Giveaway of lesbian fiction series!

It’s not Christmas yet, but Ylva Publishing keeps handing out great gifts. Today, they’re giving away entire lesbian fiction series as e-book bundles.


Among them are:

  • My Oregon Series (Backwards to Oregon, Beyond the Trail, Hidden Truths, Lessons in Love and Life)
  • My Shape-Shifter Series (Second Nature, True Nature, Manhattan Moon, Natural Family Disasters, Nature of the Pack, Pigeon Post)
  • RJ Nolan’s L.A. Metro Series
  • Paulette Callen’s Charity Series
  • Erzabet Bishop’s Sigil Fire Series
  • Lois Cloarec Hart’s Calgary Chronicles


If you want to win one of these e-book bundles, head over to Ylva Publishing’s blog and leave a comment.

Happy holidays to everyone who’s celebrating Christmas!


The Romance Bet by Jae

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4 thoughts on “Giveaway of lesbian fiction series!”

  1. It’s a very generous giveaway. I enjoyed “The Midnight Couch” very much (review on Have you got any plans for another Shapeshifter novel?


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