Departure from the Script is now available!

Departure from the ScriptMy newest novella, Departure from the Script, is now available as an e-book.

You can read an excerpt here, buy the mobi (Kindle) here and the epub and pdf here.

This is not one of my “War and Peace” length novels, but at 52,000 words, it’s fairly long for a novella and could be called a short novel. It’s set in Hollywood and first started out as a short story, which was published under the title “The Morning after.”

But my muse and my readers demanded that the main characters get more attention, so I set out to write another short story about them…and ended up with a novella.


Here’s a description:

Aspiring actress Amanda Clark and photographer Michelle Osinski are two women burned by love and not looking to test the fire again. And even if they were, it certainly wouldn’t be with each other.

Amanda has never been attracted to a butch woman before, and Michelle personifies the term butch. Having just landed a role on a hot new TV show, she’s determined to focus on her career and doesn’t need any complications in her life.

After a turbulent breakup with her starlet ex, Michelle swore she would never get involved with an actress again. Another high-maintenance woman is the last thing she wants, and her first encounter with Amanda certainly makes her appear the type.

But after a date that is not a date and some meddling from Amanda’s grandmother, they both begin to wonder if it’s not time for a departure from their usual dating scripts.

For all of you who still prefer paperbacks:
The paperback will be sold at the GCLS conference and should be available online after that (so mid-July, probably).

I hope you enjoy my newest work!

Have a great week,

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