Get Pigeon Post FREE on September 1 – September 3!

freeJust in time for Labor Day, my newest short story, Pigeon Post, is available for free on Amazon today (September 1) until the end of Wednesday (September 3).

Pigeon Post is a 13,000-word short story set in a world in which shape-shifters just came out to the human public.

Kelsey, a submissive wolf-shifter, has always done what she has been ordered to do. But when Madsen, the Wrasa’s highest alpha, sends her a letter via pigeon post, containing very unusual orders, she’s not sure she can obey. Madsen and the newly hired Wrasa PR firm think it’s a good idea to celebrate the anniversary of their not-so-voluntary coming out to the human public with a Wrasa Pride Parade–and they want her, a lowly nederi, to lead it.

If you haven’t read it already, here’s your chance to get it for free:


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Happy Labor Day, everyone!

7 thoughts on “Get Pigeon Post FREE on September 1 – September 3!”

  1. I actually read it when it first came out and I did put a review on I hope this helps to widen your audience and encourage others to read your shape-shifter novels.

    • Reviews are always a big, big, big help. I wish more readers would leave reviews, even if it’s just a sentence or two. That can help a lot. Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review for Pigeon Post, CJ! I greatly appreciate it.

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