two (Dee and Rylee) is what makes her human. The three interact with each other enough—alone and as a group—that I think the reader will get a good sense of what each woman is about. I usually bond or have a favorite character in every book, but this one, it’s hard for me to pick one. Maybe because there’s three to choose from! That being said, I had the most affection for Finn, based on her past.


Finley Knight in Moonlight Avenue is a solitary, brooding private investigator—a character that could easily turn into a bit of a stereotype. Could you name one thing about her that would surprise readers, whether that detail made it into the story or not?

Finn’s solitary life has nothing to do with a lost love or fear of love….it has everything to do with her parents.


You have a very impressive backlist—if I counted correctly, Moonlight Avenue is novel number 34 for you! For anyone just discovering your work, which book would you recommend they start with?

Actually, Moonlight Avenue is number 35! When people ask me where to start, I always tell them to start at the beginning. The first published with Bella Books was Gulf Breeze. While I don’t write sequels very often (in fact, none of my romances are a sequel), I do occasionally have characters pop in from one book to another. While it’s not necessary to read them in order (unless it’s part of a series, like Hunter’s Way), I would think it would be helpful to have met the characters previously.


What are you most proud of having achieved in your writing career?

I think the longevity. When I first started writing, I thought maybe I could do eight or ten books. Writing for ten years was almost unthinkable. I’m approaching twenty years and thirty-five books. Mindboggling to think about!


If you could go back and change one thing in any of your books, what would it be and why?

I try very hard not to dwell on past books…at least not in that sense of changing them…because I can’t!  Now, if we were talking “do over,” it would be One Summer Night, my very first book! My writing was so bad in that one, it makes me cringe to think about!


As a writer who writes full-time, with so many books published, how do you keep your stories fresh, relatable, and relevant?

I haven’t changed my method at all. I still write for me. I still write stories that I find interesting, that I enjoy. I have always taken the approach that if I’m not loving what I’m writing, then anyone reading it will be able to tell. After 35 books, it’s really hard to maintain a freshness in the characters so I try to make them as real as possible, along with having a real fault or two…while still being likable! At the end of the book, I hope my readers feel like I do…that they are saying goodbye to friends.


Here’s a very important question that one of my readers suggested I ask: How do you put on your shoes and socks? Sock shoe, sock shoe or sock, sock, shoe, shoe?

That would be “it depends,” but usually it’s sock shoe, sock shoe!


Several of your books are available as audiobooks. Do you listen to audiobooks, and if you do, are there any you particularly enjoyed?

I don’t have time to listen to audiobooks, unfortunately. I do make a point to listen to my own books because it helps me identify patterns in my writing. Something about hearing it out loud rather than seeing it in print, I guess.


When’s your next book coming out, and what are you working on right now?

The next one is a romance, After the Summer Rain, due out in August. It’s a sweet, feel-good romance, at least to me! I’m currently working on a murder mystery involving a serial killer that will be out in 2020.


Where can your readers find out more about you and your books?

My website is gerrihill.com, and I most always post news about releases and audiobooks on Facebook.


Book giveaway

Gerri has graciously agreed to do a big giveaway, so there’ll be several lucky winners.


You can win:

  • 2 e-book copies of Moonlight Avenue
  • 4 Audible.com codes for the audiobook version of Moonlight Avenue
  • 1 Audible.com code for Sawmill Springs
  • 1 Audible.com code for The Secret Pond
  • 1 Audible.com code for The Locket
  • 1 Audible.com code for The Neighbor


Anyone can enter, but if you want to win one of the audiobooks, you need to be able to access Audible.com (US). To be entered into the drawing, leave a comment on this blog.

Entries close on Thursday, April 4, 2018, 10 a.m. CET, when I’ll draw the winners using a random numbers generator. I’ll notify winners via email. Your email address won’t be used for any other purpose.


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179 thoughts on “Giveaway of several lesbian romance novels by Gerri Hill”

  1. Would love to win an audiobook of Mooliight Avenue. I have all the others listed. I have to say The Locket had me on the edge of my seat thru the whole book!!

      • I love Gerri’s books! I have all of those on Audible, except Sawmill Springs & The Secret Pond. I’d love either one. I got Moonlight Avenue the day it was released, but I’m waiting until Monday to start it, so that I can listen all day at work. I may even finish it all on Monday. 🙂

  2. I have all Gerri’s books. Except the new one of course. I love them all, no matter what she says about her first book! All of them are just wonderful!!!❤

  3. Great interview been a fan of Gerri Hills books for years. Not surprised it’s number 35. 🙂 would love to win a copy of the new book.

  4. Well done, mate, for bagging one of me all-time lesfic authors for a chinwag!! 😃👍🏻 Thank you! 🙏🏻 So looking forward to reading Moonlight Avenue, you don’t know!!! It’d be fab to win an e-copy of it! 🙏🏻😁

  5. Ooh I’ve just entered into the world of audio books as I’m listening to my first one right now. I’d love to listen to another one! Im also an avid reader on kindle so that would be a great option also.

  6. Love Gerri’s work! Moonlight Ave was wonderful (I was lucky enough to get an ARC), and I think it’s going to be a hit! I’d love an audiobook of any of these!

  7. I am huge Gerri Hill fan and love to read her books. I have several of her audiobooks, but unfortunately, I can only access Audible.ca (Canada). However, if my name pops up as a winner of an ebook, I will be a very happy reader.

  8. When I know Gerri has a new book coming up, I finally get round to reading the last release! Always like to have one book in my library unread for my summer cramping but, as soon as its announced I pounce. That’s makes 34 read by me!

  9. I read or listen to just about everything Gerri Hill dishes out. My first was Hunter’s Way and I recently had the pleasure of rediscovering it in audio. I only have an Audible account in Canada, but I’d love to read her newest book!

  10. Thanks for the interview of one of my favourite others, besides you Jae of course. I would love to win anything by Gerri, and btw I am sock sock, shoe shoe 😊

  11. Gerri is one of my favorite authors, and yah, with 35 books I have a lot of catching up to do. Good luck everyone on the contest. Fingers crossed here.

  12. Hi Ladies !!!

    Great interview !! Very interesting and sometimes surprising … :-)

    FYI …
    Gerri => 35 books … I’ve 2 novels in ebook and 18 of them in paperback — My goal is having the entire collection in paperback on my bookshelves someday … (If I’m a fan ??? Hell yeah !!!)

    Jae .. Please, don’t be jealous => I have the same goal about your books ;-)

    I’m currently reading the paperback of “The Locket” and I’m impatient to read “Moonlight Avenue” … So, of course, I’d love to win an e-book copy of the novel (NO access to audiobooks for me ..)

    About the giveaway : Good luck everyone !!!

    Greetings from Reunion Island

  13. Thanks for this interview! Gerri Hill is an excellent writer and storyteller. I’ve read most of her books at this point. Looking forward to Moonlight Avenue!

  14. I have been a fan for a long time but didn’t realize she had so many books out there! Time to give Amazon a workout. I would live to win an ebook :)

  15. I’ve been a big fan for a long long time, yet I’ve still not read all 35 (!) books (I translated one, though ;)
    I also tend to read many times the books I love, and I do feel like many of Gerri Hill’s characters are friends I leave behind and find again later on.
    Thanks for another great interview!

  16. Have all Gerri Hills books just purchased the latest.
    As to summer nights I enjoyed it .
    Ps Jae I have all yours books as well.
    If I’m drawn out the hat pass it on
    Keep up the great work

  17. I’ve always enjoyed Hill’s writings. In my top five favorite lesfic authors along with you.

    PS. hoping to win the e-book. If you drawn my name for audiobook then please pass it to someone else. I cannot hear, so audiobooks are useless for me.

  18. Great interview! What a cool thing for an author to listen to their books in order to detect patterns etc. Congrats on your latest release Gerri!
    Please toss my name in the hat for the ebook please and thanks; sounds like good reading to me.

  19. Love Gerri, I’ve been reading her for years. Would love ebook or audible.
    Oh and…
    Left sock right sock
    Left shoe right shoe

  20. Fantastic to read an interview with one of my fave lesfic writers! I would be over the moon if I won a free copy of one of her books 😀

  21. Great little interview. :D Love the focus on making the characters real. That’s what keeps me intrigued or rooting for them, and tends to leave me needing a moment at the end of a book to be with my feels as I get way too attached to characters in books if thy are well written and relatable.

  22. Besides you and Lee Winter, Gerri Hill is the only author I have read (or have them on the shelf to read) all books of.
    I’d love to have the new book for my collection.

  23. I feel like I’m the only one that hasn’t read one of her books. Glad that I subscribed to your blog and thankful that we’re introduced to lesfic authors.

    Congratulations to Gerri on number 35! Going to start following now!

  24. I did not know there were 35 books! Definitely have some reading to do. I read it already, but would love to hear The Neighbor on audio.

  25. I am a huge Gerri Hill fan. She is one of the writers I was reluctant to switch to buying in e-book format. I love looking at my bookshelf with all her books. Can’t wait to read the latest. Keep writing and we will keep reading Gerri.

  26. I love the interviews Jae. This interview is special because the first e-book I could buy was Jae’s and the 2nd Gerri’s. Thus, you instilled eagerness for more in this world of fabulous Lesbian fiction. Well done & thank you!

  27. Thanks for taking the time, Jae and Gerri! Gerri was one of the first lesbian fic authors I discovered – back on fanfic sites in college (“Kara’s Moon”), and her book “Gulf Breeze” was the first hardcopy lesbian fic book I ever bought. Long-time favorite author of mine. :)

  28. Just recently tried an audio book and I have to say, I rather enjoyed. Have added Gerri to my list of must haves as well!!

  29. I just realized that I think I’ve only read some of Gerri Hill’s romances and none of her other books. I need to fix that soon!

    Audio books are great because it means I can listen to a good story while I’m working!

  30. Gerri Hill, my favorite author! Love,love all of her books! Yes, even One Summer Night! You do just keep getting better.

  31. Have bought all Gerri’s books since the beginning. Looking forward to adding Moonlight Avenue. Especially love and re-read the romances.

  32. I have a few Gerri Hill books on my “Add to My TBR Pile”, I think I’m just gonna have to bump something and pick one to try!

  33. i found Gerri quite by accident. I read one of her books I found that interested me & starting looking for others. I have downloaded every book she has written & haven’t found a bad one yet! I love her books & would love to own this ebook!

  34. I’ve read some of Gerri Hill’s romances, but I love her cop books. Hunter’s series is great and The Killing Room is a favorite. Read it multiple times!

  35. I love Gerri’s book with Gulf Breeze being my favourite. I would love to win the Ebook. Although I would love the new audiobook I can’t access audible.com (US) being in Australia.

  36. That’s one of the great things about Gerri Hill books. Since I came to them late it always seems like there are plenty more to read.

    Would love to win one of the ebooks, but, no access to Audible for me (I do podcasts in the car instead).

  37. Another great interview :) now I know more books of Gerri Hill to read. And thank you for the generosity :D

    If I’m lucky enough, any format would be good, EBook or audiobook. They’re all good :D

  38. I’ve not yet read any of Gerri Hill’s books, but she’s been on my TBR list for a year now. This interview makes me want to bump her books to the top of my list. :)

  39. Gerri Hill was the first author I read from the lesfic genre. I absolutely love her books! Her books helped me look for more lesfic books, which introduced me to your books! You both are in my top 5 favorite authors! Thank you for the interview. -Cristy :)

  40. Love Gerri Hill. I’ve read and own quite a few of her books. Can’t wait to read her next one! Great interview.

  41. Have enjoyed the 7 audiobooks and 3 e-books I have already, just bought Moonlight Avenue as an e-book through YLVA, didn’t realise it was already available as an Audiobook. 😢

  42. I’m halfway through the audiobook of Snow Falls and enjoying it immensely. I look forward to reading more from Gerri Hill. :-)

  43. Congrats Gerri on number 35! And thanks Sandra for providing such awesome opportunities to get better acquainted with the authors we love x

  44. Gerri are you ever going to bring Behind the Pine Curtain out in audio, it was the 1st Lesbian book I read, still read it a couple times a year, love your books, Kia Kaha

  45. I am a huge fan of her books and absolutely love them and I hope she keeps going for another twenty years!
    She was actualy one of the first authors who got me into the lesfic genre.
    And after I discovered the Hunter series she became on of my favorite authors.
    She just got me hooked. If I saw a Gerri Hill book somewhere I didn’t even read the backflip.
    I just bought it because I knew I would like it.
    I’ve collected all of her books (but haven’t read them all.. YET)..
    If my name comes up as a winner of the ebook I would love it! (otherwise I will buy it anyway..)
    However I can’t access Audible US so if I come up there make someone else happy with it!
    And thank you for doing this!

  46. Wow, 35 books!
    I’ve reaaly started late reading Gerri books.
    Hope to fasten increase my Gerri’s collection.
    Tks for the interview.

  47. I have five of Gerri’s audiobooks including, “The Secret Pond, Sawmill Springs and The Neighbor” and would love to add “Moonlight Avenue” to my library.

  48. Gerri’s book and stories helped me to overcome the death of my wife to ovarian cancer last August. I also read them to her while she was going thru chemotherepy and when she was to tired to do anything. True fan of hers always.

  49. Gerri Hill’s is one of my favourite authors. My favourite is the Hunter Trilogy. Can’t wait to read more of her great works.

  50. Love Gerri Hill, it was finding and reading Gulf Breeze that got me into reading lesbian fiction.
    Please count me in the draw.

  51. Can’t wait for this next book! I’ve read ALL of Gerri Hills books- a favorite of mine! Best yet audiobook! Just got audible app !!

  52. She’s written 35? Thats a lifetime of writing. Ive listened to two of her books via audible and would welcome the chance to listen to more. Thanks Jae!

  53. 35 books is jaw dropping. I have trouble writing coherent grocery lists!! I love the author interviews Jae, thank you!! I have read some of those 35 books, and quite appreciate Gerri’s skill. Reading more, and winning them to boot, would be icing.

  54. At the moment I have only one Gerri Hill’s paper book in my lesbrary (Snow Falls) was a very nice reading!!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win an ebook!!

  55. I dont read due to health issues, but I love audiobooks! (I listen with US Audible at night, it helps insomnia too) so far I’ve tried geri hills “At Seventeen”, “snow Falls” & “Hunters way”. I think I liked “hunters way” best, because there were lots of other things happening in the story, like the serial killer mystery & action plotline, as well as the romance & sex, that made it extra interesting.

  56. Great interview. Gerri Hill’s books are wonderful reads. I especially like the cross over of characters in some of her novels.

  57. How very exciting! Gerri Hill is such an eclectic writer. But she shines with criminal thrillers and mysteries. Can’t wait to read the new book!

  58. Wow, so many people who love Gerri Hill. Good to see the support. I’m very glad for the new book. I was kinda sad that I had read everything and had to wait for a new one. YAY!

  59. Great interview. I have e-book versions of 22 of Gerri’s 35 books so far. Really enjoyed all of them. Hope I’m not too late to have a chance in this drawing.


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