Get a sneak peek into my upcoming lesbian romance “Perfect Rhythm”

Perfect RhythmIt’s the end of July and I’m back from Chicago, where I attended the GCLS conference for readers and writers of lesbian fiction. I also wrapped up the final proofreading of my upcoming romance novel Perfect Rhythm, and I thought I’d give you a sneak peek.

The novel features two very interesting main characters: Leo, who’s a lesbian pop star known to the world as Jenna Blake, and Holly, who’s a home-healthcare nurse and identifies as asexual.

So here’s the sneak peek:

Holly wandered into the living room.

Leo sat in her father’s easy chair, her eyes closed and her fingers moving to the rhythm of music only she could hear. Just as Holly was about to tiptoe out, Leo opened her eyes.

An instant smile formed on her lips. “Hey. Are you done adulting?”

Holly chuckled. “Just for the moment. The physical therapist is with your father.” She walked over to the piano bench, which was the seat closest to Leo’s easy chair, and sat down.

Leo tilted her head to the side and studied her. “You look good there. Do you play?”

“Oh God, no. I wouldn’t call it that.”

“So you do play? Why didn’t you tell me?”

Holly scrunched up her face. “Because it’s embarrassing. The only thing I can play is one piece.”

“Which one?”

Holly hummed it.

“Ah. Czerny’s Study in C Major,” Leo said. “Okay, let’s play that.”

“Um, I thought you didn’t want to play classical music?”

Leo smiled. “I’ll make an exception just this once.” She came over and motioned at her to slide to the side so she could sit next to her.

It felt nice and warm to have her so close, but playing the piano with her was like painting in front of Pablo Picasso when you could barely draw a stick figure. “I don’t know about this.”

“Come on.” Leo bumped her with her shoulder, bringing their bodies into even closer contact. “Dad is busy with PT. It’s just the two of us here.”

“Yeah, but one of us is musical genius Jenna Blake.”

“No,” Leo said very seriously and turned a little on the bench to look into her eyes. “One of us is Leo, not Jenna.”

“Right. You know you’re Leo to me.”

Instead of answering, Leo stared at something farther down.

When Holly followed her gaze, she realized she’d put her hand on Leo’s leg, probably to reassure her. It felt natural. But jeez, talk about sending mixed signals.

Before she could snatch her hand away, Leo covered it with her own and squeezed gently. “Ready?”

Holly swallowed. “All right. Let’s play.”

Leo opened the lid with the hand that wasn’t still covering Holly’s. “How about I play the left hand, and you play the right?”


“Remember where to put your fingers?”

“I think so.” She placed her fingers on the keys.

Leo finally took her hand away from Holly’s and stroked her fingertips over the hand resting on the piano, from wrist to knuckles. “Relax,” she said softly. “Focus on how the keys feel under your fingers.”

The last thing Holly was focused on at the moment was the piano. Sharing this with Leo was too confusing. There was something between them; she couldn’t deny that. She felt drawn to Leo in a way that might have seemed almost sexual to an observer, but to her, it wasn’t about sex. This was all about emotion.

Leo shuffled through her father’s sheet music, found the right one, and placed it in front of them.

Holly took a deep breath and then haltingly began to play the first notes, stumbling through the piece. God, this was awful. Her tempo was all off, and she had the dynamics of a robot.

Next to her, Leo’s fingers moved gracefully and without effort. It looked as if it came as easy to her as breathing. Wow. No wonder women were swooning when they watched Leo’s long fingers caress the neck of her guitar during concerts. If she weren’t asexual, she probably would too. As it was, her fantasies ended at those talented fingers giving her a massage or caressing her tenderly. Other people might have considered it foreplay, but for her it was the main course, an experience that was sensual rather than sexual.

Holly was so focused on watching Leo that she stopped her own playing.

Leo paused too and looked at her.

“Sorry,” Holly said. “I told you I’m not good at this.”

“Then let’s play it slower. Want to try playing the left hand, and I take over the right-hand melody?”

Holly nodded and started to get up to switch sides, but Leo just guided her hand to the correct keys and then reached across Holly’s arm to the piano’s right side. Their forearms touched each other lightly, but Holly didn’t feel crowded. It actually felt…nice.

They started from the beginning, and this time, Holly played without pausing. She had to admit it didn’t sound too bad.

When the last notes faded away, they both left their hands where they were for a little longer.

“Who taught you?” Leo asked as she finally put her hands on her lap.

Holly withdrew too. “Your father.”

Leo’s head swiveled around. “My father?”

“Yeah. You’d think I’d play a little better with him as my teacher, right?” Holly laughed. “He tried to teach me while he was recovering from his first stroke, but I’m hopeless. No matter how much I practiced, I could never coordinate playing with both hands and the pedal.”

“I bet that didn’t go over too well. After all, if you’re not a perfect student, it means he’s not the perfect teacher he thinks he is, right?”

“Actually, he took it pretty well.”

“Are we talking about the same man?” Leo asked. “When I was eight, my mother had to intervene because he wouldn’t let me stop practicing until I got one of Liszt’s pieces right.”

“I guess it’s different with you.”

“Yeah.” The one word dripped with bitterness.

“Maybe it’s because you’re his daughter, and he cares about you,” Holly said softly.

Leo snorted. “He’s got a funny way of showing it.”

Holly didn’t know what to say to that, so she just slid even closer on the piano bench and put one arm around her hip. “He probably never learned how to show it. But that’s his deficit, not yours. It doesn’t mean you’re not lovable.”

That last word hung between them as Leo slowly turned her head and looked at her.

Their closeness suddenly made Holly a little nervous, but at the same time, she didn’t want to move away from Leo’s warmth. This close, she could make out the brown flecks in her olive-green eyes. The bitterness in them from before was gone, and now they held only—

A discreet clearing of someone’s throat made them both jump.

So, what do you think? Does that sound interesting?

Perfect Rhythm will be out in September. To find out more about it, click here.

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13 thoughts on “Get a sneak peek into my upcoming lesbian romance “Perfect Rhythm””

  1. This excerpt is fantastic! I can’t wait for this book to release!

    Just curious, how far into the book does this scene take place?

    • Thanks for reading the excerpt! I can’t wait for September either.

      This scene is one from scene 33, chapter 12, which is about the middle of the book.

  2. Hi Jae,

    Very interesting….looking forward to buy another book of yours!

    Also, thank you for interacting with your readers (Fans ☺️) . You are the only author I have given feedback to that actually cares to respond / reply (I only make contact when a book moved me in spectacular fashion). Very nice of you. Keep up the excellent works of art!

    • Entirely my pleasure! I’m sometimes a little slow to respond when I’m working on a book, but I do care about my readers and their opinions!


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