Get the Hollywood series at a reduced price during Oscar weekend

C5cxIXcWYAEOfBLIt’s Oscar weekend!

To celebrate, Ylva Publishing is rolling out the red carpet and offering my Hollywood series at a reduced price.

Each book can stand on its own and has different main characters:

Departure from the Script is a novella (short novel) about Amanda, an actress who struggles to get her career off the ground. At an anti-Valentine’s party, she meets butch photographer Michelle. She has never been attracted to butch women before, but Michelle has her consider a departure from her dating script.

Damage Control is a slow-burn romance in which world-famous actress Grace is caught in a seemingly compromising situation with another woman. She hires PR expert Lauren to convince the world that she’s straight. But for that plan to succeed, she really shouldn’t fall in love with her…

Just Physical stars spunky actress Jill who has taken herself off the romantic market after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. At the set of a disaster movie, she meets stuntwoman “Crash.” Despite their growing feelings, Jill is determined to let Crash into her bed, but not her heart.

“Dress-Tease” is a short story that shows a sexy moment between Grace and Lauren from Damage Control.

You can get these books at a reduced price at the Ylva webstore this weekend.

I hope you enjoy the books and the Oscar ceremony!

The Romance Bet by Jae

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5 thoughts on “Get the Hollywood series at a reduced price during Oscar weekend”

  1. The Hollywood series is my second favorite (The Back to Oregon series is the first)! Love all of your work!

  2. I read Damage Control and loved it, but tried to find the others in this series but they aren’t on Audible. I have a visual impairment and need to use audiobooks. Is there any plan to add the rest of the series to Audible? Thanks.

    • Thanks for giving it a listen! Departure from the Script will be out sometime in March, and we are working on Just Physical right now. I plan to have all of my books available as an audio by the end of this year.

      • Fantastic! Thanks for letting me know and also I really appreciate the ways you incorporate disability and intersectionality into your work. It comes through and is appreciated.


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