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Giveaway of lesbian romance novel “Recipe for Love” by Aurora Rey

This week’s interviewee is fellow lesbian romance author Aurora Rey, who has several books out with Bold Strokes Books, among them the popular Cape End Romances series. Aurora has just published her new f/f romance, Recipe for Love, and she’s giving away two e-book copies, so don’t miss the giveaway at the end of this post!


Welcome, Aurora. Please tell us a little about your newest release, Recipe for Love.

It’s a small town, foodie romance—two of my favorite things. It features a small-production farmer and a chef from New York City who team up on a farm-to-table restaurant launch in the Finger Lakes of upstate NY. Hannah, the farmer, is suspicious of the big city chef and Drew, the chef, can’t figure out why Hannah is so uptight. But, of course, they’re irresistibly attracted to one another at the same time.


The subtitle—A Farm-to-Table Romance—caught my attention and made me grin. How did you come up with it?

Recipe for Love could go in a lot of different directions. I wanted to hint at the specific foodie angle I was going for. It’s also a nod to one of the titles suggested by a writer friend of mine—Farm to Table to Bed.  No way was my publisher letting me get away with that, but I’m glad I got to channel the spirit of it.


There’s an ongoing debate in the publishing industry about whether white authors should write characters of color or not. How did you answer this question for yourself, and what do writers need to take into consideration when portraying a character outside of their own race?

It’s definitely a complicated issue. I think we have a lot of work to do on amplifying and making space for authors of color, in romance and in literature in general. Still, I don’t think writing only and all white characters does anything to help that. Improving diversity in fiction is a both/and situation. For white authors, I think we need to be mindful of how we write characters of color, do our homework, and make sure we’re going above and beyond to avoid perpetuating stereotypes.


There are four books in your Cape End Romances series now. (Wow, I have some catching up to do!) Did you plan from the start to make it a series? What connects these books?

Winter’s Harbor was my very first published novel. I didn’t intend for it to be part of a series, but the allure of Provincetown is strong. When I decided to set more books there, creating a collection tied to the seasons seemed like a fun undertaking. Each is a standalone romance, but the characters spill from one book to the next. The final three are much more intertwined, but the Winter’s Harbor characters get to cameo, too.


Summer’s Cove was one of the books I read for Book Bingo last year, and it has some pretty hot love scenes. Do you enjoy writing love scenes? Any tips for authors who find them hard to write?

I really do! That said, I find I have to be in the mood—at least willing to get into a sexy frame of mind. I find it helps to figure out what the scene needs to accomplish. Contrary to what some critics might say, in a romance, the sex is never just thrown in for the sake of being there. The other tip would be to get the mechanics right first, then go back in and layer the thoughts and feelings. You don’t have to get it all on the first pass.


A lot of your books are small-town romances. What’s the appeal of writing about small towns for you?

I grew up in a small town and I both loved and hated it. I appreciate the connections, the security of folks knowing and looking out for each other, the quiet. They can be conservative, though, and stifling for those who don’t fit in. Writing small towns lets me craft them the way I want to be—not always full-on progressive, but safe spaces teeming with queer people who are living their lives without fear or shame.


Can you tell us about one thing that is on your bucket list?

I definitely have the DIY bug, although most of my projects are pretty modest. I would love to fully rehab an old farmhouse one day. I don’t need to do all the work myself, but I want my hand in every piece of it.


Food seems to be another common theme in your novels. If you could reinvent the food pyramid without any detrimental effects to your health, what would it look like?

Bread, cheese, and wine. In that order. And then chocolate. Honestly, I adore fruits and vegetables, too, so maybe I’d just tweak the recommended daily servings.


You said reading romance novels is your preferred guilty pleasure. So, what are your top 5 favorite lesbian romances?

With so many friends and colleagues in the genre, that feels like an impossible question! I’m going to put in a plug for Maggie Cummings’s Bay West series because I think it didn’t get the attention it deserved. I recently swooned over Nell Stark’s The Princess Deception. Books I’d go back to again and again include Winds of Fortune by Radclyffe and At Her Feet by Rebekah Weatherspoon. Finally, I only recently discovered Alyssa Cole. Her Once Ghosted, Twice Shy novella is smart, funny, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out.


When’s your next book coming out, and what are you working on right now?

I’ve got one coming out in October—The Inn at Netherfield Green—and a novella in the December Hot Ice collection, both from Bold Strokes Books. The former is about an advertising executive who inherits a pub in the English countryside and the gin distiller who reluctantly helps her relaunch it. The novella is a pair of roller derby rivals who find themselves on the same team. I’m working on a small town reunion romance right now, called The Last Place You Look. I’ve been saying Recipe for Love is my favorite, but this one might just take the prize.


Where can your readers find out more about you and your books?

I post about my books and do the occasional blog at aurorarey.com. All of my book info, including the first chapter or two of every title, is available at boldstrokesbooks.com.

Thank you so much for inviting me to chat with you! It’s been a real treat!


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    Thanks for sharing all this with us in this great interview. :-)

    “Recipe for Love” is on my always longer “must be read”-list since the very 1st time I saw the cover …

    About the giveaway : good luck everyone !!!

  5. Adding Recipe to my to-read list. And I always appreciate shout-outs to other authors/works; I’ll be adding some of them too!

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  9. This interview kept me laughing. Farm to Table to Bed – that would’ve been a fantastic title! I like foodie romances, but I’m also looking forward to that novella about roller derby rivals. Can’t wait!

  10. Thank you for this!! When/where can we change the food pyramid?? More books to be added to my list. 😁

  11. I would love to find an old farmhouse to be my fixer upper! Thank you for sharing your time with us and offering your book in the giveaway!

  12. Loved Winter’s Harbour. The rest of the series are in my TBR list.
    Even without the involvement of food, there is always a recipe for love.

  13. I appreciate your thoughts and insights about white women writing characters of color. I’ve enjoyed that diversity added to stories as it feels more realistic to me but fully agree that our niche field could use more women of color authors. Thanks for your thoughts.

  14. Adding to my wish list and very appreciative of the work Jae does in highlighting the works of other authors.

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  18. Great interview! As a person who grew up in a small town too, I completely understand both the allure and the negatives.

  19. Wonderful interview, Aurora Rey and Jae.

    Recipe for Love sounds like it’ll hit a bunch of my reading jams! I love foodie romances, especially ones involving gardening/farming and chefs/bakers. I also enjoy “city mouse vs country mouse” themed stories, and I miss visiting upstate NY. Plus, I love romances with diverse characters and interracial relationships, especially wlw ones.

    As for the question of whether Caucasian authors should write POC characters or not … Aurora Rey hit the nail: It is complicated. Even so, I’d never accept gatekeepers telling POC authors that they should only write POC characters, and neither should the consensus be that Caucasian authors should only write Caucasian characters. I’ll happily read stories written by any conscientious writer who can write POC characters authentically and respectfully, especially in uplifting romantic stories, and thus provide characterizations and plots devoid of stereotypes, casual racism, overt racism, white savior syndrome, generic cultural markers, window dressing characterizations, cultural insensitivity, racial insensitivity, and microaggressions. If potentially harmful content is present in a story, then it should not remain unchallenged, especially in a romance because mutual respect is part and parcel to having a healthy relationship and essential to a HEA/HFN ending.

    Still, the fiction industry needs to offer more ownvoices stories alongside what has traditionally been published. Readers need positive stories from many different perspectives; it fosters inclusion, understanding, validation, and discussion. Missing perspectives disadvantages everyone, but especially marginalized communities. Chances are high that readers won’t come across instances of conscientious ownvoices POC authors committing transgressions like referring to POC characters as ‘exotic’ and not challenging that racial insensitivity. Or, chances are high that readers won’t come across conscientious ownvoices POC authors having Caucasian love interests repeatedly exposing their POC love interests to microaggressions and then attempting to play those moments off as charming. Every author, regardless of their background, should perform due diligence when writing characters, but especially when writing characters from backgrounds that differ from their own; for instance, hire sensitivity readers.

  20. Another great interview Jae. Thanks for doing these. I’m enjoying my second Aurora Rey book right now so I would definitely like a chance to win her latest.


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