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Free sapphic books (Sapphic Book Bingo #10)

free sapphic books for the 2024 Sapphic Book Bingo

This week’s Sapphic Book Bingo category features free sapphic books!

For this square of the bingo card, read a sapphic book that you got for free. Of course, we are talking about legally acquired books. Below, you’ll find a list of 15 free sapphic books that you can download from Amazon and other online bookstores right now. Many authors also offer free ebooks on their website (like I do here) or a free story to readers who sign up for their newsletter.

Note: A book that you borrowed from the library or that you got as an advance review copy counts as a free book, while books borrowed from KU (Kindle Unlimited) are not free since you are paying a monthly subscription fee.

Alternatively, if you can’t find a free book you think you might enjoy, you can use this square as a “free choice” square.


15 free sapphic books

Below, you’ll find a list of 15 free sapphic books that you can download as a free ebook from Amazon and other bookstores. Some of these books will only be free for a few days. Before you download the books, please double-check to make sure they are still free.


A Conflicted Woman by TB Markinson

Just when she least expects it, Lizzie’s harmonious life starts to unravel.

With the twins turning one and the start of a new semester, Lizzie should be in the mood to celebrate, but the last person she wants to see makes a sudden reappearance in her life.

To complicate matters more, Lizzie’s wife, who is usually the rock in the Petrie household, is navigating her own crisis.

While Lizzie wants to stay strong and provide the support her wife needs, there’s a reason everyone calls her clueless.

Is Lizzie strong enough to survive her own issues while also being there for her wife, or will this be Lizzie’s breaking point?

A Conflicted Woman is the smart and funny fourth installment of A Woman Lost, a series of contemporary lesbian romances. If you like fully-formed characters, complicated family dynamics, and well-crafted prose, then you’ll love T.B. Markinson’s heartwarming series.

Download the free ebook on:



A Road Through Mountains by Miranda MacLeod

When star-crossed lovers reunite, the road to happiness is anything but straight.

When Cecily Parker volunteers backstage at the Oakwood Theater, the only thing she wants is a few hours of relief from the doldrums of her upper-class suburban existence. The last thing she expects is to be reunited with the only person she ever truly loved, a woman she left behind almost twenty years ago.

Rorie Mulloy has built a career as an award-winning production designer in Hollywood, but her personal life is anything but a success. When she agrees to design the sets for a community theater production of A Streetcar Named Desire in Connecticut, she has no idea that the woman who broke her heart and ruined her for love will be assigned to her crew.

As the sparks are rekindled between them, these star-crossed lovers just might have a second chance at a life together. But only if they can overcome the ghosts of their past, and survive the evil suburban soccer moms and reality television divas determined to keep them from their happily ever after.

Download the free ebook on:



A Place to Call Home by Jae

Together, Luke and Nora survived the hardships and dangers along the Oregon Trail in 1851. What started out as a marriage of convenience between a woman living as a man and a former prostitute slowly grew into love.

But now that they have arrived in Oregon City, the real adventure is just beginning. Winter is approaching, and they need to claim a piece of land and build a cabin, all while trying to establish their new roles as life partners and parents.

Will they find a place to call home and, more importantly, a way to grow as a couple?

“A Place to Call Home” is a lesbian historical romance novelette that continues Jae’s award-winning Oregon series. It picks up directly after the end of Backwards to Oregon.

Download the free ebook on:

Amazon (of if it’s not free in your country, you can get it on BookFunnel)

Apple Books

Ylva Publishing


Dress-tease by Jae

Nothing could possibly be more erotic than watching the woman you love taking off her clothes in front of you, right? That’s what Lauren thinks, until she witnesses her girlfriend, celebrity actress Grace Durand, dressing up for a movie premiere. The reverse striptease gets Lauren’s pulse pounding and her breath catching in her throat, and she suddenly decides that they may be running late to that red carpet call…

This erotic romance short story gives us a glimpse into the lives of Grace and Lauren after the events in Damage Control.

Download the free ebook on:


Apple Books

Ylva Publishing


Venus & Aphrodite by Barbara Winkes

When Zoe inherits money from her grandmother, along with the instruction to do “something wild” with it, she takes a three-week vacation to Italy and Greece. But is that wild enough? Back home, she decides to open a restaurant to share with her community the food and wine she fell in love with.

The major wrinkle in her plan? She needs the perfect person to cook the delicious dishes she has in mind.

Chef Arianna O’Dell was a rising star in the culinary world before a public scandal put an abrupt halt to her dreams. Arianna is reluctant to resume a career in a field that has cast her out, but it’s hard to resist Zoe’s passion.

Can Zoe and Arianna overcome everything that’s holding them back, and make their shared dream a reality?

Download the free ebook on:



Waiting for You by Anne Hagan

The Starlite Diner seemed like the perfect place for a blind date. Broad daylight. Good food. Great service. What could go wrong?

Marketer Kelly Dawson took herself out of the dating game after a failed engagement. She let a good friend talk her into a blind date. Some friend. Her date was late, and the time Kelly spent waiting on her was a better time than the half hour they spent together.

Alyssa Tyler is just helping out in her parents’ busy diner. An MBA candidate and future general manager of a Starlite Diner mini empire, she’s usually completely focused on operations and not on the front-end customer experience. Her focus changes when a gorgeous butch gets seated in her section for the lunch rush.

Kelly’s failed date is dispatched away quickly, but the journey to love for her and Alyssa won’t be as easy as pie.

Download the free ebook on:


Apple Books


Double Exposure by Rien Gray

Love always shows your true face.

Jillian Rhodes lies to everyone she meets. As one of the world’s best art thieves, a life of infiltration and con artistry has left her flying solo, which is exactly the way she likes it. When Jillian is hired to steal a collection of photos belonging to the late—and deeply controversial—Russell Key from the Art Institute of Chicago, everything should be business as usual.

Except she has two problems: first, fellow master thief Sloane Caffrey also has their eye on the photos. Second, Sloane is her smoking hot ex.

Three years have passed since a messy breakup, but Jillian and Sloane have been getting vengeance on each other ever since. When the Key theft becomes their latest competition, love and loathing ride a fine, shaking line.

Trying to destroy each other should be simple. But confronting past mistakes is hard, especially when the entire job is starting to look like a setup to put Jillian and Sloane behind bars…

Download the free ebook on:



Leap to Love by Johana Gavez

Leap to Love is a second chance romance short story

Sonya Vassilieva is Russia’s biggest hope of winning a gold medal at the most important competition in gymnastics. When a mistake destroys that dream, she questions everything in her life, including her relationship with fellow gymnast Arina Sokolova.

Arina wants to retire from gymnastics and start a quiet life with Sonya. She is ready to share their love with the world, or at least the people closest to them. She didn’t count on Sonya breaking her heart and much less having to spend a month together in a training camp in Mallorca, the city where their relationship started, right after their breakup.

Relive the start of their relationship and follow them as they find their way back to each other.

Download the free ebook on:


Apple Books



In Your Hands by Johana Gavez

After being single for several years, Manuela is eager to end her dry spell. She tries her luck on a dating app where she encounters Sophia, a confident and straightforward woman. Their instant connection leads them from flirtatious messages to steamy exchanges on the app.

“In Your Hands” follows Manuela as she explores pleasure on her own and later the world of sexting, roleplaying and one-night stands that turn into more.

“In Your Hands” is a short story originally published as part of the Sapphic Sizzle anthology in 2022.

Download the free ebook on:


Apple Books



Encore by Raven J. Spencer

Emmy Whittaker is loved by many, but after a traumatic experience she struggles to regain her purpose…

One incident changes multiple lives forever. During the tour that should have been the crowning success on the heels of another hit album, Emmy and her band are involved in a crash, caused by a man who hates the outspoken performer.

Emmy’s recovery proves to be difficult, even when Andrea is determined to love her through it. She’s not the only one who remains steadfast by Emmy’s side. Bit by bit, Emmy and her friends rebuild their lives, while Andrea gets an intriguing offer from one Carter Forbes.

A paradigm shift is in the making…

Download the free ebook on:



Poolside Love by Shannon O’Connor

The last thing single mom Nicole expected was to find love on her Hawaiian vacation. All she wanted to do was drink daiquiris, read her dirty book and relax for the first time without her son.

Enter a beach ball to the head courtesy of Bree, the college student with eyes for the single mom. After an apology leads to a heated hookup and a walk on the beach, they begin to like each other. But will their vacation fling turn into something real or will it be a Hawaiian romance they leave behind?

Download the free ebook on:


Apple Books



January Embers by Hildred Billings

Welcome to Paradise Valley, where the locals thrive on the rural landscape, the quirky Oregonian living, and the history of the lesbian commune that founded it.

Mixing small town attitudes with lesbian dating? Sounds like another day in Paradise.

City girl Mikaiya “Mik” Marcott returns to her hometown to help her ailing grandmother. But who does she see first when she’s barely reached the city limits?

Ariana Mura, the girl whose heart she broke ten years ago. Only Ari isn’t a “girl” anymore. She’s a grown woman who doesn’t take crud from anyone. The lanky Ariana with a flower crown in her long hair is now the big and tough Ari, Paradise Valley’s strongest EMT and all-around “native gal” the other townsfolk are prepared to defend.

Locking eyes with her serves a grim reminder to Mik that coming home isn’t always a small-town parade. It reminds them both of the worst night of their lives.

In a small town like Paradise Valley, these two former lovebirds will never avoid one another. Do they make peace with their tumultuous past? Or do they acknowledge the embers of love that still simmer in their heartbroken shells?

Who will stoke the fires first?

Download the free ebook on:



First Rule of the Cutthroat Vampire Collective by J.J. Arias

Assassin-for-hire Alethia is a vampire with a new job. This time, someone is paying big bucks to take out a very powerful target.

What will happen when she has to contend with a gorgeous Amazon who is older and more powerful than her? And worse, what if someone else tries to get to her first?

Embark on this steamy paranormal romance thrill ride and find out what happens when a vampire meets her match.

First Rule of the Cutthroat Vampire Collective: Don’t Fall For The Target is a novelette in the Dusk Queen Series.

Download the free ebook on:



The Heart Doesn’t Lie by Aunt Georgia Lee

One day a tall, caramel cutie walks into a New York City bar and has a chance encounter with a sexy curvy, brown-skinned lawyer who is destined to be her wife.

Now, ten years later, with three adopted kids and two fur babies, Aubrey and Nicolette Casper are trying to make it last forever.

But when a suspicious spouse who’s had too many previous rounds of infidelity believes her loving wife to be the next unfaithful female caught in the act on an episode of Cheaters, the battle to reclaim Nicolette’s heart will be a long and hard fight for Aubrey. But Aubrey’s home is where her heart is, and there’s no place like home than with Nicolette and their chosen family.

Download the free ebook on:



Hot for the Royal CEO’s Bodyguard: A Sapphic Satire by Hazel Emilie

Meet Emily: fashion intern, hornbag and aspiring writer.

So there’s dull, and then there’s my life – that is, until the day before I stumble tits-first into an internship at Hayes Couture International, where everyone’s as sharp as a Louboutin heel and twice as deadly. Oh, and my boss? None other than Vanessa Hayes herself, frostier than a penguin’s arse and gorgeous enough to make even a straight girl’s knees wobble. One other thing? She’s as kinky as a cheap garden hose.

Yeah, I’ve pretty much hit jackpot. Melting ice queens is practically my superpower. But things get a touch complicated when I run into an old friend the night before my first day on the job.

Enter Captain Fox: ex-army, abs you could grate cheese on, swoonworthy biceps, and come-to-bed eyes. She also happens to be in charge of guarding Princess Margaux – who, in a twist of fate that would make even a sapphic romance writer blush, just happens to be my doppelganger.

Of course, it goes without saying that she’s hot as hell too.

Buckle up, babes, because we’re about to dive headfirst into a whirlwind of steamed-up office windows, lace-and-leather soirees, and Paris Fashion Week’s glitzy catwalks. And my sex life as I attempt to find happiness – or at least a damn good shag – with a royal, a CEO and a bodyguard.

A satirical celebration of the Indie Sapphic Fiction community, this bonkers and bonk-filled little book is written with its tongue firmly in its cheek* and is best read the same way. It is ridiculous, hilarious and jam-packed with all your favourite tropes – AND some of the biggest names in sapphic fiction – all tied up in a farce of fabulous proportions.

As Emily says, you couldn’t make this shit up. Trust me, she’s tried.

*OMG! Not that cheek! You guys…

Download the free ebook on:



Sweet is Her Heart by Isabella Eden

An old house nurtures new beginnings.

Lydia Hart heads an extremely successful London architectural firm and her designs, as whimsical and beautiful as the woman herself, win awards around the world. She only wishes she found matters of the heart as easy.

When Elise Meriweather, an ambitious architecture student, wins an internship in Lydia’s firm, the two find themselves drawn to each other. Their creative minds spark together. Elise discovers she’s the perfect foil to Lydia’s chaotic designs, and Lydia inspires Elise to truly reach for her full potential.

Their worlds just begin to run parallel when fate suddenly pulls them in different directions. Life, career, distance and illness show them that love isn’t just about finding someone – it’s also about making choices.

From the bustle of London to the rustic elegance of the French countryside, Lydia and Elise learn that love isn’t always about grand gestures but the unspoken moments in between.

Download the free ebook on:



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