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Below, you’ll find 24 sapphic fantasy, paranormal romance, romantasy, sci-fi, urban fantasy, and steamy supernatural novels you can win in our speculative fiction giveaway.

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Book cover of Aurora's Angel by Emily Noon

A broken-winged angel and a battle-weary shapeshifter, finding love in a savage world.

She wanted a coffee, instead she got a murder mystery and her enemy.
In Aphrodite’s post-apocalyptic world, those who fall in Love are hunted down. But when Carys Epistro’phia is offered a chest full of gold in exchange for escorting a girl back to her blasphemous parents, she doesn’t hesitate before trampling over her Goddess’ commandments.

This erotica novel follows Lara as she moves to a new city and comes to terms with her desire for another woman; a seductive bartender with a supernatural secret.

Caitlin has to keep the prince’s interest if she’s to get the information she needs for the rebellion, but she would much rather get the interest of the newest lady at court. Can she win this woman’s heart without jeopardizing the revolution?

A garment maker’s daughter becomes a ruthless killer plagued by doubt, grief, and guilt

When an unexpected houseguest drops into chef Jackie Miller’s life, relationship hell might just become heaven on Earth!

A handful of heroes; an impending cataclysm. Can Ariel and her friends save the world as they know it?

Searching for solace from her lonely life, Amelia goes to small town Avon Del to help her aunt. There she discovers what real love and family mean.

It’s time to bite back!

Freddie is a curious dragon looking for life experiences. Lee is a demigoddess who manages a BDSM club. Sparks fly after they meet. They agree to a summer fling, learning from each other. It’s all good until feelings are involved. Can this relationship last longer than a season?

Resort pool manager Alex finds a mysterious creature on the bottom of her pool.

Two sisters, two secrets, and a curse that could tear a family apart.

A werewolf on the run for murder receives an offer of sanctuary from a powerful faerie queen. . . for a price. In exchange for safety from the mortal law, the werewolf must become her new pet.

Katya is told that the princess being kept prisoner is far too dangerous to be freed. Katya believes she is far too dangerous to be kept so close to her.

This gender and identity-inclusive sapphic collection features ten pearl-sized ocean-themed stories of love and adventure on the high seas.

Sapphic shifter romance about two woman whose paths cross again and discover that there is more to their worlds than they realise.

When demon hunters Grace and Maggie realize their memories were stolen, the hunters become the hunted.

Wildwood Blackstone believed her country blacksmith dream was coming true, but the town of Bannock had bigger plans.

PI Sloane West travels to Vancouver Island to solve a murder only to find the village of Denwick is nothing as it seems. If you love clever mysteries, witches, magic, and other creatures of the night, you’ll love the Sloane West Mysteries.

Who will judge your sins? The person in the mirror? But what if the reflection you see belongs to someone else entirely? Ashley can see into other people’s souls, the evil they harbour, and is the only one that rid the world of their danger. What would you do if you were Ashley?

In the battle for love, who will be first to cross the line?

A couple accidentally unleashes an evil witch who wants to destroy the world while on their honeymoon, and now they have to race to stop her.

For solitary novelist Jorie, true love is as fictional as the shape-shifting creatures she writes about. But when her work gets too close to the truth, shape-shifter Griffin is sent in to investigate. Problem is, Griffin’s supposed to kill the human, not fall in love with her.

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