Giveaway of a lesbian romance audiobook

UAFSSince I basically have two full-time jobs that I love—writing and editing—I rarely have the time to read for pleasure, so I decided to give audio books a try so I can listen while I work out.

One of my own novels has been released in audiobook format recently too, and it’s a great one for the holiday season.

In Under a Falling Star, Austen is given the task of decorating the Christmas tree in the lobby on her first day at a new job. When the star-shaped tree topper falls off and hits Dee, the company’s second-in-command. There’s an instant attraction, but Austen doesn’t know that Dee is her boss…


The novel takes them on a roller coaster ride that includes amusement parks, Secret Santas, paper snowflakes, piña coladas, and a potty-mouthed cockatoo.

Here’s the link if you want to listen to a sample of the audiobook:

I’m giving away three download codes for the audiobook on (sorry, it only works for people in the US).

To enter the drawing, all you need to do is leave a comment on this blog and let me know your favorite books (audio, e-book, or paperback) and/or TV shows of the year.

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Good luck!


The Romance Bet by Jae

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36 thoughts on “Giveaway of a lesbian romance audiobook”

  1. I love Radclyffe’s works on audio, in particular the medical romances and the Honor series. Lynn Ames’ All that lies within and all of Ann McMan’s works read by Christine Williams are favorites too.

  2. To pick a favorite book is hard. I love them all. Each one takes me on an adventure. I can go anywhere and be anyone when I read. So they are all my favorite

  3. Favorite movie – The Force Awakens
    Favorite TV – I don’t have tv
    Favorite Book – anything Melissa Brayden, Georgia Beers, Jae, Radclyffe,

  4. There are just too many to single out one. I love listening to audiobooks, but among my very favorites are “All That Lies Within” by Lynn Ames, “Hunter’s Way” by Gerri Hill and anything by Georgia Beers.

  5. Love every book I’ve read of yours. Have them all on Ebook. But I’m traveling between Pensacola and Tallahassee a lot my father -In – law is in poor health. My wife and I can’t agree on what music to listen to so we turned to audiobooks. Wish her sister lived closer.

  6. I’m a huge audiobook fan, but it’s hard to pick a favorite. I loved “Bittersweet” by Nevada Barr, “The Art of Peeling an Orange” or anything else read by Christine Williams, I enjoy the books of Jane Retzig, Andrea Bramhall’s “Nightingale” is among my favorites….
    I now I only named those where both story and narrator are great. If one of them is less appealing, the enjoyment suffers.

  7. Es gibt echt viele tolle Bücher, aber ich werde sagen “Auf schmalem Grat” obwohl ich es noch nicht mal angefangen habe zu lesen, weil habe erst Heute per Post bekommen und Heute Abend gehts dann los.

  8. Favorite book of the year is Lee Winter’s Requiem for Immortals (holy crap I seriously loved it! I just wanted more and more and more and didn’t want it to end, and when it did, I tried to bug Lee for more, which didn’t really work..)

    Favorite show of the year it Masterchef Australia. I have recently discovered it and have gone through 3 seasons in the past 4-5 months. I love that they make it more about the cooking and teaching the contestants instead of focusing on Big Brother like drama, like the US version. Also, each season is like 60-70 episodes O.O

  9. I have not seen any TV shows that I can recommend.Recently,the show “Supergirl” started a storyline with 2 lesbian characters.Whoever wrote it did a good job.I’m hoping they don’t kill off one of them since that seems to be the way it goes with lesbian tv stories.
    Favorite books would be T-Minus two by KG MacGregor and Nova The Dark Reach Wars Vol1 by Lora E.Rasmussen.I sure do wish those 2 would write sequels.At least there is hope for a volume 2 on Nova.

  10. Uhm. Anything written by Sandra Gerth. Audio book wise I think the best I’ve listened to this year was ‘Fingersmith’ TV show, mmm, Supergirl.

  11. I think A.E. Doolands Under My Skin has to be my book of the year. And T.V. show for me has to be and I dunno if it counts because I’ve been sad lately so I’ve been really just watching cartoons. Oh but I guess T.V. with people people has to be Black Mirror.

    • Yes I would love your audiobook. I was so excited when you posted this announcement that I forgot to list my favorite book ….Backward to Oregon and its sequel. Love tv show Game of Thrones. So sorry about my ooops entry. I know you are soooo excited to read our responses!

  12. I love the Rainey series’s by R E Bradshaw and everything by Robin Alexander. I of course love all of your books and books done by Radcliffe, Meghan O’Brien. I have yet to try an auto books, but would love to start with one of yours.

  13. i love just physical and micheal meade and the voice and seriousley i rarely read for fun when i found your books about 6 moths ago i tore through many… i tried others in your category but to no val, your writing meets my imagination thank you

  14. I love listening to Audible books at work! Radclyffe’s books. Newbie author Jenny Frame’s books. Currently reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. New Supergirl TV show is great!

  15. please enter me into the draw for your audiobook.

    My fav/most listened to audiobooks are…
    Jolt by Kris Bryant
    The Midnight Moon by Gerri Hill
    Trauma Alert by Radclyffe (& All of this authors other medical romances).

    Fav ebooks/paperbacks of 2016…
    Heart Trouble by Jae
    A Touch of Temptation by Julie Blair
    Not-so-Straight Sue by Cheyenne Blue
    Taste by Kris Bryant
    Built to Last by Aurora Rey
    (and many many more

    • Oh and any book or audiobook by Meghan O’Brien n Georgia Beers.
      A little bit of Spice by Georgia Beers is amazing. I love the audiobook. And Meghan O’Brien’s new book ‘Camp Rewind’ is very good. It was also recently released on audible.

      My fav narrator is Abby Craden. She does an amazing job with all the books she does. Really brings the characters to life.

  16. I honestly haven’t listened to an audiobook yet because I can’t afford them.

    I love to many Author’s to name. Jae, Anne Rice, RE Bradshaw and many more.

    Favorite movie of the year:Star Wars The Force Awakens.
    Favorite TV Show: Law and Order SVU

  17. I have finally started reading more LGBT romances this by new to me authors. My favorite one so far is Nothing to Lose by Clare Lydon.

  18. Too many books to name. Love all of yours and Fletcher Delancy’s. Other authors with multiple books on my list: Karin Kallmaker, K G McGregor, R E Bradshaw, Kenna White, Tracey Richardson, Geri Hill and many more. Guess author list is even too many to name.

    No movies or TV shows as I don’t watch either one. Too busy reading.

    Never tried an audiobook but this one would be a great start since I really liked it.

  19. My tv show that I’m currently falling in love with is Wynnona Earp.
    I love audiobooks, I’m currently listening to Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.
    And my favorite books are any by Jae or Melissa Good.

  20. My favorite tv series is “This is Us”. I’m late to the party so I’m binge watching it. So good.
    My favorite audio books has been Louise Penny’s Inspector Gamache mystery series and Patience and Sarah narrated by Janis Ian & Jean Smart. Also Snowbound by Cari Hunter.

  21. My all time favorite right now is Backwards to Oregon, up until now I hadn’t yet found lesbian books with real characters and story lines…I could not Backwards to Oregon down. The characters felt like friends, I was kinda’ bummed when I finished the book, but thrilled to read the BTO related short stories, loved every one of them. Thank you!

  22. Wow! So many suggestions of an audiobook I haven’t heard yet. Thanks for sharing it in the comment, goes also for the blog for giving the sample link of the audiobook Under a Falling Star. I’ll make sure to listen to it.


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