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Below, you’ll find the 12 sapphic mysteries, romantic suspense novels, thrillers, and action & adventure romances you can win in our suspense fiction giveaway.

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Book cover of Hide No More by Rita Potter
Escaping the Mafia is the easy part!
When her best friend’s sister Paige disappears during a trip to New York City, Dani vows to bring her home – whatever it takes.

Ten women lured to a remote private island. One of them is a killer.

Annie Weaver is desperate to untangle herself from the CIA after a bad case, so she decides to go back to school and moves in with her beautiful professor, Helen Everton. But the US Government doesn’t want to let her go and Annie finds herself caught between two lives.
Cases collide for two star crossed ladies of law enforcement!
What happens when the fire from your past catches up with the fire in your present?
Kate sees visions that could save others—but doing so could kill her.
Letters to an advice columnist contain cryptic riddles, leading her on a quest to catch a killer.
Efforts to uncover the identity of the enemy, lead The Organization to a lot more than evil plans, and it’s up to The Next Generation, with support from senior members of The Organization, to thwart the inevitable trajectory, perhaps with the assistance of an irritating foe.
A love triangle, a mysterious death, and a decision that changes everything. What would you do?
DCI Ellie McVey must hunt the killer of a young woman before they kill again.

Workaholic sex-crimes detective Aiden Carlisle isn’t looking for love and certainly not with the victim in one of her cases.

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