My newest novel, Hidden Truths, is going through the editing and publication process right now.

That also means that Sheri, our talented graphic artist, created a cover.

This time, it didn’t take as long to find the perfect images and combine them into a cover that fits the novel. I think we went through eight test covers before we settled on this one:

You can click on the cover to see a larger image.

I really like this cover. It represents the setting and the two main characters: Amy, a rancher’s daughter, and Rika, who travels west as a mail-order bride.

What do you think?

The Romance Bet by Jae

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7 thoughts on “Cover”

  1. Love the cover!!!! One question for you any idea when the book will be published? Will it be available before the new year? I am crossing my fingers, toes and eyes!

    • So far, it seems Hidden Truths will be published early in 2011. My publisher is working on making it available as soon as possible.

      Check back for updates as soon as I learn more.

  2. The cover is great and I’m glad to hear the book is coming out soon. I loved beta reading for you and loved the comments afterwards. It gave me things to think about on my writing.

    I know that you are probably going to say no but I also know you’ve said that before. Is there going to be another book about Luke?

    • I’ve learned to be careful about saying “no.” :-)

      I’m not sure there’ll be another novel-length story about Luke and her family, but I wrote two new short stories that feature Luke. L-Book is working on making them available to readers.

      I’ll keep you posted.

  3. Hey, I really like the cover. It’s very different from “Backwards to Oregon” but very tastefully done. And congrats about the new novel! Can’t wait to hold it in my hands :-)

    • Thanks, Astrid.

      I wanted the cover not to be too similar to Backwards to Oregon to show readers that this is a different book, even though it’s a sequel.

  4. Impressive artwork. Looks like I’ll be busy in the very near future re-reading Backwards to Oregon in preparation for Hidden Truths.


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