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Book cover of Boss of Her by Anna Stone
Her boss wants to make Jade hers. Can she handle the heat without getting burned?
Warmhearted ER nurse Ellie and icy doctor Regina constantly clash at work. When Regina volunteers at a singles auction, Ellie accidentally bids on her—and ends up winning a date!

An A list actress in need of extra protection hires a female bodyguard to pose as her girlfriend in order to keep the real story under wraps.

Left at the altar, Basil meets Caroline on her honeymoon. A fake marriage ensues, but Caroline hides a secret that could ruin everything.

Caitlyn Lloyd and Addie Gardner have very different memories of their time together at Pony Club and their first meeting as adults is less like a reconnection and more like a butting of heads.

Love can weather the stormiest of hearts…

A meddling sister and a dash of Christmas magic might have two polar opposites finding new ways to enjoy the season of giving.

Kelsey and Isabella devise a unique marketing plan for the resort that has the new friends returning every month for a different kind of vacation. When sparks fly can they leave their hearts in paradise?
Hiding romantic feelings for your best friend is hard, but maybe some Christmas magic is all it takes for these two friends to take a chance at love.
When business turns to pleasure, romance ignites.

A fabulous twin-swap lesbian romance where the toaster oven could double as a wedding gift.

Out lesbian Emma McMasters is the 46th president of the USA; Palmer Estes has devoted her life and her career to the military, rising to become the highest-ranking female officer in the US Army. Two strong women, both driven to serve the country they love, neither prepared for the sparks that fly between them.
Every now and then, the universe aligns just right and brings two souls together in an unexplainable, cosmic bond that feels like fate.
Icy ER doc meets sexy resident/ex-drummer in this medical romance.
Wealthy nightclub owner Erica turns undercover bartender on a mission to catch a thief. There she meets no strings, no commitments Charlie, who couldn’t be further from Erica’s type. Erica has never met anyone who gets under her skin so much, and that’s surely a bad thing, right?

Ruth and Olivia discover home is more than a four-letter word

A heart-warming, quintessentially English village series, centred on the ruins of Nunswick Abbey.

A lesbian romance where the realest thing about a fake relationship is all the possibilities.

Rebecca and Cass’s paths crossed once, and an unbreakable bond was formed. What happens when that bond is fractured by something neither expected?
Will their lives – and love – be forever changed? Or can lightning strike twice?

Love has no boundaries, not even the rule of ‘never date your best friend’s sister’

Will their vacation fling turn into something real or will it be a Hawaiian romance they leave behind?

Hearts can heal.

In the end, life made choices for them and maybe it was just not meant to be, or was it?

Love, loss, heartbreak: it’s every great song ever. A secret crush and a hit album to write…

Despite the tragic end to her own love story, Sophia hasn’t given up on love. At least, not when it comes to other people.

A journey of freedom and unconditional love.

Would you risk everything to live and love on your own terms?

Animal rescuer Molly’s revenge plan for her cheating boyfriend goes sideways when she falls hard for the other woman, famous and closeted country singer Josephine.

The one who got away is back for the summer. A steamy, second-chance, sapphic, summer romance.

Six years after completing her internship, Clarke reenters Fran’s life to warn her that the game her company is developing was stolen from Clarke’s computer. As Clarke and Fran enter a torrid affair, Clarke covets their time together, hoping Fran may someday return the love she harbors for her.

When a fleeting romance leaves a lasting impact on two women, they travel the globe in search of each other and emotional fulfilment, but a reconciliation in the real world doesn’t match their expectations and threatens their second chance at love.

When you lose everything, it’s time for something completely new.

When a hopeless romantic meets a tough-as-nails cynic, they’ll need to overcome the wounds of the past to discover that their hearts are the most important business of all.

Happily married couple Beth and Kelly get a last-minute visitor in the form of Beth’s womanizing ex-girlfriend Jackie, who boldly announces that she plans to walk away from this visit with more than just good memories. When Kelly’s sister Paige arrives, the sparks fly with Jackie.
Just normal everyday lesbians trying to get through life raising their chosen family.

Two teen girls, an art student and a musician, fall for each other just in time for their world to come tumbling apart. How do you say goodbye to the first person you’ve loved?

Meredith Asquith is a talented Neurosurgeon at the top of her field. That is as much as anyone knows. But who really is the woman behind the scalpel? Is there nothing to tell, or too much to reveal?

Is love worth the risk of exposing your secrets?

Shorty, a band geek and wannabe writer, can’t get into any of the guys she dates, but when she has to show around the pansexual new girl, things start to make more sense. But when her bitter ex gets wind of her crush, Shorty finds herself having to overcome his blackmail scheme to get her dream girl.

Wild Love is a steamy sapphic instalove short romance featuring a thirty-two-year-old mountain woman falling for the sweetest girl in town.

Free-spirited coffee shop owner meets uptight coffee addict. Is an opposites-attract match brewing… or burning?

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