cultural difference 36c: another castle

This is Baden Castle, located just a few miles from where I was born.

Baden Castle was built around 1080.

It helped protect the silver mines in the surrounding area.

This castle was destroyed by French troops in the Franco-Dutch War in 1678 too.

Today, the castle looks down on Badenweiler, a health resort at the edge of the Black Forest.

4 thoughts on “cultural difference 36c: another castle”

    • Of course she did :-)

      More than one school outing was a trip to the castle. I have a photo of six-year-old me trying to climb one wall of the castle, but I’m not going to post that :-)

  1. Ahhhh…. but you do know my e-mail address. Maybe I’m even willing to share the picture of me as the official carnival princess of my small town. A picture with me in a dress and with a crown on the head.
    So, can I tempt you?

    • Hmmm, that sounds tempting indeed. I might have to ask my mother to dig out that castle-climbing photo. At least I wasn’t wearing a dress :-)

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