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6 Queer Books with Asexual Characters

  Asexuality is still an “invisible” and often ignored sexual orientation, and it’s rare to find books with asexual characters. To celebrate Asexual Awareness Week, I put together a list of six books with characters on the asexual spectrum.  I also invited the authors of these books to an Ace Characters Chat in my Facebook Reader Group on Friday, October 25, 2019. Join us for some interesting book discussions and fun giveaways! We’re starting at 6 p.m. EST.    Learning Curves by Ceillie Simkiss Genre: Contemporary romance Character: Cora McLaughlin Buy the book on Amazon Elena Mendez has always been …

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The Slow-Burn Approach to Lesbian Romance

As a loyal follower of my blog, you know that I sometimes interview fellow authors of lesbian fiction. Today, in a variation of that, I’m hosting another author who guest blogs and tells us a little about her book and her approach to writing lesbian romances.  If you are at times finding reading material by looking at the bestseller lists at Amazon, you might already be familiar with her–it’s KD Williamson, whose Cops and Docs romance Blurred Lines is the current #1 on that list.  So, welcome to my blog, KD. Take it away!  There is nothing wrong with hard …

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Interview with fellow author Laurie Salzler

Today I’m interviewing Laurie Salzler, who publishes with Blue Feather Books. You might be familiar with one of Laurie’s books—her debut novel, A Kiss Before Dawn, (which was a finalist for a Ann Bannon Readers Choice Award) and her second novel, Right Out of Nowhere—or with some of her beautiful photographs that she posts on Facebook. Laurie has a degree in Natural Resources Conservation and Outdoor Recreation, which she probably put to good use for her second novel. Her newest novel, Positive Lightning, will be released in early 2014. She and her wife, whom she legally married in 2011, celebrate …

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A look back at 2012

2012 has been an incredible year for me. A lot of unexpected things happened, some of them good, some of them sad. I switched publishers this year, a move that was planned long before the death of Roxanne Jones in September and the closing of L-Book in October. I joined Ylva Publishing in mid-2012, and it’s been a great six months. In June, my novel Hidden Truths won a “Goldie” (GCLS Literary Award) in the category historical romance. I also started writing in German again, after six years of writing exclusively in English. Translating some of my stories from English …

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Goldie Awards 2012

Last Saturday, the “Goldies” (Golden Crown Literary Society Awards) were awarded at the GCLS conference. I’m proud to say that Hidden Truths won in the category historical romance. Here’s a list of winners: Debut Author: After the Fall by Robin Summers (Bold Strokes Books) Open Water by Pol Robinson (Bella Books) Waiting in the Wings by Melissa Brayden (Bold Strokes Books) Dramatic/General Fiction Award Marching to a Different Accordion by Saxon Bennett (Bella Books) Maye’s Request by Clifford Henderson (Bold Strokes Books) Shaken and Stirred by Joan Opyr (Bywater Books) Historical Romance Award Hidden Truths by Jae (L-Book ePublisher) Lesbian …

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Interview with Astrid Ohletz from Ylva Publishing

A friend of mine founded a publishing company this year, and it was very interesting to witness every step along the way, e.g., the creation of the website, the first e-books being sold, etc. Since Ylva Publishing is a German publisher, I learned some interesting differences between the German and the US publishing industry. Here’s the link to the publisher’s website. Right now, they are selling their first two e-books (a novel and a novella) through Amazon. Continue reading for an interview that I did with the publisher. Don’t worry, I translated the interview for you. :-) Why did you …

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